Garden of Love
44 Touch Her One More Time, I“ll Kill You
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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44 Touch Her One More Time, I“ll Kill You

Alan clench his fist.

He run to him from the balcony and grab his neck. Surprise by the sudden attack, Vladimir take out his knife and shove to him.

Luckily he dodge his attack and kick his hand making him loose his grip on the knife. He then kick Vladimir at his jaw.

Hazel on the other hand immediately get up and find something to hit at Vladimir. She hold her glass vase and want to hit him but he yank her hand to her making her stumble and fall to the floor.

Alan move his hand to grab his hand and lock behind his back and bent his body with his knee.

Use another hand to retrieve the knife that fell before, he pointed at his neck.

"Touch her one more time, I'll kill you." he warned him.

Hazel sit up back and when she look at Alan right now, somehow she feel afraid. His eyes look like a hunter. There is no like Alan from before who is calm and warm. The one she look at is now the cold and scary Alan.

Vladimir swallow his saliva.

"Alan..release him." Hazel speak after a long time they turn silent.

Alan shift his eyes to her and immediately his gaze turn soft.

"Are you alright?" he ask and release Vladimir from his grip.

He walk to her and check on her. He look so worried, it's showing clearly on his face.

"Yeah..I'm okay." she hold his hand which is now touch her cheek.

"Let's go." he hold her hand and walk out from her room leaving Vladimir on the floor who still sit on the floor

Returning back to his room, Alan carry her into the bed and look at her wrist.

"Did he hurt you?" he then move to her neck and check if she had any bruise on her body.

"No..Alan, stop it." she hold his hand when his face are close to her. Stop his hand, he placed his forehead on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry I was late to find you."

Hazel frowned. 'Is he expecting me to come to his room? And is he coming to my room to bring me here?'

She then close her eyes try to calm down. She pat on his back and say "It's okay. I'm really okay."

Looking up at her, he ask again. "Why he do that to you?"

"He said something about my past. About how Sam get killed and who is the woman. But I refuse to hear him, so I want to go out from the room but he force me to listen to him. That is when you come and rescue me." she explain.

Sighing, he hug her tightly.

"Don't scare me like that again."

Hazel do not know what to say, she just let him hug her if that can make him calm down.

After a few minute, Hazel clearing her throat.

"Err.. Alan, can we go to sleep right now? I'm tired." she said when Alan still not moving from hugging her.

He release her slowly "Sorry, I was carried away." he said and move to his side.

Lay on the bed and facing her, he ask.

"Why don't you try and listen to him? Maybe he has some useful information about Sam?"

"It's in the past Alan. I don't want to know anything about him again." she replied.


"By the way, why don't you get jealous when we're talking about him?" she was curious at how Alan was still composed when they talk about her ex. Not just normal ex, but her ex fiance.

"Why would I get jealous over someone who is already gone?" he said casually.

"I mean, he's my fiance. You know, we do a lot of things urm..intercourse." she blushed.

Alan lift up his head using his right hand to support it, he smile to her.

"He never done anything to you."

Hazel's eyes turns wide. She blink a few times before she ask.

"How do you know?"

Alan immediately let out his laugh.

"See, you admit it didn't you?"

"Wait, What? You trick me?" she punch his chest a few times.

Alan grab her hand and kiss her knuckle.

"Even if he do that to you, I don't have any objection. He's yours that time. He has the right as you both share the mutual feeling."

Hazel turn silent.

"And I love you for what you are. To me, virginity is not a tools to scale someone's love. It's your heart that matter to me. Until that time comes, I will never lay my hands on your body."

Hazel narrowed her eyes a bit.

"I mean, your private part. This part here is not included." he raise his hand which is still holding hers.

"Why you have to be so good to me Alan?" she ask.

"I am such a gentleman aren't I?" he grinning.

Hazel chuckles and she closed her eyes.

"Good night Alan."

He kiss her cheek and said "Night, Hazel."




The next morning,

He stare at Vladimir with a cold eyes. After everyone was out, he walk to him and signal him to follow him.

Standing at the corner of the house, he crossing his arm around his chest.

"I need to know what you plan to tell her last night." Alan said.

"It has nothing to do with you." Vladimir said.

"If this is about her life, I need to know." Alan insist.

Smirking, he said "Unfortunately it's not about her life."

"Then, who is this about?" Alan frowned.


"What?" Alan was shocked by what he heard.

"It is that boy who is in danger."

"Tell me about it."

"His mother is mafia's wife. She was pregnant with Sam's child that time, and her husband instructed his people to kill them both.

"He knew about it, so he put Hazel as the guardian for Aslan. He knew Hazel is my father beloved daughter. Nobody in this country dare to touch her. So he believe that Aslan will be safe in her care.

"But little that he know is, that mafia doesn't care about who she is. All he want is that the child to be killed. He thought that the child was dead together with Sam and his wife, but last time when you bring Aslan to play at the Moon City, one of his men saw the kid and the rumor start to spread. His face looked alike with Sam. So, it's easy to track him down.

"For the past years, Aslan has been raise and seal from the outside world, until father let him out to the Moon City. Now, his men are active to find him. I wanted to tell her, but she refused to listen to me."

"Well, that's because you scared her when she was teenager." Alan said.

"It's not like that. She had a spider on her head. I was trying to help her out. Not only that, she always attract a bug around her and she never notice it." he explain.

"Ohh.." Alan was dumbfound a moment.


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