Garden of Love
35 We’re Going With The Private Je
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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35 We’re Going With The Private Je

"Hey man, take care. I'll see you again on the new year." Chase walk to Alan at the door with an apple in his hand.

Alan nod and smile. Before he walk passing by him, Alan stop his pace.

"Uh Chase, I'm sorry if this is a rude question. Why didn't you tell me that you is Hazel ex boyfriend?" he look serious.

"Huh- did Hazel told you about this?" Chase was taken aback and turn his body to him.

"Yeah.. I just know about it.." Alan brush his back of his head.

"She must be likes you enough to tell you about this.. Hmm.." he chuckled before he continue again.

"But don't worry man, between us, there is nothing more than a friend. There is no love to begin with. The only man she loved so far know who.." he patted at Alan's shoulder to rest assured him.

"Oh yeah, don't be threatened by me. I'm not interested in her."

Alan just smirking to him.

In the car, Chase turn on his Bluetooth and call Violet.

"Hi Vi, need a ride to go to airport?" he ask after she pick up his call.

"No, I'm fine Chase. I don't take air flight. I take the road." she reply. Chase on the other hand frowned a moment.

"Roads? But, now is the peak hour. You'll stuck in traffic jam later." he's a bit worried. After all, lot of accident happens on holiday breaks.

"It's okay. I'll stay off from the highway. By the way, I'm quite in hurry right now. I call you again once I've arrive at my destination. Have a good trip Chase. See you later." she pick up his backpack ready to go.

"Make sure to call me back, okay. I'll see you later. Bye Violet." he replied and ended the call.

She run downstairs and find her brother already lean on the car waiting for her.

"Sorry I'm running late." Hazel huffing.

"It's okay, get in." he move to the driver seat and she open the passenger door.

"How are you, Vi?" Luke ask her as he took a quick glance to her.

"Same old I think."

"Did father bother you again?" his eyes showed a worried sign.

"You know how is he. I can't complain because he's my father Luke." she said and sighing.

"Yeah, I know. But if he keep bothering you, you could tell me, alright?

"Nah..he's not that bothering me." Violet said and Luke didn't continue after. They both silence and enjoy the view around them.

Chase arrive at his family mansion after a few hours of flight.

He walk inside the mansion and all the maids greet him.

"Young master Chase, welcome back."

"It's great to be home, Max." he smile to his former butler.

Max almost tears up when he see the Young master who is he served when he was still a kid has grown up.

But because of his decision few years ago, he was out from his family mansion and he only coming back when it's Christmas or when they held a grand party.

Chase walk to the swirl-shaped stairs that lead to the second floor.

"Yo little bro! How are you, man?" Jeremy was his older brother, greet him with a hug.

"i'm doing fine, brother." he smile and walk pass by him..

"See you at the dining, man." he shouted and Chase just lift up his hand to him.

He open his room door and take off his suit. He sit on the chair and start dialing Violet's phone.

'she should be arrived at her placed by now.' he thought.

After a few ring, there is a man voice pick up his call.


Chase silent a moment before he said again.

"Is this Violet's number?"

"Yeah. Who is this?"


"Vi! hurry up.. I need to use the toilet!" he shouted from afar, but Chase still can heard him.

"Wait up! I'm almost done here!" Violet's voice replied to the man, making Chase's heartbeat beating faster.

"Uh, sorry man. I'm in hurry. Whoever is this, please call back later. Bye." the man cut off the line making Chase was totally dumbfounded.

Put the phone away, he lay on his bed.

'I miss you Vi.'

After talking with Chase, Alan walk back to his room.

Now after Hazel and Aslan go, it will be only him and Lola at home. He start to feel worry if Hazel will think that he and Lola would have done something while her gone.

Knowing Hazel behavior, he knew Hazel will likely to think bad of him. Well, that must be the effect from her last trauma.

He take out his laptop that Joe buy for him months ago. He had it delivered to him when he was away because of his work.

At first, he thought that Joe will provide him a full drives with a cool games. But he was wrong when he find it was full of porn videos inside the folder he left on the desktop.

After an hour he surfing the internet, there is a knock on his door. He look at the wall clock that hanging near him, it is supposed to be Hazel and Aslan's time to go to airport.

He stand up and open the door. Aslan were jumping toward him and he soon carry him in his arm.

"Hey buddy, is it already time to go?" he asked.

"Yeah, papa..we'll see you in a week." he smile happily and then hug his neck .

"Okay Okay.. don't be naughty. Behave okay?" he smile and pinch his little nose before he averted his eyes toward Hazel in front of him.

"Well, take care Alan." she said slowly.

"Yeah.. you too Hazel." he put Aslan down and hug Hazel afterward.

Hazel was not ready when he hugged her, but she didn't reject him either.

"I'll be badly missing you." he release his hug and look at her eyes. He draw closer to her lips making her immediately shut her eyes.

Just before he reach her lips he say "I'll wait until you feel the same way as I did." he then withdraw back and caress her cheek instead.

"See you again. Aslan, Hazel." he smile to her.

When she went downstairs, she look at Lola who is also carry her backpack.

"Going somewhere?" Hazel ask.

"Mhm..I spend my holiday at my uncle's." she said happily.

"Oh.. happy holiday then.."

"Yup.. you too Hazel." she waved her hand toward her.

Hazel and Aslan walk out from the entrance door. Just when she want to go to her car, she suddenly stop her pace and look at Aslan.

"As..could you, wait at the living hall for a moment. I forgot my favorite thing at my room." she said. After Aslan nodding, she dash to his room.

Knocking at the door, she look at her wrist watch.

After the door open, she immediately grab his hand inside his room and find him his backpack.

"Hazel, what are you doing?" Alan look at Hazel with a weird look.

She keep going in and out from his dress room and sometime she went to the bathroom too.

"You're going with me." she replied him in a short.

"Going where?" he ask again.

"Russia. My father's home." she zipping the backpack and pass it to him.

"What?" he look at the backpack and recheck the item she had taken and put inside the bag.

'Well, all the necessity item is in here.'

"Come on, or we will be late." she drag him out from the room.

"But Hazel, I don't have any ticket."

"You don't need one. We're going with the private jet."


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