Garden of Love
46 You Aim Too High Mr. Alan
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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46 You Aim Too High Mr. Alan

Alan look at her ingredient that she currently chopping and some of the spices that she already prepare.

'Wow! That sure will taste bad.' he comment inside his heart.

When Hazel want to heat up her pan, Alan said to her.

"Hazel, there is something on your hair." he want to touch her hair but immediately Hazel step back and said "Where?"

"There." he point his finger on top of her hair. "You better take a look at the mirror, if you're not sure." he said again.

"Mm. Thanks." she walk from the kitchen counter. Hurriedly, Alan change her ingredient and remove some spices which is doesn't needed.

After he notice Hazel start to walk back, he return to his sit and look at her with a plain expression.

She look at the kitchen counter and frowned a bit.

"Erm. Why it's look different from what I just prepare?" she mumble.

Alan just silent as he watch her again.

After making sure all the ingredient and spices is corrected and use by Hazel, he sigh of relief.

"Hazel, did you already prepared the turkey?" Akiko ask from dining hall making Alan'e eyes lit a bit.

'What? There is another one? Damn!' he divert his eyes to Aslan beside him who read his story book silently.

He take the pen from his pencil case, and wrote something on the note before he pass it to Aslan.

Aslan look at the note. 'Divert your mom's attention. I need to save the whole occupants.'

Aslan immediately nod. He put the note inside the book before he hold his stomach.

"Ouch! mommy... My stomach hurt." he whimpering to Hazel.

Hazel turn her eyes to Aslan and ask "What happen?"

"My stomach hurt." he start to fake a cries.

Hazel put down the turkey on the kitchen counter top before she put it into the stove oven.

Take off her mitten, she ready to bring Aslan to the treatment room.

"Help me to set the oven timer." Hazel said to Alan before she go.

Alan nod. After Hazel already gone, he immediately take out the turkey and repair all the ingredient before he roasted the turkey using the oven.

'Fuhh. She need to learn how to cook. Uhm.. wait! she's better not doing the cooking at all.'

When all the man walk to the dining room, they gasp when seeing Hazel put down the bowl on the placemat.

"Is Hazel making dinner today?" Joe said with a bit worried in his voice.

"Yeah. What's wrong?" Akiko ask, she kiss Joe on his lips, making Nigel groans in jealousy.

Lola just rolled her eyes to Nigel childish behavior.

"Err.. it's nothing." Joe replied as he take a sit on his chair.

Chase also squint his eyes a bit, he drink his water. He knew how bad Hazel with the cooking. But he never understand why the girls didn't say anything about her cooking.

Alan walk out from the kitchen bringing the roasted turkey into the table, and all the guys eyes fix on him, demanding a report.

Alan clearing his throat a little and make a 'good' sign secretly to them. After seeing Alan's sign, all of them sigh in relief.

'Thank god! Alan is the savior.'



After they done having dinner, suddenly a door bell sound make them divert their eyes to the door.

Alan smile and he walk to the door.

Opened it, two people from veterinary clinic smile to him. "Mr. Alan?" one of the staff ask him.

"Yes. It's me." he said and turn his head around he said again. "Wait a moment please."

Alan walk inside and announce to all of them.

"Uh- sorry guys, my little present for Aslan just arrive. Can we invited the gift inside?" he said.

All of them agree and nod. They all stand up at the living hall waiting for the surprise.

Alan then returned back to the door and invite them inside.

When the staff step inside the house they start singing a birthday song and followed by Chase, Nigel, Lola, Akiko and Joe. Hazel still washing the dish in the kitchen.

Aslan smile widely when he saw his present.

"It's a dog! It's a dog!" he jumping and clapping his hand happily.

A mix color shepherd dog breed was collared with a name tag 'Sam' engrave with a green steel plate walk inside the house and sniffing the floor.

"Aww…such a cute dog.." Lola and Akiko make a face.

Aslan was the first one who touch the dog and then he run to Alan.

"Thank you Papa!"

Alan ruffles his hair and thank the staff. After sending the staff to the door, he stride back to the living hall.

Hazel was there when he return.

She was surprise by the dog present at the hall. She then look at Alan with a disappointment face. She hurriedly run to her room after that.

"Hazel…" Alan want to stop her, but she already run upstairs.

All the eyes fix on him. Alan turn his head to them, he said. "It's okay. I will talk to her. Keep eye on Aslan please." he then dash to her wing after they nod.



"Hazel..let me in, please." he said with a gentle voice outside the door.

Silent, he said again.


Not long after, she opened the door. She walk back to the couch and curled up her body.

"You knew the whole story, yet why you still…" she cry.

Kneeling down in front of her, he hold her hand.

"I''m sorry. But, it's time for you to face it Hazel. Your fear. You have me. I will never do what he did to you. Aslan was so happy to get his present. Don't you feel happy too when seeing his happy face?"

She start sobbing.

"Hazel..I promise you I will keep the dog distance from you until you're okay with it. Alright? Don't cry, please." he pat her back.


"Uhm.." she nod slowly.

"That's my girl." he kiss her forehead.

"You…you hijack my cooking aren't you?" she said after she feels a bit okay.

Lift up his eyebrow, he almost laugh.

"How do you know?"

"It's taste like your cooking style." she lift up her head and tilt her head to him.

"You can tell?"

"Yeah." she nod her head.

"Sorry..I just saving the whole occupant's stomach today." he said and wipe her tear stain on her face.

"Am I that bad?" she ask. She actually want to divert her mind to something else.

"Erm…when I marry you, let me do the cooking and all the housework, okay? I want you to focus on your work and heath."

"So, you want to be a 'housewife' and I be the 'husband'?" she ask.

"No, I'll be both. You just be whatever you want." he smile.

"You aim too high Mr. Alan."

"Yes, I aim on something that I really want."

"I must admit, that you really good at flirting."

"I know right.." he blink to her making her chuckles a little.


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