Garden of Love
51 First Thing That Every Engineer Will Do
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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51 First Thing That Every Engineer Will Do

Mr.James was still sitting at his chair, all of them also still stick on their seat waiting for Chase.

Clearing his throat, he ask. "So? Are you done, my son?"

Chase nod.

"Yes, Let me introduce again. Father, mother, Jeremy and Lara, this is Violet. Violet Green. My girlfriend." he smile toward her.

His smile make she feel like she want to faint right now.

"Congratulations." Jeremy said as he place his hand to Lara's waist.

James also nod his head and raise his champagne glass followed with his mother.

"We should celebrate it tonight." Jeremy give an idea.

"Thanks, but maybe next time?" Violet said and smile to him. Chase also nod, he still need to settle things with his father first.

Respecting her request, all of them agree. They had a small chit chat before Violet return back to her room resting.

Chase and Mr. James went to his study room at the second floor.

"Father, regarding the deal with Madison family, I think you should consider it. They have a good high tech equipment which is useful to us in the future." he already study all about Madison background. From the Intel he got, the Madison indeed is a capable tech company, but they lack of funding. With collaboration between his father and Madison corp, they might create a good outcome in the future.

"Did she ask you for this?" James ask his son.

"To be honest, yes.. but I do some checking before I go through you." he said calmly.

"I know it's a good collaboration, however, it's her parents idea to do this matchmaking for you two. It seem they may have a problem with their daughter's choice." James sigh. It looks like he was the one who being the bad father, while actually he just take the suggestion from the other party.

"Well, you can still offer them a deal. If they still want to go through with the matchmaking idea. I'm saying I'm totally not gonna do it."

"I understand."

Chase stand up from his chair and went to the door, before he go out he turn around and thank his dad.


When he return back to his room, he take out his phone and send her message.

'Are you asleep yet?'

Ding! Within a second his phone beep.

'Not yet.'

'Can't sleep?'


'Wanna come over to my room?'


'Don't you want to see what my room looks like?'

'Isn't it just the same like your apartment before?'

'It's different.'

'Okay. Just a quick look.'

He smile and wait for her to come.

After a minute, Violet knock on his door room.

He get up from his bed and went to open his door.

Upon seeing the girl, he grab her inside and closed the door.

Lean against the door, he caged her in between his arm.

He start to kiss her lips. At first it was gentle and soft and it turn more deeper and more passionate. When he feel like he can't control it anymore, he stop and look at her seducing eyes.

"I'm sorry." he said with a husky voice and release his arm which is against the door.

Violet lowered her head and cover her blushing face. It was so intense, she feel like she willingly to throw herself to this man in front of her.

She then clearing her throat and brush her wild mind away. "So, this is how your room look?" She look up her head around.

His room look tidy and neat. Everything was so organized. She can't even find any single dust from his room.

His room had a high ceiling and tall wall, in the entrance of the room there is a small steel stairs lead to his bed at the middle of the room.

Under his bed floor is his large cupboard fill with books and trophy. There is a area for his desk and gaming monitor. He also had a big couch at the middle of the hall. His room is looks like a teenage room.

It gives a vibe of youth and yet it so tidy and neat.

She strolled around as Chase keep his eyes toward her body.

"Vi, did you really meant what you said before?" he ask. He want her confirmation over that thing.

"Which one?" she ask.

"The one with the law and divorce matter."

"Oh..that one, what about it?" she sit beside him on the couch.

"I just want to hear from you, that you will never leave me in the future." he look deep into her eyes.

Giggles, she return his gaze. "My dear, if something broken, the first thing that every engineer will do is to fix it. Not to toss it. Rest assured if you marry an engineer, your life will be save and not be wasted."

Chase frowned with her double-meaning. He then raise his eyebrow before he reply to her.

"If your were to marry a doctor, if you encounter some pain or injury, the first thing that every doctor will do is to treat them and not to ignore it. Rest assured, that doctor will try to save your life and treat your every wound."

He lift her chin up and said "I will only love you."

Violet blush again and she divert her eyes from him.

"Uhm..about Sarah Madison.."

"I already talk to my father about it. He will offer them a deal without getting me involved again."

"Then… will she be alright? She look like she has fallen for you." her face looks worried.

"And I will always be fallen for you." he smile before he continue.

"Tomorrow, after we returned back to Moon City. I will introduce you to all my friends. I want you to know what life did I live there."

Violet smile contently. She never knew what kind of life he live before. He was so secretive toward her. But now, since he already be her boyfriend, he will eventually be more open to her right?.

"Are you gonna be my neighbor again?"

Chase silent a moment. He want to do so…but..

"Please don't.. just show me where you live and so, I'll come to you." she smile.


"Hm?" she look at him.

Lean closer to her face, he kiss her lips again.

"I love you."


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