Garden of Love
45 Cooking
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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45 Cooking

All of them return to Sun House on the New Year eve.

Hazel, Alan and Aslan bumped into Chase when they arrived at the Airport. Together, they returned to their home. When they park their car, Akiko and Joe also arrive at the same time as them.

After small chit chat at the parking, they walk over to the entrance door. Opened the door, all of them walk into the house.

"Yo! Guys.." Nigel greet them all at the living room.

"Whoa!! is that you Nigel?" Joe almost shouted when see the new Nigel. He change his hair back to black and style it with a faux hawk style.

"Hi Nigel." Akiko wave at him and Hazel also do the same. Both of them go upstairs leaving the boys at the living room.

Put the luggage aside, Chase and Alan walk to him.

" was your proposal? I bet, this is why you changed to this extent." Alan give him a fist bump and followed by Chase and Joe.

"Uh-'s totally suck." he said and his face turn gloomy.

"Oh I'm sorry. Something happen?" he ask again.

"'s a long story."

"It's okay. We've got plenty of time." Chase said and pat his shoulder.

When they want to take a seat at the couch, Lola walk to the living room with her backpack. She wear a green dress.

All the eyes fix on her. "Mera?!" both of Alan and Joe said simultaneously.

"Huh?" Lola was shocked then she scrunch her eyebrow a little. "I'm Lola you idiot."

Alan and Joe blink his eyes a few time. "Who is Mera by the way?" she ask again.

" look like Mera! Right, Nigel?" Joe said and turned to look at Nigel. His face turn blush and he narrowed his eyes to the floor no seeing Lola.


"Who is she again?" Lola said with a question looks.

"Uh.. she's Aquaman's girlfriend." Joe replied and Alan correcting him.

"No, she just a character from Aquaman film in 2018, and your style look really close to her. What happen to your hair?" Alan ask.

Touch her hair, she said " identity for me. It's look nice on me right?" she smile.

"Yeah. Totally." Joe nod his head.

Lola walk back to her room after that. She feel uncomfortable to stay long at the living room.

After she was gone to her room, Nigel told them the story that happen to him when he propose to Sydney.

"What the fuck…she put you into the jail?" Joe start to feel a bit anxious.

"Yeah, but I was wrong. I nearly kill that bastard." he said.

"It's her fucking wrong, man. How could she do this to you?" Alan and Chase just silent at the other side.

Alan was thinking about, how he would deal with Hazel if something like this happen. He loved her but sometimes, people heart changes too. Just loves is not enough.

While Chase start to thinking what if Violet reject him. Is he also will turn like Nigel?

"It's.. I don't know, man. I loved her so much." he rub his face with his palm.

"I know you love her, but it's over mate ~ it doesn't matter, put the phone away. It's never easy to walk away, let her go.. it'll be okay." Joe start to singing and pat his shoulder.

"It's gonna hurt for a bit of time, so bottoms up, let's forget tonight. You'll find another and you'll be just fine. Let her go ~" Alan also do the same. He sing to cheer up Nigel.

"It'll be alright." Chase smile and then they heard Hazel clearing her throat from upstairs.

"Are you guys practicing an acapella or what?" she ask.

"Yup. We're a good singer, don't you think?" Joe wink at her.

"Huh-" Akiko behind her scoffs a bit.

Hazel just smile and shake her head. Aslan already run to Alan and sit on his lap.

"Why Uncle Nigel look so sad?" he ask when he notice Nigel sad face.

"Well, Uncle Nigel had a bad day. But let him rest a bit okay? We should go and wooing at a sexy girl for Uncle Nigel next time." Alan said. He forgot that Hazel was still at the living room.

She frowned a moment before she ignore his word.

Nigel smile a bit and look at Aslan.

"Can you help uncle to wooing at a nice girl next time?" he ask intent to joke only.

"Why we need to woo at the girls if we have Auntie Lola?" Aslan said and made all of them dumbstruck.

"Wait, what?" Nigel was dumbfound.

"Auntie has a good look. I never saw her with her boyfriend either. So, she's good to go? Right papa?" Aslan turn his head toward Alan.

"Er..that.." he don't know what to answer him.

Well, he also don't know much about Lola love life. She never mention about anyone either. Little that he know, she's a bit wild outside. Meaning she had so many date before.

"Na-uh.. she's a no go." Joe help to reply.

"Look, Auntie Lola might already have someone she like. So we can't interfere with her love life. Okay?"

Aslan nod.

Joe's word somehow struck Nigel's heart.

That's right, what if she save her virginity to someone she really love? And he…he just take that away. He feel a bit guilty.

"Are you okay Nigel?" Chase ask when he see Nigel turn a bit pale.

"Uh- I'm okay." he replied.

"Alright, I gonna go and help the girls at the kitchen." Alan said and stand up from the couch.

He holding Aslan hand and pass by them to the kitchen together with Aslan.

Joe also bring his luggage to upstairs.

Chase pat Nigel shoulder and said "If you have anything you want to tell, you can find me anytime."

"Yeah man. Thanks." he smile.

After all of them go, he lean his head on the couch and he sigh.




"Hey." Alan said to Hazel who is in the kitchen. It's a rare view to see Hazel try to cook.

He sit at the counter stool and look at her.

"Hey." Hazel answer him short.

"What are you doing?" he ask. Akiko was busy helping her to prepare the plate on the table so she didn't see that Alan are flirting with Hazel at the kitchen.

"Cooking." she slicing the meat on the cutting board facing him.

"Mhm?.. I bet it must be delicious." he stretch his hand and touch her nose


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