Garden of Love
50 I Assume You Take My Challenge Then, Miss Violet?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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50 I Assume You Take My Challenge Then, Miss Violet?

When she want to ask, the dining hall door was open from outside. Jeremy, Chase and Lara stand up from their seat.

Not knowing what happen, she also stand up following them. She didn't dare to look at the person who just walk in, so she lowered her gaze and look at the table.

After she heard the person sit down, all of them follow to sit down too. She still look at the table and did not dare to look at the end of the table.

Chase hold her hand from under the table. It's like he give her courage.

"Who is this?" James speak after he notice there is someone beside his son.

"Father, mother, this is Violet. Violet Green. The one and only person I will marry." Chase said with a firm voice.

All of them drop their jaw except for his father. He look compose. Just like him.

"So this is Violet you mention before?" he ask.

"Yes." Chase replied making Violet scrunch her eyebrow to him.

"Violet, this is my father, James Chivalry and here is my mother, Grace Hilton." he introduce her to both of his parent.

"Hello, good evening Mr. James and Madam Grace." she greet politely.

Nod their head, they focused on eating their dinner silently.

After James finish, he look up at Violet and ask.

"Miss Violet, what career did you on right now?"

Flinch her body a bit, she turn her look to the voice.

She swallow her saliva before she answer. "I am still a final year student in Beauxbatons University. However, I do some part time job as software writer at one of software company in my city."

Chase turn his head to her. "You worked at the software company?" he also a bit shocked with her statement.

"Yes, after I move in to Green town."

"If you don't mind, may I know what is your planned after you finish your school?" Jeremy ask her again.

"I don't plan on having an extravagant life, it is enough if I can fulfill my family needs and lead a happy life."

"So you're saying, it okay if you just being a housewife after you get married?"

"No. Being a housewife is a noble job to me, however, I have a dream to pursue too. What I mean is, I will try to balance my life and my work too so that I can still have my dream job and live my happy life."

James chuckles after he heard that, "Miss Violet, do you realize that you and my son here is different from interest and career? Both of you will have a little time together and I'm sure you both will find a lot of weakness toward each other and that time..I can say that divorce is the only way that you both will seek later."

The whole dining room turn deadly silent. Not even Lara dare to look at James right now.

Chase put down his cutlery and shot a look at his father. "Dad.."

Violet inhale before she reply "That is what you thought sir, but..if it were me, I will not seek the law firm. I will seek him first. Talk and discuss on how we can rebuild back the mess we've made.I know we have a different interest and career. But that doesn't makes us different. You said that we will have a little time together right? Who would know that maybe the little time we had is more valuable that what others have? Weakness? Everyone has a weakness. I'm not a person who would just run away after found out about his weakness. Sometimes, this weakness complete us together."

Chase smile. His fire inside his heart were extinguished by her word. He hold her hand and kiss her knuckles.

"This is why I really love you."

Violet blush when he indirectly confess his feeling to all others.

James was totally speechless. He smiles after that.

"Indeed. I assume you take my challenge then, Miss Violet?" he lift up his eyebrow.

"What challenge, dad?" Jeremy ask.

"Well, she said if it were her, she never abandon the person she marry right?"

Jeremy nod.

Violet already sweating. 'What did he mean by that?'

"Then, Miss Violet. Marry my son. Proof it to me your word."

"Pfftttt…" Grace almost spurt her juice.

"You approved us?" Chase asking him.

"You not deaf, aren't you?"

Wipe her corner of lips, Grace smile. "Honey, that's so sweet of you."

"I always sweet."

Jeremy and Lara look at each other before they giggles.

"Congrats bro!"

"But…" Violet voice out.

"Why would I marry your son?" she ask shyly.

"What do you mean by that?" James look at her, confuse.

"I mean..Chase and I are not even a couple." Violet said making all of them dumbfound.

"Seriously, Chase? You didn't even proposed her to be your girlfriend?" Jeremy start bristled to him.

"Uh- one minute guys." Chase hold her hand and bring her to the backyard garden.

Release her hand, Chase hug her.

"Why would you said that to them?" he whisper to her ear.

"You never confess to me. How would I know about your feeling. Like I said, we never start anything except that you being my neighbor and walk me back every night" she push him softly and search his blue eyes.

"It's my fault. I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you."


"Vi, I love you. I fall in love with you since the first day my eyes met with yours. I love every single things about you. About how are you keep talking to me non-stop, nagging me, complain how tired you are every night, I like the way you look at me, the way you smile to me and the way when you sulk or angry with me. I love it all."

He kiss her forehead and then lean his forehead to her.

Violet was touched to hear his confession. It was the same the same feeling she feel about him too.

Holding both of her hand, he whisper.

"Will my..girlfriend?"

Violet took a step back and look at his eyes.

"Am I heard it right?…"

"Yes, you heard it right."


"There is no buts and ifs. It's just only yes or no?" he cupped her face.

There is tears start to form in her eyes.

Nod her head, he replied "Yes."

He smile as he slowly draw his face closer to her.

It just an inch between his lips and her, he ask with a low voice.

"May I?"

Nod, she reply "Yes, you may."

She closed her eyes when his soft lips touch hers. He kiss her gently and pull her close to his embrace.

The sensation of it makes him feel more aroused. They part their lips when they need to breathe.

Look at her lovingly, he said "We continue later, they must be waiting for us."

Violet face was so red and her heart beating faster. She nod as Chase hold her hand and bring her back to the dining hall.


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