Garden of Love
36 Can I Have Your Daughter For The Rest Of My Life?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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36 Can I Have Your Daughter For The Rest Of My Life?

After change his attire and put his belonging at the right place, Chase walk downstairs to the dining room.

His father expression is stiff as ever, while his mother smile delightful to him. She pat at the chair beside her asking him to sit beside her.

Lowered his eyes, he walk to the chair that his mother arrange for him.

"Chase my dear, how are you?" her mother voice was lovely as ever.

"I am doing fine, mother." he replied.

"Are you busy with the case? I hope you take care of your health too." she ask worriedly.

She know how Chase admire to be a doctor when he was a kid. And now, he really be one of it. She is proud to her son, but her husband always said that he is stubborn son just because he does not pursue in Business study.

"Now I am not busy with the case. I just settle do my journal last week." he smile.

"Alright. Let's eat now. It's not time for chit chat." his father James Chivalry said with a firm voices making Grace look at him and gave him a cold glare.

After dinner, his father introduced his brother fiancee Lara Scott. She's in the same field like his brother too. Business partner with his brother, obviously.

"Chase, how is Hazel?" James ask him while looking at his son face.

"Uh- what do you mean? She's doing fine like always."

"I mean..if there is no name, I would like you to go on a date with a person I choose." his father is so straight person.

"I'm not interesting on dating someone I don't know." Chase state.

"Then, a name please."

Tighten his grip on the knives, he said with a calm voice.

"Violet. Violet Green."

"A color family, I see." he smile. "What is she doing? At the same level as Hazel?"

"She's a student. Engineering field."

His brother Jeremy, lift up his brow and his mother also turn her eyes to him.

Well, she was surprised that Chase able to communicate with other woman beside Hazel? That is rare. She knew how his son is anti-social and doesn't like to talk with a stranger.

But somehow, this girl able to make him said her name and she's still young.

"Hmph.. what a weird combination." his father scoff.

"Don't you know how to find a good acquaintance like your brother here?"

Jeremy wipe his mouth with the napkin. "Father, don't blame him. We have different interest and point of view. Whoever he choose must be very special to him." he try to said something for his little brother.

"Go with my candidate first on the next day. If she fail to like you then I will invite Ms. Violet here. If not, you know what to do." he put his napkin on his plate and walk leaving all of them at the dining table.

Lara exhale and fanning her face a little.

"That's tough." she said making Jeremy and his mother smile toward her.

"Just ignore him, Lara. He always like that. Grumpy as ever." Grace said calming her future daughter-in-law.

She then hold Chase's hand and said "Don't worry about it honey. I really loved to meet this Violet girl. What magic did she used to make my son fall for her?"

Chase chuckles and place his hand on top of her mother's hand.

"I'll show her to you next time, mother."


Hazel, Aslan and Alan arrived at the huge mansion which is in a grey stones color and decorated with Christmas tree around the house.

Step inside the house, Mr. Brandon greet them three politely. He was happy actually to see Lady Hazel was getting along pretty well with the man that Mr. Jokovic hired before.

"Dedushka Brandon!" Aslan run to Mr. Brandon and hug him.

"Oh my little angel. I miss you so much. How was your day with Mr. Alan here?" they walk to the living hall along with Hazel and Alan.

A few other maids already bring their baggage to the room upstairs.

"Papa was so nice! I want papa and mommy get married soon!" Aslan said as he was so excited to see Mr. Brandon.

Mr. Jokovic just arrived at the hall when he heard Aslan said something about 'papa' and…Hazel?

He immediately rush to Aslan.

Hazel want to correct her word but her father was faster to retrieve Aslan from Mr. Brandon hand.

"My darling As..tell me, which papa did you said earlier?"

Aslan point his index finger toward Alan.

Mr. Jokovic eyes turn to the man that Aslan just showed. He then look at Aslan again.

"Are you sure, this is the one who you referring to the word 'papa' earlier?" he ask again and Aslan nod.

"Yes. He his papa Alan, who will marry my mother." he state making Alan blushed and Hazel's jaw almost drop.

"Hey..that's not.."

"Shushh Hazel.." Mr. Jokovic stand up and walk to Alan. His face look like a mafia.

"Are you the one who stole my daughter's heart?" he ask in a weird tone. It's look like he copy a white and black film.

"No sir, I was the one whose heart is being stole by your daughter." he said and look at his face straight.

Somehow, he don't know why he isn't afraid of anyone.

"So, you telling me that my daughter is wooing you?" he tilt his head.

"Papa…" Hazel want to interrupt but immediately he put his one finger an inch to his daughter face.

"Let me do the talk Hazel."

Clearing his throat, Alan said. " No sir, I was the one who wooing your daughter and she's the one who stole my heart away with her."

"So about the marriages thing that Aslan said earlier?" he stare at him closer. Like it just an inch away from his face.

He want to laugh with Hazel's father behavior, so he pursed his lips before he answer.

"I am really in love with your daughter. Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life?" he ask.

Mr. Brandon at the side singing "Say yes say yes 'cause I need to know."

Mr. Jokovic smile and continue to singing " and I'll say you'll never get my blessing 'till the day I die, tough luck, my friend 'cause the answer is no!"

Alan already smile "Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I said I'm gonna marry her anyway."

Mr. Brandon take the cue " Marry that girl,"

"Marry her anyway."

"Marry that girl"

"Yeah, no matter what you say."

"Marry that girl."

"And we'll be a family. Why you gotta be so..rude.."

"Guys! Stop it!" Hazel yelled.

The three of them who is currently do the 'dancing and singing' stop immediately.

Mr. Jokovic clearing his throat and said.

"Welcome to Jokovic's Mansion, Alan."

"My pleasure to meet you sir." Alan bow a little.

After Alan look up, he immediately bring him to the corner of the hall whispering to him.

"You really meant what you said earlier?" he ask and Alan nod faster.

"Good..tell me about your family. We can arrange the marriage without her knowing it."

"Uh- I don't planned to force her. I will make her to fall for me too and we will have a proper marriages after that."

"Ah- you really a good boy." he patted his shoulder. "Never mind, you have to go through the training first."

Alan scratch his head a little. "What training?"

"Training to be her husband."


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