Garden of Love
53 Morning Effec
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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53 Morning Effec

A week later,

Violet bring her luggage to Sun House. Today they will travel to Okinawa, Japan.

When she arrived, all of them mostly ready with their luggage and already in vacation mode.

Nigel and Lola still in a 'cold' mode toward each other. Hazel and Alan like always, he keep persuade her and take care of her and Aslan. Such a perfect husband! Akiko and Joe, they are the really cool couple that Violet have met. They both really suit each other.

Chase look at her with a question looks.

"Something interesting?" he ask her when saw she was in a daze.

Hold her waist, he kiss her lips lightly.

Violet smile, look up at the man in front of her, she tilt her head a bit.

"They look happy, especially Aslan.."

"Yeah. But this trip is actually to find Alan's identity. Hazel found him on the sea and we save him that time. When he wake up a year ago, he lost his memory. In order to make thing clear so that he can have his life back, we agree to do this trip again." he explain to her.

Violet raise her eyebrow. She don't know about Alan's past. She thought that Hazel and Alan already been together for a long time. The way Alan treat her look so…gentleman.

Well, it's not like Chase is not gentleman to her. It's just that Alan is totally in a different level than other man she had met. He is someone which is one in a million

It'd be such a shame if Hazel let him go.

After they done put the luggage inside the trunk, they go to the airport driving with two car.

They arrive after 10 hour flight. Luckily they use private jet to travel. If not, they will arrive 5 more hour later than now.

From Airport to Hazel beach house is around two hour driving.

They all a bit exhausted especially Aslan. They decide to have a dinner at beach house.

Before they reach her beach house, they make a stop at the convenience store which is not to far from their direction.

They make a taco rice as a main dish and Rafute as the side dish. Chase and Alan is the main Chef for today.

"How did you know about this cuisine?" Violet ask, she sit beside Hazel who is also look at the both of them at the kitchen counter.

"I learn it when I was in University." Chase replied to her. He take a bit of the taco rice and feed her.

Alan smile. "I don't know how I know, but I'm pretty skilled with this cooking."

"Heh..not only cooking. Somehow I think you expertise in everything. I really wonder, what life did you have before, Alan?" Joe voice out from behind Hazel. Akiko beside him also nod in agree.

"It's feel like you walk out from the romance novel." Akiko said and grinning.

Joe rolled his eyes. "Baby, your hero is here. Beside you here." he said while pointing his finger toward himself.

Akiko scoff, she then take a seat beside Hazel and nudge her a little. "You know what, if you keep resisting him I'm afraid he will be taken by someone else."

Hazel just smirking with her statement. "I don't mind though." she said.

Alan turn to her, he touch her nose with a sauce in his finger making Hazel a bit surprise.

He then cup her face and lick the sauce from her nose. "Don't worry. I'm not turning to anyone." he look deep into her eyes.

Violet who is holding the spoon loose her grip. Joe and Akiko almost choked with his PDA in front all of them.

He release his hand and wink at her before he continue his work.

'Damn! He's really good at flirting!' Joe thought.

Hazel was totally lost her word. She take the glass and drank the water like she was really thirsty.

Chase just divert his eyes. He take the spoon that Violet drop it before and change it with a new one.

"Don't bother with his PDA. He really is the master of it." he said to Violet making her a bit blush.

After they had dinner together, Alan went upstairs to put Aslan to sleep. They stay at Hazel's room. While Akiko and Joe had their own room. Nigel and Chase also had their own room. Lola share her room with Violet.

Hazel's room is quite spacey than others. Alan is supposed to sleep on the couch as Hazel and Aslan will sleep on the bed.

But because of too tired, Alan and Aslan fall asleep on the bed. When Hazel walk in, she look at his tired face.

She then take a shower and rest on the couch. Within a minute, she also fall asleep.


In the middle of the night, Alan wake up from his nightmare.

He turn his side and look at Aslan who is sleep soundly. He then turn his eyes around the room to find Hazel.

His eyes fix on Hazel figure on the couch. He sigh and went to her.

Bent his body, he carry her to the bed.

When he want to let go her, she hug his neck tightly. "Don't go.." she whispered as she was still sleeping.

" might not comfortable if I stay on the bed too." he whisper back to her and try to release her hand from his neck.

"Don't..go.." she said again when Alan put her hand down.

Worried that she might cry again and wake Aslan, he lay on her side and she immediately nestling in his embrace.

Alan could only hug her back and sleep after that.

It's somehow already been his routine every time she come to his room, he will let her sleep in his embrace to make sure she was not crying again before he send her back to her room.


Again, in the morning

Alan has been stared by Aslan.

"Hazel, wake up."




"You on top of me.. please..wake up, Aslan are staring at me."

Upon hearing his word, Hazel immediately open her eyes. She also was shock with their position.

She was sleeping on Alan's body. Her body feel so small in his embrace. There is a bulge the she could feel on his manhood area.

Her face turn red as she realize what is it that touch her lower belly.

"Sorry, it's morning effect." he whisper to her making sure Aslan not listen to it.

She hide her face and immediately get up from the bed.

She bring Aslan to the bathroom and help him to take a bath. While Alan already sit up and cover his face.

'Why you have to wake up in such time?' he groan.

Hazel a bit daze in the bathroom. She never thought that she will act so shamelessly to him.

And that thing….it's so…her face turn red again.

"Mommy, I'm done." Aslan said making her turn her face to the side.

"Ah..Sorry.." Hazel said and hold his hand to the bedroom.

When she walk inside, Alan was already not in the room. She sigh of relief.


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