Garden of Love
47 The End Of Her Love Story
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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47 The End Of Her Love Story

The next week, Chase got one case in the north province. At first he's a bit reluctant to go, but the patient condition make him change his mind. He, Hazel, Nigel and Lola need to go there for about one month.

While Akiko and Joe are staying at the Sun House.

Since after he knew about mafia that looking for Aslan, Alan keep close to Aslan and be extra careful when they went out.

He need to protect him with all he can. Somehow, this kind of feeling make him think that he may be once an agent or maybe he used to be someone that protect the high class people.

However, he thought it is impossible for him to have this kind of job.

Today he went out with Aslan and his dog. They walk together around the park near their villa.

The dog named Sam is very clever. He never barking out loud around the house. He quite shy and adorable and Aslan really treasure him.

Alan watch at Aslan when he talk to the dog. He smile, but then suddenly his eyes caught a glimpse of a suspicious man standing behind the big tree around the park.

He somehow look like he was talking with someone over the phone, and he look like he keep peeking at Aslan direction.

He walk over to Aslan and stare at the man. After the man notice his stare, he immediately walk away from the park.

Alan take Aslan back to their home after the man left the park. He know he must not bring Aslan out from the house for a little time now. They need to lay low first until he know the identity of them.

But to find them, he need an info about the Aslan mother first.

Violet look at the clock, she sigh.

'It's been one week after she last saw him. Well, actually she's a little bit missing him.

Last night, he called her and tell her that he will return back after one month because he got some work over the north province.

So she just need to wait for him patiently.

When she was lost at thought, suddenly an elegant figure woman stand in front of the counter.

She look like she was looking for someone, after sometime, her eyes fell on her name tag, she scrunched her eyebrow a bit.

"Are you Miss Violet?" she ask.

Violet nod.


"Can I talk to you?" she ask again. She look at her from her head to her waist and then look again at her eyes.

"I am currently working right now, can we talk after my shift is over ma'am?" she said politely.

"When is your shift will be over?"

"Another 15 minutes." she replied.

"Okay, I'll have Mocha then." she look at the menu.

After give her, her order. Violet frowned a bit.

'Who is she?' she try to remember if that is her senior or maybe her lecturer, but none of it comes to her memory.

After her shift is over, she walk to the woman's table located in the center of the cafe.

"May I?" she ask.

Sarah just nod her head giving her permission to sit in front of her.

After take the sit, Violet look at her with a question look.

"May I know, who are you? And what reason are you looking for me?" she started.

"My apologies for not introducing myself." she said and she take the sip before she continue again.

"My name is Sarah, and I am Chase Chivalry's fiance to-be." she smile to her.

Violet was surprise by what she heard.

'He had a girlfriend?'

Her face suddenly turn a bit sad. But, she bottle up her feeling. She need to calm down and face the real problem here.

"So are you Mr. Chase's girlfriend?" she ask.

"Urm.. not particularly. Our relationship is arrange by our family, for a good business of course." Sarah replied casually.

"Then what bring you here?"

"I try to persuade him to agree with our parents choice, but he seem a bit reluctant. So I did some checking on him. Guess what? I found that you is the reason why he feel reluctant."

Violet chuckles. She smile to her and said "Miss Sarah, I guess you misunderstand here. I am not his girlfriend nor anybody to him. I just merely working as waitress here and he is my regular customer and also used to be my neighbor. That's it. We never had that kind of romantic relationship. If you had a problem to deal with him, the person you should discuss is with him and not with me."

"That's true. But Miss Violet, I would like to remind you here..Mr. Chase is my prospective fiance, I really appreciate if you didn't interfere with our path. He is not someone at your level. Please know your place, alright?" She smile mocking at her.

"Excuse me, what do you mean by he's not someone at my level?" Violet ask.

"Here." Sarah pass her some magazine.

She never read any business magazine before because she was too busy with her study and struggling for her life.

She frowned when see the title. 'There is nothing here.'

"That is James Chivalry and Jeremy Chivalry. Don't you think these two guys has a familiar name with Chase?" she said.

Violet turn her eyes toward the figure.

'Yup. They look alike. Their eyes is blue and they has the same hair color too.' she divert her eyes to the details.

Owner of large organization over the country and a biggest founder to many famous brand. They specialize on finance and technologies too.

'So….Chase is not an average people?' she divert her eyes to the woman in front of her.

"Well, glad you know your place."

"But isn't he working as detective?" she ask.

Sarah burst into a laugh after she heard Violet word.

"You really funny Miss Violet. Let me tell you one secret about man. When they hide about his identity and his background, which is whether he want to fool you or he just want to let you be his plaything. They never serious about a woman he hide his identity. And..he's not a detective dear, he's a doctor. A great one. How shame when you like him but you don't even know what he do.."

Violet try to hold her tears back. Yes, she feel like a dumb and being insulted by his fiance to-be? That's too much for her.

Somehow, her word struck her. Why he never tell her about his identity? His family? Yet he act so kind to her. And sometimes, he's so romantic that made her heart flutter every time she was with him.

"So Miss should know your place. It'll be better if you never enter his life again. Well, I guess you're not so important to him after all." she snickering to her.

Without any reply anymore, she stand up and leave the cafe.

After she was inside the train, she crying while cover her face with her palm. The bystander inside the train mostly look at her with a question looks but she just ignore them all.

She call Poppy and give her resign letter for the next day. She also change he phone number and move out from her apartment.

She choose to stay closer to her brother apartment. It'll be easy for her to commute to the university.

She made her mind. She want to forget about him. Sarah was right. How an average girl like her has a dream to be the princess? He born in different level from her. It's like the heaven and earth.

This is it. The end of her love story.


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