Garden of Love
34 If I Can Kiss You, I Would Kiss You Right Now.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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34 If I Can Kiss You, I Would Kiss You Right Now.

"Then my mother go to the clinic and get the test for IVF. The specimen of her husband has been changed by her husband mistress and she use my father specimen rather than her husband. . After I was born, she thought that her husband will return to usual himself back, but she was mistaken. He getting even worse." she look at her palm.

"I live with her until I was 5 and then one day, I saw he went brutal to my mom. He punch her like a sandbag and kick her like she was a trash can. And then I heard he said that I was not his child and I was just some bastard child. My eyes and hair color is the same as my biological dad, but my appearance resembles my mother." she stop for a bit.

"He then divorce my mom and went away with his mistress. My mom became more and more weirder to me. She keep saying something harsh to me and sometimes, she will beat me up for no reason. And that is when my biological father found me."

"At first I don't want to leave my mother alone, but then she sold me to my own dad. She demanded him two million dollar for my trade." she start to cry when she remember how her mother sold her to her own dad. For her that time, he was a stranger. She was so afraid that time.

Alan pull her into his embrace.

"I will never do that to you nor to As.. I love both of you." he whisper to her.

she wipe her tears and push him a little. "Hey, I'm not finish yet. And stop flirting with me."

"Okay..continue, my lady." he also help her to wipe her tears.

"My father give her two million dollar and he bring me to his mansion. I am so afraid at him that time."

"And why is that?" he ask. Last time when he met with her father, he look normal to him.

"You'll know why." she mumble and continue again. "Let me finish first, okay?"

Alan nod.

"He raise me up as a single dad and never had a date when I was young until I turn teenager. He met with Laura, my mother now. She is actually a widow with two kids. The first one is Vladimir He is 6 years older than me."

"Which means, he's within my aged?" Alan ask her.

"You 6 years older than me?" Hazel ask with a question look.

Alan smile and say to her. "Yes, my dear."

"How do you know your ages?"

"Like how I know how to pee on the toilet bowl?"

"Euw.. gross.."

He chuckles and look at her eyes. "My instinct tells me."

"Urgh..whatever, let me finish first!" she grunting.

"The second one is Natasha. She's…like a barbie doll. I don't like both of them. But my father love Laura and I don't want to ruin his life. After all, this is the first time he get married and live a happy life without ever holding back like he was when he raising me."

"And something happen when I was at the high school. Natasha always bullied me and humiliated me at the school, while her brother always try to touch me. He always had a weird look on me every time I was alone at home. Laura is a good mother but I don't know why her children doesn't seem to be like her. I never mentioned this to my dad. I don't want to ruin her happy moment."

"Are you, perhaps a nerd when you were in high school?" he ask her interrupting her story again.

"Wha..Hey.." she stop a moment and then she nod. "Yes, I was.." she divert her eyes to somewhere else. Alan already giggles.

"If I can kiss you, I would kiss you right now. You're so cute." he said.

"Oh no no.. please don't.. you promise me you wont do anything to me."

"Yes, I'm keeping my word. Continue please.."

"Chase is my savior back then, we agree to be a couple and let Natasha feel dumb and lost. She like Chase and whoever man I loved."

"What? Wait!" he hold her shoulder and push it a bit, looking at her face with a shocked expression.

"You and Chase were couple?" he asked.

"Yeah..we've known each other from I first move in to Russia. It's normal for us to be a couple." she said casually.

Alan is a bit shocked, he thought that Chase and her just a good friend. but he immediately change his posture and lay back on the bed.


Looking at him who look lifeless, she just shrugged her shoulder and lay beside him again.

"Then, after I graduate from high school, Vladimir try to do something to me and after that day, I stayed at Chase's parent home until I get into the University. Every Christmas Eve I try to avoid to returned home because I don't want to spend my day with the two of them. When they knew about Sam few years back, they keep saying that I was a home wrecker. It made me sad and that is why I keep myself distance from my dad. My own mom sold me, my dad own his family now…hmm..I feel like I am an orphan child."

"That is what Aslan feel too. I try my best to cherish him, so that he could feel like home whenever he with me. He could learn how it feel to have a father. But Hazel, I couldn't do it alone. He need a mother too. He needs you." Alan turn to her side and look at her eyes.

"I don't hate him Alan, I just…it's too unfair for me. He's my fiancee's child with other woman and he trusting him to me? For what? Torturing me?" she start to form a tears in her eyes again.

"He's gone Hazel. He must have a good reason why he left him with you." he slid her strands hair to behind her ear.

"And I am ready to take his place. Open your heart Hazel, start a new life with me and Aslan."

"I'm not in love with you Alan." she said and as she turn her body to the other side facing her back to him.

"Are you sure you not in love with me?" his voice remain gentle.


"Then why did you jealous about me and Lola just now?" he ask.

"No, I'm not."

"You're such a stubborn girl..and denial too." he chuckles.

"Whatever. Thanks for listening, I'm going back to my room now." she said as she start to get up.

Alan hold her hand from behind.

"Just sleep here."

Shake her head, she say "No I can't.."

"Why? Did you afraid that I might do something to you?" he asked.

"Yeah. You're a man after all."

"Hazel, I can control myself. If I want to do it, I would have done it before."

"Well…that's because…" she stop her sentence.

Releasing her hand, he say "It's okay, I'm sorry for holding you back. You don't trust me. You don't have any feeling toward me too. Who am I to you after all, right Hazel?"

Feeling a bit hurt inside her heart, Hazel walk back to her room. She slumped on her bed.


She fell asleep after talking to him. Even it just a casual talk with him, she managed to get a better sleep without having any sleepwalking tonight.

The next morning, she went downstairs and she saw Alan was at the hall sending Akiko and Joe off.

She went to the kitchen and found Chase already wear his beige coat in front of the fridge take out an apple from it.

He ruffled her hair and say "See you again Hazel."

She look at Alan from the kitchen. Chase was talking to him. Their face look serious. 'I wonder what are they talking about.' Hazel turned back and find something to eat from inside the fridge.


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