Garden of Love
49 You’re The ‘Violet’??
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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49 You’re The ‘Violet’??

After 15 minutes drive, Violet turn silent.

She divert her eyes to the outside of the window.

"Vi, I'm not going to hurt you. So, where did you live?" he ask her gently after she silent.

"Greenwood apartment." she said. Well, at least when she went back home, she can just shut him outside her door and lock herself. She thought.

Take the u-turn, Chase drove to the Greenwood apartment. After he park at the side of the road, he ask her again.

"What unit did you stay?"

"Second floor, unit B." she replied casually.

Chase extended his hand toward her making her frowned.

"Your keys.." he said.

Violet blink her eyes a few times.

"Please." he continue again.

Seeing his blue eyes, she was in a awe and without thinking, she rummaging her bag and pass him her apartment keys.

"Stay here. I'll be quick." he said after he got the keys.

Walk out from the car, he lock the car door and turn off the engine car remotely.

Violet inside the car was totally dumbfounded. The window is tinted, so no one will know she was in the car. Not only that, the car is sound-proof and bullet-proof.

There is no way she could get out from the car. Puffing her cheek, she wait inside the car angrily.

Chase get inside her apartment, take out her luggage under the bed, he open her closet.

He take a few clothes and jeans, not only that. He take out her undergarment inside the cupboard and place it inside the luggage.

He find her passport and few other things. He pack up her belonging within 5 minutes and return back to the car.

He put the luggage in his car boot and step inside the car after that.

"Sorry to lock you up." he said and drive off from the spot.

"What are you doing? I wanna go home." she said when Chase start driving his car.

"I will return you to your home after we clear things up. Okay?" he give her keys back.

"Clearing what? I know you someone's important son. I know about your future fiance, about your family and her family. You and her are equal, not like me. What else do you want to clear it? I've decide to go my own way. Just let me go. We're not that in that kind of relationship after all." she start nagging him.

Chase keep silent and listen to her nagging and complain.

After 50 minutes driving, they arrived at the airport.

"Where are we going?" she ask again when Chase unbuckle her and led her to the departure hall.

His right hand hold Violet's arm while the other one is push her luggage to the Check-in counter.

Violet a bit hesitate, but she don't want to make a scene either, even she keep nagging and complain to him, she trust him.

She knew he would not harm her in any way. She already know him for a year now. When he said, he will send her, he really send her without do anything more than that.

Even though he lied to her, but the trust he build inside her heart has not faded away.

She follow him to the business class coach. Sitting beside him, she ask again.

"Where are we going?"

"My parent's home. Soon, will be your family in-law house." he said as he put his eye mask on to sleep.

Violet was totally dumbfounded by what she just heard.

'Family-in-law?' she blush.

After a moment, she start to panic and feel anxious. There is so many 'ifs' inside her head right now.

While Chase look calm like always.




After a few hours of flight, they start landing around dusk.

He then halt a taxi and give the taxi driver his parent address at the Beverly Park Circle.

When they arrive at the Los Angeles, he already inform his mother about his return.

Upon seeing the mansion, Violet mouth making a shape of 'O' and her eyes blink a few times.

She was like looking at the castle. The house was so big and the lawn was so spacious. Chase help her get out from the taxi and led her to the entrance hall.

"Young Master Chase." his butler greet him and a few maids also greet him at the hall.

Violet somehow feel so tiny in front of this people.

Even the maids look so neat and organized. Not like her, she just wearing a long sleeve blouse with a jeans. She not even change her attire yet from this morning since Chase kidnap her.

"Where is my father and mother?" he ask the butler.

"Master and Madam are now inside their room. They will come to the dining hall in 5 minutes."

"Prepare my lady here a room. She'll be staying here for a night." Chase instruct his butler.

Nod his head, he immediately go upstairs.

Not long after the butler go, his brother Jeremy also walk down from the second floor.

"Chase?" he smile upon seeing his little brother.

"Bro." he replied.

Jeremy hug him and turn to his side, looking at Violet with a curious look.

"She's my guest." Chase introduce him to Violet.

Nod, she greet him politely. "Hi."

"Hi there! You look very…stunning. I must say that my little brother here is keeping a really good gem huh?"

Violet just smile. She feel embarrass with the compliment from Jeremy.

Jeremy looks is very attractive too. But not as much as Chase. They both bring a different aura around them.

"Keep your eyes ahead." Chase said making Jeremy turn his eyes to him. Smiling. 'Jealous just because I stare at her? How rare!' he said inwardly.

Jeremy said again. "Let's go to the dining hall, dinner's ready."

Chase hold Violet's hand to the dining hall. At first Violet want to retrieve her hand, but she was nervous right now, so his warmth from his palm at least can reduce her nervousness she thought.

Sitting at the chair beside Chase, she turn her head to the door when she saw another woman walk inside the dining hall.

"Sorry, I was late." she smile to them.

The woman sit facing her, she lift up her brow. "This is?"

"Chase's guest. That is what he tells me. But dear, don't believe him. She totally was someone he in love with." Jeremy help to replied to her.

Lara giggles and extended her hand toward her.

"Hi, I am Lara Scott, Jeremy's fiance." she smile.

Shake her hand, she reply "Violet. Violet Green."

"Ah- so you're the 'Violet'??" both of Lara and Jeremy speak simultaneously.

"I don't know if he know any Violet other than me, but, yes. My name is Violet." she divert her eyes to Chase beside her.

Chase just smile look at her.

'Why are they look so surprise?' Violet ask inwardly.


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