Garden of Love
41 Surprised.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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41 Surprised.

It's a dinner party, his father James Chivalry invite a few of his business partner to come to his house.

The woman named Sarah Madison is also invited to the house. She is his date for tonight.

"Chase, this is Sarah and Sarah, this is Chase. My son that I told you before." James introduced both of them.

Chase shake her hand formally. She was a beautiful woman, wearing a long dress night gown with a fur coat wrapping around her shoulder.

"Hello Chase." she said and after some talk with James, he leave Chase and Sarah together at the banquet hall.

"I heard a quite a lot about you." she started.

"I hope it's a good one." he replied.

"Yes, it is. I heard you're a doctor?"


"Which hospital did you work with?"

"None. I'm free-lance."

"Oh? So you are one of the group doctor that is rumored with a high skill and high pay?"

Chase nod.

"Wow! Never expecting to meet you here. I'm really lucky I guess." she smile.

Chase just smile back to her.

"So Chase, tell me more about you." she look at his eyes. 'It's blue.' she thought.

"Why should I? I just what you think I am." he reply casually.

"Hmm.. we're on our date right now. It'll be impolite if we go with our way. Your dad will..probably scold let's play along with this set up." she explain.

Scrunch his eyebrow, he decide to play along. After all, it just for this night.

"Well this set up is my father who decide it, not me." he said.

"Okay. Well, me too."

"Good. So we don't need to continue anymore." Chase ready to go.

"Wait, hold up." she grab his suit.

"Not so fast, I still not finish yet." she continue.

"Listen, I can't just said to my parent that we're not a match. They'll suspect us. After all, they do this for business. What if we just play along with them until they close their deal and then we can break up. This deal is meant a lot to them."

"I don't want to be the black goat just because they want to close a deal with my father." Chase said.

"Neither do I. But, they raise me. I somehow i feel i need to pay them back for their hard work. This deal is a big opportunities to us. It's benefit your family and mine too. Think about it. You have someone you love and I have someone I love too. But it just for a few months. Then we can all go back to our own life."

"You think that will be easy? After we break up, the deal will be lost too. Your parent will be more sad than now. How are you planning on explain to them?"

"I get your point. But Mr. Chase, this deal cannot be cancel off just like that. Your family need our technology and my family need your family fund. The contract will be about five year or so. They can still hold until then. We'll talk about this properly to them so that they will understand later."

"I'm sorry, I can't." he brush off her hand from his suit and walk away leaving her at the banquet.

She scoff and then not long after she also take turn to return home.


"Are you going back?" Nigel asking Sydney, his girlfriend when he saw she pack all her belonging to her luggage.

"Yeah, baby. I had flight tomorrow, so I need to return now." she kiss him when she done with her last dress being put into her luggage.

"But, it's Christmas. Can't you stay?" he ask again try to holding her back from leaving.

She smile to him and said. "Because It's Christmas I had to cover other cabin crew who can't make it. I'll be back before you know it." she wrap her hand around his waist.

Nigel could only sigh. He cupped her face and remind her to be careful on the road.



He look at his wrist watch. It just 6PM. Still had a time to make her surprise.

He thought he want to surprise her at her parents house, but since she had to return back to city because of work, he change his plan to surprise her at her apartment tonight.

He happily drive to the Moon City and stop at the flower shop. He buy a bouquet of roses and put the small box inside his Jacket pocket.

After that he made a stop at the wine shop to buy a high class wine. He drive from the shop to her apartment.

Last week, he made a copy to her keys. She never let him have a keys to her apartment, so he sneakily made copy of her key.

When he park his car at the side of the road, he could see her house was still lit up.

'Oh, she back faster than it should.' he smile and ready with his suit and his gift.

He change his attire when he stop at the gas station. He walk to her apartment. At first, he want to knock on her door. But he stop his hand.

'Why would I knock if I want to surprise her?' he thought.

When he take out his key, he could hear a loud banging and moans from the wall.

'This neighbor sure making love out loud! Damn!' he bristled and spin the door knob.

"Ta-Da!!" he shout a bit loud tried to surprise her.

His bouquet of roses fall on the floor. His face was totally shocked by what he see right now.

Not only him, but the person inside the house also shocked. They stop from what they are doing and immediately Sydney run to her room to find her bathrobe and wrap around her body.

Nigel was so furious as he immediately grab that man's neck and punch him hard on his face. He then throw him on the floor and kick his stomach.

"No! Nigel! Stop it!" Sydney scream when she see her another boyfriend got beaten up by Nigel.

"Fuck!" he still beat the man and punch him many times at his face.

"You fuck with my girlfriend? She's my girlfriend, you dickhead!!"

"Nigel! Enough! You'll kill him!" she hold his hand and Nigel accidentally yank his hand to her making her fall and hit the glass table on the living room.

"Ow!" she touch her head, and when she look at her palm it's was red..and it is blood.

"Baby, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Nigel immediately run to her and check on her.

Shove him, she look at him with a furious look.

She then look at her other boyfriend who already covered with blood on his face.

She then slap him on the faces, and she call the police.

He sat at the couch waiting for the police to come and arrest him. "You know I really love you. How could you do this to me?" he started when she keep silent.

"Fuck off Nigel. I don't want to see you anymore." she said and stay beside the man, she cover his body with the bathrobe and help him to lean on kitchen counter.

"Is he more important than me? We've been together for four fucking year Syd." he rub his face. His eyes already turn red as he tried to control his tears.

"Are you talking about important? Tell me, how many time did you leave me and go fucking travel with your whore group?!"

"Why didn't you tell me back then? Why every time I ask you, you allowed me to go? And for your fucking information they're no whore. They're a good doctors that I worked with!"

She take the ceramic plate and flung it to the wall. Almost hit him. The ceramic shattered on the floor. "Don't start it Nigel! I hope you'll be lock up!"

Just after she finish, a group of police come to the house. He was arrested and jail for the violent act.


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