Garden of Love
33 I’m Serious, Hazel.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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33 I’m Serious, Hazel.

Aslan smile widely when all of them start singing her birthday song. The girls bring the cake from the kitchen counter and bring to the hall.

"Happy Birthday to Aslan!!" they all shouted in a happy tone. Nigel and Joe pop the party poppers.

"Come on make a wish and blowing the candle." Akiko said to him and sat him down in front the coffee table at the hall while everyone was surrounding him.

He clasp his hand together and closed her eyes. He whisper which is everyone can hear it though.

"I wish Papa will marry my mommy and we can live happily together."

Alan pinch his temples and try to not laughing, Chase focus on cake. His mind was wandering to somewhere else. Nigel and Joe already giggles.

Lola turn silent and Akiko also a bit surprise. However, her surprise can't even compare to how Hazel reaction.

Her jaw almost drop. 'What the hell is Alan teaching him to make him say something like that?'

She divert her eyes toward Alan, and their eyes met as Alan mouthed at her 'I'll make that wish come true.'

Shook her head, she almost feel like crying. 'Ah, shit..stop beating so fast you stupid heart!'

Open his eyes, Aslan blow the candle and all of them clapping their hands.

"Well, don't worry buddy, your uncles here will help you to make your wish come true." Joe ruffles his hair making Aslan smiling even more.

"Really??" his eyes gleaming with a hope inside.

"Well, we can only help. The rest is up to your mom I supposed." Nigel reply on behalf of Joe who is busy with slicing the cake and pass it to Chase whose eyes fixed on the cake since It was brought by Akiko earlier.

"Hey hey, is there something going on that we girls don't know?" Akiko ask when she feel the boys look somehow suspicious.

"Huh? No no.. it's the birthday boy wishes. Of course we will help to fulfill it. We're adult after all." Joe and Nigel wave their hand in the air.

Alan just sat on the couch and eat his cake together with Aslan. Beside him is Lola who also look at him with a suspicious look.

"Hm? Is that so, I know certain someone is hard to persuade, but how about you? Do you also think that you should help to making the dream come true?" she swirling her slender finger toward Alan arm starting from his shoulder to his finger with a sexy voice and expression.

Nigel squinted his eyes to the two of them. Alan did not move as he only smile to her, while Lola was looking at his body like she was hungry.

"I don't know. I'll just give it a try. If a certain someone is really hard to get then, I know I have another one. What do you think?" he lift up his eyebrow.

"Mmm..that's sound good too." they both smiling.

Akiko look at Hazel who already crush her plastic fork. 'Oh, she's mad.'

"Alright, you two, no need to talk nonsense here. It's a birthday occasion here."

Lola turn her eyes to Akiko and then to Hazel. She snickering a bit.

"Hazel, tomorrow is 24th December, are you planning on returning to your dad home?" Akiko ask her try to clear the air.

Inhale, she look at Aslan. "As..Do you miss grandpapa?"

Aslan nod.

"I'll give him a call later informing him that we will returned to his mansion next day okay?" her voice sounded flat as ever.

"How about you Chase?" Joe asking Chase.

"Same. My dad will announce my brother engagement on the Christmas eve too. So I will return back on the new year."

"You, Joe?" Nigel lift up his brow.

"Well, Akiko and I will spend our times at my parents until the new year. Last year we already celebrate at her parent house, so this year is my turn."

"You should get marry already, you know?" Nigel smile.

"Hey…how about you? Still celebrating at your girlfriend's parents house every year?"

"What can I do about it, she has all my love and I have all hers."

"That's because you stupid, Nigel." Lola said making Nigel turn his head to her.

"And what about you? Changing men like you change a clothes is the wisest thing to do?"

"At least I'm not like you. Easy to get manipulated." she rolled her eyes.


"Woah guys, enough.." Joe stopping them from bickering.

"Well, how about you Alan? What you want to do on the Christmas holiday?" he ask Alan which is silent from the moment Akiko ask Hazel about going home.

"Ah-I just stay here I guess." he reply casually.

"Aww.. I can accompany you here." said Lola making Hazel stood up and went to the kitchen.

In the middle of the night, Alan lay on his bed staring at the ceiling blankly.

Hazel knock on the divider door.

"Alan..did you already asleep?" she ask from the other side.

Get up from the bed, he open the door.

"No, what's wrong?" he ask looking at her with her pajamas.

"Can we talk?" she ask him with a hesitate look on her face.

Nod, he invite her in.

"Come in."

"Thanks.." she said as she take a sit on his bed.

He stand at the side of his bed looking at her with question look.

"Well, I don't feel like going to sleep yet. I had a problem. Can I.."

"Wanna sleep with me?" he ask.

"Erk..No, it sound weird." she scrunched her brow.

"Mhm? Then?" he slump his body beside her, continue to stare at blank ceiling.

"Can you..listen to my story? I mean.. I need someone to talk to. I need a courage for tomorrow." she said looking at him.

"Yeah, sure. But can you move aside. I mean it's better if I lay on my side. You can stay at your side. I wont do anything to you. I promise you didn't I? take it as a pillow talk." he get up again.

Hazel sigh and she move to the left side of the bed and sit there while Alan already lay on the right side, staring at the ceiling with his both hand behind his head.

"Okay, I'm ready.."

"Hmm, don't tell anyone about this okay?" she ask him again.

"Yeah, I got it."

"It's about my family."


"I was an IVF baby. My father lost his bet and they made my father to be the sperm donor."

"What a beautiful IVF baby that he create here."

"I'm serious."

"O-kay.. continue."

"Then, there is my mom.. she's desperate want to have a child because she have been married with her husband for almost 5 years and there is no sign for her to get pregnant. So her husband had an affair with one woman and my mother knew about it. They arguing every day and then her husband said if she can't get pregnant within one year, he will divorce her."

"Stupid man who think he's a god." Alan commenting.

"I facing a patient like this quite a lot in real life too. Aren't the man is actually is being unfair to us woman?"

"I am not. I will never treat you like that." he state making Hazel divert her eyes to his face.

"I'm serious, Hazel. Continue please." he caress her hand a little. She then retrieved her hand before she continue.


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