Garden of Love
42 It“s Taste Sweet.”
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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42 It“s Taste Sweet.”

He spend his night at the cell. When the police officer inform him that he can go out if somebody bail him out, he request to make a phone call.

Standing at payphone in front of the counter, he sigh. He could not call Chase, he was at his mansion in the Beverly Hills right now. He also can't call Joe. He is now at his parents house at Poland with Akiko. Alan and Hazel also the same, they're in Russia. Except..

Try his luck, he call her. Hopefully she already awake by now.

After three ring, she pick up his call.

"Who is this?" Lola ask him. She just walk out from her bathroom.

"Lola, I need your help." Nigel said.


A few hour later, Lola came to the police station and bail him out. She wait for him at the entrance before the police release his cuff.

She turn around and hug him. "What happen?" she ask worriedly and check on his face.

"I'll tell you later." he said and his face look gloomy.

Nod her head, she led him to her car.

"Sorry I was late, I'm from my uncle place at the Star City." she explained why she was late. She should have bail him in the morning, but she drive from Star City to Moon City takes about 4 hour driving. She thought that he murder someone, luckily he just beat someone. Even she don't know happen exactly, but she could see he was totally in distress.

"You from your uncle's?" Nigel ask her. He thought that she stay at the Sun House since she said she will stay at there with Alan.

"Yeah, my uncle invite me to his house before Alan and Hazel go to airport."

"I'm sorry for troubling you. I thought you were at the Sun House." he said.

"That's okay. Let get you clean yourself up first." she said and drive to their house.




She prepare the dinner and wait for him at the dining hall, but he did not went down at all. She sigh and enjoy her dinner at living hall.

They arrived at the house around 2 o'clock, but he lock himself at his room without going down at all. Lola was a bit worried.

After she done with her dinner, she walk upstairs and knock on his door room.

She keep knocking when he ignore it. "Just so you know, I will not stop from knocking your door until you open it." she said from the door.

Not long after, Nigel open his door. His room was totally dark without any light.

"Come on!" Lola grunt as she turn on his bedside lamp.

"Here! It'll help you to ease your pain a little." she pass him a bottle of alcohol to him.

She also had one with her.

Open the bottle, she sat on the couch beside him. "I'll listen to your shit."

"Hmph.." he scoff.

"Come on, I'm not telling anybody." she sips her alcohol.

Following her, he also gulp his alcohol.

He start his story on how he try to hit on Sydney when he was first met her until what just happen yesterday.

He gulp his fourth bottle of alcohol and Lola already half asleep beside him.

She pinched her head. "So, you just sad about that bitch?" she blabbering.

"Hell yeah! I'm mad. I was the victim, but she act like she was the real victim. Like I hurt her."

"Babe, you really need to move on. I mean there are so many girls out there. Just pick one and get laid. Then you will forget about her." she giggles. She totally do not know what she talk about.

"Can I do that?"

"Hell yeah man.."

"I can forget about her if I do that?" he ask again. He also already drunk.


"Like this?" he put his hand to her neck and draw closer to her.

She stare at his lips and they start kissing each other. Release the lips she said "It's taste weird. But I like it."

"It's taste sweet." Nigel said and he continue to move his hand to her collarbone.

"Nn.." she moan and it make Nigel feel more aroused. He carry her to his bed and lay her on his bed as he keep kissing her in every inch of her body.

Without realizing they had sex together.



The next morning.

When Nigel wake up, he feels like his head been hammered by something.

He try to open his eyes when he feels something soft like hairs lay on his face. He then smile and wrap his hand around the naked body beside him.

He kiss her on top of her head and wish a good morning. "Morning babe."

Lola grunt a bit when she feels like someone was kissing her head.

Smelling the hair that smell a bit different than usual, feeling her lower abdomen feel a bit hurt and there is a hand around her waist, she and he jolt their body apart from each other.

She stuttered "Ni..Ni..Nigel? Is that you?" she ask without looking back.

"L..L..Lola…how is this happen? What..what we do last night?" he start to panic.

Lola cover her body with the comforter before she turn to him, while he also cover his private part with the end of the comforter.

She inhale and exhale before she start to sort out everything back.

"Listen.. we should not let them know about this. It's already happen and we can't do anything about it." she started.

"Yeah…we should not let them know. Seriously, I am really sorry." he reply to her.

"Yup. I was in the wrong too.. I should go and take the after morning pil." she want to get up to pick up her clothes on the floor. But before she do that, she turn to him. "Could you..look at the other way, I want to get going now." she said making Nigel immediately turn his body to other way.

After Lola leave his room, he rub his face. When he want to get up and get dress, he notice something on his bed sheet.

"Is that a blood?" he narrowed his eyes to the blood stain on his bed.

"Damn shit! It is blood." he sit back on his bed.

"What the fuck am I doing to her?" he look at the stain for a quite long before he walk to the bathroom and take a shower.

Lola run to the Pharmacy in the house and find a morning after pill. She take out the pill and she gulp it in one go.

She lean on the counter.

"Fuck! My first time.." she cover her face with her palm.

She then touch her lower abdomen which is feel a bit hurt. "Why my first time will be suck like this? I save it for years, now it's waste…hummmmm.." she almost cry.

Knowing that there is nothing she can do about it, she return to her room and clean herself.

When she's done. She bring her backpack and walk pass the living room. Nigel was there, sat on the couch and watch a TV.

"Where are you going?" he ask her when seeing her pass the living hall.

Feeling a bit awkward with the situation, Lola said to him "I'm returning back to my uncle's. See you on the new year."

Nigel nod and Lola hurriedly walk to the door and drive off from the Sun House.


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