Garden of Love
40 I Will Give You My Blessing
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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40 I Will Give You My Blessing

They arrived at the stadium. Alan look at Hazel.

"It's my dad's training center." she said after seeing Alan turn to her.

He make a movement like 'Oh!' then he focus back to follow all of them to the center of the stadium.

The walkway is a bit dark but inside the stadium is fill with the seat around making a circle shape and at the center of it is a boxer ring.

He frowned again. Mr. Jokovic gather him and Vladimir to the side of the arena along with other crew. He said.

"Here is the second test, you need to fight with my best man here." He pat on the muscular man who standing beside him.

Alan pointing his finger to his chest and lift up his eyebrow.

"Me?" he ask.

"Who else gonna marry Hazel?" Mr. Jokovic said and turned his eyes to the muscular man beside him.

"Oh, Patrick..this man here want to marry my daughter. I once heard that you like my daughter too right? If you don't want him to marry her, do you best." he encourage the man named Patrick.

Alan blink his eyes and turn to look at Hazel. He mouthed at her. 'He's big!'

Hazel just shrugged her shoulder and replied. 'Then, don't dream to marry me!'

Lifting his eyebrow to her, he smile. 'I'm not give up yet!'.

He take off his shirt and wear whatever things the crew ask him to wear. After a few minute getting ready, Hazel walk to him.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Alan? He's the champion league Boxer last year. You can still withdraw from this competition." she said.

"Hazel, may I know if Sam also do this when he say he want to marry you back then?" he ask ignoring her word.

Hazel frowned. Yes, Sam didn't do any weird test that her father do right now. Maybe that because they has mutual feeling toward each other and her father know how she love him so much.

She shake her head. "No, he's.."

"Then, let me do it for you. I'm not taking you for granted. I will make you mine for whatever it's cost." he smile to her and caress her cheek.


Put his index finger on her soft lips, he kiss on top of his finger.

"I'll said I'll make you mine." he smile looking at Hazel's pale face when she thought he might kiss her.

Well, he kiss her, but not in the right way. He put his finger to be the divider.

"So eager." she said after he move his finger from her lips.

"So stubborn."

"3 2 1 Go!" the referee shout.

Alan start to dodge the punch from Patrick.

Well, he's big and tough. It's make him hard to find his weak point. So for the time being, he just dodge the punch and hold the attack.

After he find his weak spot, he start to plan on how should he punch him to make him down and settle the test.

Hazel on the side of the ring already turn pale. She doesn't want Alan get hurt again.

He just recovered from a long sleep and if anything happen to his head now may lead him to have another series of coma and possibility to lost his memory again.

She clasp her hand tightly seeing how he dodge the attack. Even he look calm in the ring, but she cannot stop from worrying about him.

Aslan also cheer for him. He thought it was some kind of game he used to play before.

"Go Papa! Punch him!" he yelled. Mr. Jokovic and Mr. Brandon turn their eyes toward Aslan.

"Who let him watch this game?" Mr. Jokovic ask.

"Uh- he insist on staying with Hazel." Mr. Brandon explained.

Well, it's true. He already ask Hazel and Aslan to rest at the VIP lounge while they settle the test here, but both of them insist on staying.

"Ai- look like she has fallen for real." Mr. Jokovic said.

Vladimir on the side just turn silent. His eyes turn to Aslan.

Jumping from the ring, he knock down Patrick with one single punch.

All the crew and bystander eyes turned wide.

"Whoah!!!" they cheering.

Mr. Jokovic also stand up to look at the ring. He thought his eyes was seeing things, but he's not apparently.

"How is that even possible?" he ask Mr. Brandon.

Mr. Brandon also lost his word. He was shocked just like Mr. Jokovic.

Alan then turn his eyes to Hazel on the seat at the corner of the stadium.

Hazel almost faint when he thought that Alan will be beaten up. He sigh a relief and mouthed at him 'You're crazy!'

Smiling he point his finger from his chest to her and mouthed it too. 'Because of you!'

After Alan change his attire, Aslan run to him and hug his legs.

"Papa! You're my hero!" he said.

Carry Aslan on his arm, he ask. "Really? And why is that?"

"You can hunt, you can beat people, so what else did you can do? Can you fly? Can you make a fire out from your mouth?" he ask excitedly.

"Hahah, you're funny, Aslan. I can't do that. I just a normal guy like you." he replied him and he extended his left hand toward Hazel.

Hazel lift up her eyebrow.

"Come on! I know you want to hug me too right?" he teasing her.

"Daydreaming." she replied to him but still hold his hand and walk to the outside of the stadium.

When they finished, it's already dark outside. They decide to dine at outside before they going home.

Aslan already asleep at his lap, while Hazel lean on his shoulder and sleeping too.

Today was a tired day for them since they follow him to the mountain and then to the stadium.

Mr. Jokovic take a glance using a rear mirror to the passenger seat behind.

"Did you really mean it when you say you love her?" he ask Alan who still awake and guard Hazel from falling her head from his shoulder

Surprise by the question, he nod. "Yes, I really love her."

"What are you gonna do if she reject you over and over?"

"Then I'll just pursue her over and over."

He chuckles and said to him. "Find your lost memory first. Then we can discuss about the marriage."

"Yes, sir."

"I can see how you really love her. It's different from him. You just not accept her, but you accept all her flaws and even Sam's child. You treat them both like they're yours to begin with. How are you able to do that? I bet your parents must be a good one."

"How good I am, i still can't pass her thick wall around her heart. She conceal herself for too long. I'm afraid that one day, I decide that I can't dig in more further. That is my greatest fear, I'm no perfect. Whoever she is in the past is, I accept all of it. Every human make a mistake, don't they?"

"She love you. It just that she still not realize it."

"I hope she can realize it sooner."

"Congratulations for passing my test. You are more than capable to be her husband. I will give you my blessing."

"Thank you sir."

"But, promise me. You will only love her as your spouse"

"I promise."


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