Garden of Love
39 How Is My Flirting Skill?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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39 How Is My Flirting Skill?

After breakfast, Mr. Jokovic bring all of his family to the woods area that he already booking yesterday.

They drive out with two car to the location. Alan was sit behind him with Vladimir and Aslan on the passenger seat. While the girls was drive by the chauffeur in another car.

They arrived before noon and they walk into the medium size center mall. Inside is the mall is full with the rack of guns and shooting equipment.

"Where are we?" Alan ask Hazel beside him. They wear a thick fur coat with fur earmuff.

"We're in my dad's shooting sport center." she said.

Mr. Jokovic turn around and drag Alan to the counter. He said to him "Pick your weapon."

"What?" Alan was dumbfound a moment.

"Your test today is 'hunting'. so you need to choose your weapon wisely. And your competitor is Vlad. He's good at shooting. Surpass him if you can." he explain.

"Oh.." he nod and then his eyes searching for a good gun. "Eh, hold on! Don't you said training? Why it turn to be the test?" Alan ask.

"It has to be a test. If you don't go trough the test, how would I know if you capable or not? If you fail my test , that is when you need to do the training." Mr. Jokovic said making Alan nod in agreement with his logic.

"Alright then." he continue to search his weapon again.

Somehow he feel like he knew all of this weapon and he feel like he familiar with this kind of setting.

His eyes then focus on the shotgun that hanging on the wall. He point his finger at the shotgun and said. "I pick that one."

"That's old." Mr. Jokovic squint his eyes toward the shotgun.

"Yeah, but it's good for hunting in the woods. I like old school style." he said.

Mr. Jokivic then instructed the man inside the counter to give him the shot gun and the bullet.

Vlad choose a modern type of gun. Madam Laura and Natasha wait at the Vip lounge, while Hazel and Aslan follow them into the wood.

Because it is Christmas day, not so many people at the shooting center. The ranger bring them at the mountain area where is not many people come here.

"Okay, so the winner is decided by how big and heavy is his prey. You only need to shoot at one target. Got it?" Mr. Jokovic ask both of them.

Vladimir and Alan nod. They stick as one group and walk around the area. Hazel were follow behind Alan and Aslan.

Aslan look really happy and excited. He thought it was like in a game he used to play with Alan back at home.

The area was fill with the snow and all the surrounding is white. It's hard to located the target as they all is basically is a wild animal and hard to spot on especially when it's covered with the snow.

After almost one hour they walk, Vladimir spot a deer not far from them. He halt all other to not move.

He pointed his gun and shoot at the deer. It was a medium size of deer. Aslan were totally in shock by the gunshot sound and the fallen deer not far from their spot.

He immediately run to Alan and hug his legs.

"No…" he whimpering.

Alan feel a bit guilty. He should not let Aslan come to this mountain. It's not a good place for a kid like him. He then sigh before he bent and carry him in his arm.

"It's okay buddy. I know you scared." he patted on his back and look at Hazel.

She was daze in a moment, looking at him and Aslan. Noticing that Alan try to calm Aslan down, she walk to him.

"Aslan.. it just…" she stop. She does not have a good word for him. He's too young to learn about it.

"It's okay..the deer will go straight to heaven." she said slowly.

"Yeah buddy, we'll see it again later. Don't worry." Alan also encourage him.

Nod, he look at Alan. "Will you also do the same to the other deer?"

This time Alan was totally struck by his word. How he should reply him? If he didn't shoot any prey, he will not get the blessing to marry Hazel. He loves both of them.

After a long thought, he smile to Aslan.

"if..I only shoot at the dangerous animal, will you forgive me?" he said.

"Hm? What animal?" he tilt his head.

"Well, you know.. the one who intend to eat other animal.."

"Oh.. the bad one?"

"Yeah.. the bad one." Hazel already smile looking at how Alan try to convince Aslan.

"Ok. But will he go to heaven too?" he ask making Alan make a thinking-like expression.

"Yeah..all animal will go to heaven. In there they don't need to fight to each other. They live in a harmony." he blabbering.

"Okay. You can kill the bad one." Aslan smile to him making Alan pinch his little nose.


They continue again until he saw a big deer, he gave Hazel a signal to turn around with Aslan and pass her his earmuff to cover Aslan's ear.

He doesn't want both of them seeing him do the shooting. Hazel divert Aslan attention with a flower behind them.

Mr. Jokovic and Mr. Brandon near them looking at each other. He very impressed with Alan's attitude.

Normally a guy will want his dear one to look at how good their skill, but not with Alan. He doesn't want to ruin the good picture to both of them.

He point his gun at the prey as he kneel down to take a position. Before he release his fire, he noticed another one prey.

'Ah- heaven must heard my conversation earlier.' he thought as he change the target.

A moment before a big tiger jump on the deer, he shot at the tiger.

Mr. Jokovic and Mr. Brandon shocked by what he saw. He just use one bullet to take down the big tiger.

Not to mention, it was very smooth of him to handle the shotgun and the place he shot is straight to the animal vital. It's like someone who used to use the weapon.

'Is he in military?' Mr. Jokovic thought.

Aslan was still collecting the flower when Alan approach at him.

"Hey buddy, what are you doing there?" he ask, the ranger and few crew already take the tiger and the deer to the side of center mall.

"Collecting flower. Papa, this is for you." he handed a bunch of purple flower to him.

Take the flower from him, he slid one flower to Hazel's bun hair.

"There you go. Didn't mommy look beautiful with this flower?" he ask Aslan.

"Yup. Mommy look beautiful." he nodded.

Hazel look at his eyes with a mix emotions inside.

He smile toward her and lift up his eyebrow.

"How is my flirting skill?"

"Lame." she replied and stand up after that.

"Come on. It's freezing out here." she continue after seeing the ranger team already going down from the mountain. While her father, Vladimir and Mr. Brandon are talking at the side of their vehicle.

Holding Aslan small hand, they both walk toward the jeep and get inside the jeep..

They returned to the center mall.

His prey got the big prize since he shoot at the tiger. Mr. Jokovic congratulate him and said to him. "We move to the next test."

Alan was a bit shocked. He thought it will only one test. "Er- how many test do I have to go?" he ask politely.

"One or two more. Why? Wanna give up already?" he ask teasingly.

"No, I will not give up." he replied and look at Hazel.

She just rolled her eyes.

'Whatever.' although in her heart, she feel a bit joyed.

"Okay..let's go to the ring." Mr. Jokovic said.

They all move again to the other location.


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