Garden of Love
52 Those Roses.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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52 Those Roses.

It was midnight when Lola still sit at the stool and drink her tequila in the night club.

She look at the youngster which is dancing lively around the dance floor. The heavy music did not bother her at all.

Suddenly there is a young man sit beside her and offer her a drink. She smile and take the glass. The man keep telling her on how rich he is, he also offer her to one night stand with him. But she refused and ignore him after that.

She thought he would just walk away and find another girl, but out of her expectation the man grab her hand and drag her from her sit. The onlooker just watch them as they thought it was a normal scene in the night club.

She was drunk, but still had some consciousness when the man drag her. She struggling to release her hand from the man as he yank her to wall outside the night club. She was at the dark alley where there is no one there.

His breath was smell like he was just drink a barrel of alcohol. He secure both of her hand above her head and he also lean against her so close until she could feel his bulge under his torso.

She drift her face to the side when he try to kiss her.

"Get off me you asshole!" she yelled.

"Come on. Don't be so stingy, let have some fun.." the man said as he try to lick her neck line.

Just when his tongue almost touch her skin, Nigel grab his neck and throw him to the side.

He accidentally saw Lola was dragged out by the man to the outside of the bar and he follow her after that.

"Are you okay?" he said when seeing Lola still closed her eyes.

Hearing Nigel voice, she immediately open her eyes.

She nod and look at the road side which the man start to dash toward him.

"Nigel!" she scream when suddenly Nigel was taken down by the man.

He punch him a several time before Nigel hold his fist and kick him after that. He also beat the man to where his face was covered with blood.

Lola stop him from punch him again. "Nigel, stop! I'm okay.." she hold his hand.

Nigel suddenly wake up from his 'hulk' mode. He turn side and look at Lola with a worried expression.

"Are you sure you okay?" he ask.

Lola nod.

"Let's go." she said leaving the man lying in the alley.

Nigel clench his steering tightly. "You know it's dangerous for a woman going out alone?!"

Lola divert her eyes to outside of the window.

"What do you think will happen if I don't see you back then?! He might already r*pe you by now! Why don't you call for a help?" he venting his anger toward her.

Shut her eyes tightly, she lean his head to the seat cushion.

"Nigel, you're not my boyfriend! So, shut up!" she yelled a bit making Nigel immediately stop his word after that.

"I thank you for what you did earlier. But don't nag on me! It's my life and my choice to go wherever I want. I don't want you to interfere with my private life." she said without even open her eyes.

Sigh, Nigel focus on the road. "Very well."

They arrived at Sun House in the dawn. Without any word anymore, both of them just went to their room.

The next day, all of them had nothing to do. They just enjoy their free time at home.

Akiko and Joe bring the dog to take a walk, while Alan teach Aslan on his math subject in his room.

Lola do some paperwork with Hazel in their study and Nigel just relaxing at the rattan chair at the backyard garden foyer.

In the evening, Chase return to Sun House with someone behind him.

"Chase? Who is this?" Lola ask when she want to go out but bump with him at the entrance door.

"I'll introduce her to everyone. Come inside." He hold Violet's hand and led her to the hall.

Lola follow behind them.

All the eyes fix on the girl behind Chase. For Alan, Hazel and Joe, they already know about the girl. But for Akiko, Nigel and Lola they still unaware of the girl.

"Everyone, this is Violet. Violet Green. My girlfriend." Chase started. Everyone almost dropped their jaw after hear his last word. 'Girlfriend'.

"Wow! Faster than Alan!" Joe cried out.

Alan cough a little. 'Damn Joe!'

"What a beauty you pick! I almost thought you were gay, man." Nigel comment.

"Guys.." Hazel said signaling them to greet her properly.

She extends her hand and greet her. "Hazel. Hazel Jokovic."

Violet nod, "Hi, Hazel."

Akiko also do the same. "Akiko Hyuka." Follow by Lola. "Lola Luiz."

She shake hand with Akiko and Lola.

Hold her waist, Chase introduce her to the male group.

"He is Alan, Joe and that tanned man is Nigel."

"Hi guys." She smile.

"Hi." All of them greet simultaneously.

After greeting, Chase bring her to his room to put his backpack first before he show her around the house.

While the other continue their activities.


"So this is where you live?" she ask and took a little glance at him.

"Yeah. we all work as freelance doctor." He led her to the lab.

"Here is our lab. Normally Hazel use this place to do her work." He continue once he open the glass door.

Violet take a look around. It's not that big, but comfortable enough. Then they go to the isolation room, treatment room, Operation Theater, pharmacy room, radiology room and gym before they headed to the backyard.

"Those roses.."

"That roses is plant by Hazel's ex. But after he died, no one take care of it, so it's been growing slither to the glass window. Until Alan taking care of the roses. Even it's creeping up and down but he make it still look stunning." He explain.

"Yeah." her eyes still fix on the roses that has various color and look very beautiful from afar. Even it's beautiful, it's full with thorns making it impossible to pluck the flower.

'To take care of this flower which is already mix up and grow wildly, he must be injured his finger many times before it can be this beautiful.' She thought.


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