Garden of Love
48 Dear Chase,
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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48 Dear Chase,

A month pass with a blink of eyes.

Chase, Hazel, Nigel and Lola returned back to the Sun House in the evening.

Upon seeing Hazel, Alan rush to her and hug her tightly. Hazel was dumbfounded by his sudden affection act to her.

Aslan also do the same, except he hug Alan's and Hazel legs. Well, not only her who dumbfound. All other occupant also dumbfounded by his action.

"I miss you." he whisper to her making Hazel blush a little.

"Uhm..can you..let go of me? They all see us now." she said and not returning his hug.

"So, you're not missing me?" he distance himself to her a little bit and look at her face.

"I'm tired. Can we talk about this another day?" she tilt her head looking at him.

She miss him. She really miss him badly. But she deny her feeling and keep herself busy with the work.

Joe clearing his throat and say "Dinner's ready."

Alan release her and carry Aslan into his arm.

"Are you hungry buddy?" he ask Aslan.

Nigel and Lola look at each other, but a moment their eyes met, they immediately divert their eyes to other way.

It's been more than a month they barely talk to each other. Every time their eyes met, they will immediately divert their eyes. It's feel awkward to talk to each other.

Taking their bag, Nigel and Lola walk to their room to change before they went down to eat dinner.

Same goes with Hazel. Only Chase is the one who put his bag at his room and went out after that. He skip his dinner today.


He drive to the cafe. It's still 7 PM, which means Violet still not finish working yet. He thought.

But when he walk inside the cafe, he could not find her figure. He then look at Poppy in the counter.

"Uhm, is Miss Violet working today?" he ask.

"Uh- Violet already resign for almost three weeks now." Poppy said making Chase frowned a little.



He smile and say thank you before he drive to her apartment after that.

He knock on the door for a few times before the door was open by someone.

He ready with his smile on his face. He thought that today, he want to confess to her.

He has been waiting for over a month to decide this matter.

When the door is open, someone else look at him with a weird expression.

"Yes?" the man with a white shirt ask him.

"Uh- is Violet here?" he try to suppress his feeling when he saw a man open the door.

"Huh? Who is Violet? There is no one here name violet." that man said, and then there is a woman behind him asking.

"Who is it honey?"

"I don't know.. he's looking for Violet." he shouted from the door.

"Oh you mean the one who live here before?" the woman walk to the door and smile to Chase.

"Hi, I'm sorry to inform you, that the girl who live here before already move out. We don't know where she move to. But she left a letter for the next door's guy." she said.

"I am the neighbor." Chase said. He start to feel uneasy about this.

The woman then walk back inside the house, while the man still guarding the door looking at him.

After a minute, the woman bring one envelope to him.

"Here. The address is to Mr. Neighbor here." she smile to him and handed the letter.

"Thanks." Chase replied. After taking the letter, he walk to the bench at the playground and sit there.

Opening the letter he read her handwriting.

'Dear Chase,

Thank you for your time from the moment we know each other until now. I really appreciate your effort. However, the more I know you the more engrosses for me to hold you dear inside my heart. We live in a different world, a different level. I made my mind that I will return back to my old life. I hope you find your happiness in the future.

Love, Violet."

He frown after read her letter.

'Where did her found out about my status?' he think for a quite some time before he thought of one possibilities.


She keep calling his phone after the Christmas banquet dinner,she really eager to make a deal with his dad's company.

He took out his phone and dialing her number.

Just with a ring, she immediately pick up her phone.

"It is such a bizarre for you to call me." she smirking on the other side.

"What did you told her?" Chase straight to the main point.


"You know who."

"Ah- that girl? I told her everything. She's funny though." she chuckles.


"She thought you were a detective? I am curious for what reason you hide your identity to her?"

"It's none of your business."

"Well, yeah. I believe she already know her right place. If not, you will not calling me right now, aren't you?"

"Don't mess with me, Sarah. Once again you try to approach her, all the deal will be off. You want a deal?I give you the deal." Chase state and he hung up the call after that.


Drive back to the villa, he hurriedly went to his room.

Turn on his computer, he sit at his swivel chair. He try to find Violet on his social account, but she's not replying any message from him.

He book a flight to Los Angeles, he need to talk to his father regarding the deal. Luckily he now not have any case for the next month until they returned back from their planning to find Alan's identity.




The next morning,

Chase drive his Lexus LC 500 to the Beauxbatons University. He look at his wrist watch, another 15 minutes before her class ended.

Because he always send her to the uni every morning and pick her up after the class, somehow he already memorized her class schedule and daily routine.

He park at the side parking under the tree. He walk out from the car and lean on the driver door. He keep looking at the Engineering department Auditorium entrance door.

He park at the side parking under the tree. He walk out from the car and lean on the driver door. He keep looking at the Engineering department's Auditorium entrance door.

He keep searching until he saw her figure who wear a jeans and red long sleeve blouse. Her wavy hair already cut in shoulder-length short. She look different but she still look gorgeous as always.

Chase smile, he walk to her without she notice him and he hold her hand.

Shocked by sudden touch by Chase, she almost throw her book to him.

Look at the man, she feel a bit indignant in her heart.

"Chase? What do you want?" she ask as she quickly retrieve her hand back from his grip.

"Vi, let me explain to you. Can we talk, now?" he look at her, he missed her so much.

"There is nothing to talk between us, Chase. I made it clear to you." she turn around and start walking back.

Just when she start to walk out, Chase grab her waist and carry her like a bag of sand to his car.

Open the door, he put her down on the car and buckle her up. After he sit at the driver seat, he drove out from the campus.

"Let me go Chase." Violet voice start to tremble a bit.

Chase just keep silent along the way.


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