Garden of Love
38 I Like That Man Already.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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38 I Like That Man Already.

"By the way Chase, why did you call all of us?" Joe look at Chase on the screen.

"Nothing particularly."

"Really? Is it because of the girl?" Alan ask him.

"Hm, that is one thing. But my dad got me a date tomorrow." he said nonchalantly.

"Whoa! For real man? That's awesome!" Nigel almost shouted. He grinning.

"Is this babe cute?" Joe ask.

"I don't know. I never met her."

"Hey, get a grip Chase. Heart is what matter most." Alan advise him making all of them nod in agree.

"Hey guys..I've been planning to propose her tomorrow." Nigel started.

"Wow! Another shocking news!" Joe said in a surprise.

"Are you serious man?" Alan ask. He never met with his girlfriend because he said that she work as stewardess, so it's a bit difficult for them to meet her.

All he knows that his girlfriend is a beauty and from a good family background. If that would make Nigel happy, than he would be happy too for him.

"Yeah. I think it's time for me to settle down with her." he replied.

"Good for you man.." Joe said and Chase just silent. He want to say something, but he seal his lips after that.

He could see how happy Nigel is now.

After some talk, they wish 'Merry Christmas' to each other before they hang up the video call.

Alan take off his shirt want to change into pajamas but suddenly there is knock on his room door.

He put the shirt aside and walk to the door. He thought that might be Hazel looking for him.

But he was wrong when he open the door and find Natasha standing in front of the room.

He scrunch his eyebrow a little.

"Natasha.. what are you doing here?" he ask.

"Uhm.. can I talk to you a minute? She peek at the inside of the room.

Immediately, Alan close the door behind him and crossing his arm on his chest.

"Yeah, sure.." he said.

Natasha was dumbfound a moment. She thought he will invite her to his room, but he closed the door and stand at the hallway instead.

"Uh- I think it's better if we talk in your room." she said again.

"Huh? There is no need, I think. We're not talking about nuclear weapon aren't we?" he lift up his eyebrow.

"Well, actually I want to talk about Hazel." she stammered a little.

"Uh-huh? What is that about?" he ask.

"You see, she had a fiancee before. She's really love that guy. Until now I believe that she still holding her heart only for him. There's no way you can change that. Don't waste your time on her. She's not worth it."

"So, who you think is worth for me?" he tilt his head little.

"Well, there's so many fish in the ocean you know. Maybe the one in front of you that you yet not to see?" she blushed.

"That's true..but I only attracted to the only one fish. Hmm.. too bad." he said.

"Natasha?" Hazel look at both of them. She want to go to Alan's room and now she see that Natasha and Alan were standing at the hallway.

Her clothes look so sexy and Alan…he's not wearing any shirt and just only pants. What are they doing? She thought.

"Oh babe, wanna sleep with me tonight?" he ask and smile to Hazel.

Ignoring him, she turn his eyes to Natasha.

"What are you two doing here?" she walk closer to them.

"Well, we just have a midnight talk, that is..right, Alan?" she divert her eyes to him.

Looking at her, he said "Yeah, no worries. I wait for you to come to me actually." he divert his eyes to Hazel and hold her waist close to him.

Hazel still silent and she look at Natasha with a 'What are you waiting for?' looking.

"Er- see you tomorrow Alan. Good night." she walk back to her room.

After she was gone from the hallway, Hazel turn her body immediately to him.

She squint her eyes and say "Flirting with her? Really Alan?"

"It's not like that." he open his door back and led Hazel inside his room.

"Let me go." she yank her hand from Alan.

"Then how is she just wearing a lingerie and you only wear your pants?" she ask after she retrieve back her hand.

"You're jealous?" he smile looking at her.

"No I'm not. I told you about her, and I thought you will take precaution about it."

"Well, I'm still not yours to begin with. You keep rejecting me and she flirt on me is..normal, I guess." he walk to his backpack and find a shirt to put on.

"Anyone else is ok with me if you want to date, but not her okay? She sit on the bed looking at him wearing his shirt back.

"Seriously? You never thought about considering me? I just propose you through your dad this evening." his voice sounded a bit disappointed.

"And I never say 'Yes' to your proposal. You're the one who insist want to marry me."

Sighing, he said to her. "Hazel…I'm tired. I need to get rest right now. If you wanna verbally fight with me, can we do it tomorrow or next next day perhaps?

Hazel turn silent. She look at his face. Yup, he look piss off right now.

She stand up and walk to him.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I'm to harsh on you." she said.

Alan keep silent as he ignore her and lay on the bed.

At first, she want to go, but then she stop and lay beside him on the bed.

"I don't feel like to stay at my room alone. So can I stay here for tonight?" she asked.

"Suit yourself." he replied and closed his eyes after.

The next morning, Hazel return back to her room.

She bumped with her dad in the hallway and immediately her face turn red.

Her father saw her walk out from Alan's room and with her pajamas right now, she sure her father had a weird thought about her and Alan.

Actually they didn't do anything except for sleeping. Alan really keep his word and not even doing anything to her. That is why she trust Alan and dare to sleep with him.

Mr. Jokovic smile wider after seeing Hazel run to her room after their eyes met earlier.

"Huh.." he chuckles and shake his head.

"Brandon.. I like that man already."

Mr. Brandon just smile to him.

"Make the preparation ready."

"Yes, Sir."


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