Garden of Love
43 Too Perfect For My Daughter
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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43 Too Perfect For My Daughter

Return back to Star City, she immediately find a saloon. She walk inside the saloon and ask the hairstylist to color her hair with the color she choose.

Same goes with Nigel, after an hour Lola out, he immediately go to the barbershop and request the hairstylist to change his hair color. The white hair color is actually pick by Sydney. She said she like the color and it suit with him.

He never got the call from her. He knew, she need time to calm down, so is he. He also need time to adjust everything and forget everything that happen yesterday too.

Alan wake up in the morning and find Aslan already jumping around him on the bed.

"Hey champ, what time is it?" he rub his face before he sit up.

"It's 6 o'clock. Papa, papa let's play outside." he said excitedly.

"Hmm..let's make breakfast first and then we can go play at the outside okay?" he stand up and wash his face before he went to the kitchen.

"Hooray!" Aslan shout and hold Alan hand to the kitchen.

He prepare the ingredient and start making breakfast. The maids and chef look at him with a curious look. But because Young Master Aslan was here with him, they just silent and watch them two making the breakfast.

When he's done, he bring the plate to the dining table and found that everyone was already take a sit around the table.

Mr. Jokovic smile to Aslan and ask him "What are you doing, little baby?"

Laura also divert her eyes to Aslan and carry him in her laps. She loves Aslan like her own child.

"I'm making breakfast with Papa." he said as he ask Alan his plate.

Alan nod and place his plate at the table.

"Wow! It's look delicious. Can I have a bite?" Laura ask Aslan when see his Raspberry pie that Alan make for him.

Aslan nod and he scoop his pie and feed his grandmother tenderly.

Chewing the pie, her eyes lit up, she turn her head toward Alan who already sit beside Hazel and scoop half of his pie to Hazel's plate.

"Did you make this?" Laura ask make the other also divert their eyes to Alan.

"Yes, Madam Laura." he replied.

"It's delicious. Can I have the recipe for this pie?" she ask shyly.

She like to cook, but after she married Jokovic, he not let her to go to the kitchen. He really treasure her, he treat her like a queen.

"Sure. I'll write it down later." he smile.

Hazel rolled her eyes. 'What thing that he can't do?' she thought herself.

After the breakfast, Aslan with Alan strolled in the backyard with their thick coat.

They playing the snowball and ice sledding.

From afar, Mr Jokovic and Madam Laura look at them both with a warm look.

"He really loves Aslan." Laura said to her husband.

"Yes. I can see that. He's too perfect for my daughter."

"But, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that she will be hurt again like the last time."

"Me too. But let's hope that he will be the cure for her." Mr. Jokovic rub her wife's back.

Hazel look at them from her room balcony. She like how Alan treat Aslan like his own child.

He is very gentle to her and Aslan. She like how Alan is not someone that will push her to say whatever they want to hear. Alan is very patient toward her.

Unfortunately, her heart still not ready yet. Her scar from before still have and it's seem like it never will heal. She become afraid to have any relationship. She afraid that she will loose him like what happen in the past.

She sigh. But deep down inside her heart, she like Alan. She feel secure with him.

Chase try to call Violet again, yesterday he was totally tired out and couldn't call her. So he try to call her now.

After a few ring, Violet pick up his call.

"Hello?" she said.

"Vi, it's me." Chase smile after hearing her voice.

"Chase? Is it you?" she said as she look at her screen after that.


"I'm sorry I didn't call you back last time." she said apologizing to him.

"That's okay. How are you Vi?"

"I'm good. How about you?"

"i'm good too."

"Chase, your tenant contract will be terminated next week right?" she ask.

She remember Chase used to say to her that he rent the apartment for until this year only.

Check the date on his watches, she say "Yeah."

"So, are you going to stay at your old house back?" she ask. Well, she like how Chase courted her for almost half year. But he never ask her to be his girlfriend, thus she just thought that maybe he want to stay at the friend zone first before jump to the next stage.

"Yup. But, I will walk you home like always." he said.

"That is nice of you. But, really. I'm fine walking alone to my home."

"But I'm not fine with you walking alone to your home every night."

" you..perhaps likes me?" her faces feel like burning right now.


'Wait! What? He said he likes me?? oh my god! Oh my god!' she feel like she want to jump to the cloud nine.


"Good night Vi." he said before he ended his phone call. He place his palm on his face and lowered his head looking on the floor with a red face.

'Damn! That's embarrassing!' he shouted inside his heart.


Alan wait at his room and look at the clock.

It's already 12 AM but Hazel didn't come to his room yet. She always sneaking to his room around 11:45 PM and sleep beside him.

Her reason is she was afraid to sleep at her own room when she at this mansion. Alan just agree with her and let her sleep with him.

They just sleep together beside to each other until it was 5 or sometimes 4 in the morning before she return back to her own room.

Feeling a bit uneasy, he walk to her room.

When he knock on the door, there is no answer, but he could hear something was fell on the floor.

He turn her door knob, but it was locked. He run to the window next to her room and climb the railing. He jump to her balcony from the railing.

Without any sound he make, he look inside the room. He saw Vladimir grip her hand from behind and forced her to shut her mouth with his palm.

He press Hazel on the wall and he stand close with her body .

It's make Alan's feel like he want to kill him.


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