Garden of Love
32 I’ll Save It For Later,
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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32 I’ll Save It For Later,

She heard an alarm sound from her side. That is when she open her eyes and she realized that she was sleeping with Alan last night.

Just before she want to buzz off the alarm, Alan's arm already stretch from behind her and tap on the clock.

She could hear his breath. Just how close they are? She thought.

She then clearing her throat and turn around to him. She grab his hand which is still on her waist.

"Alan, let me go. This is a mistake." she started.

"Uhm. Morning Hazel.." he look at her 'Honey-color' eyes.

"Let me go." she make a serious expression making Alan release his hand immediately.

He did not planned on scaring her.

Get up from the bed, she fix on her night gown. Luckily it's not too open and she wear a black pantyhose so it's not revealing her skin.

"Hazel..I'm sorry.."

"I get it. Like I said, this is just a mistake. But lets not make it happen again in the future." she walk from the room and slam the door.

Leaning on the door, she rub her face.

'Ah- really Hazel? Why you sleep so soundly in his arm? Why did you like his warmth? Get a grip Hazel!'

While on the bed, Alan stare at the blank ceiling and cover his face with his palm.

'Damn! I should not scaring her! Great, now, she drifting more than I can reach.'

For the next two weeks, Hazel has been ignoring him, she was busy with the preparation for the Christmas and birthday party for Aslan.

Aslan was born on December 2016. Now is the year of 2021 and he turn 5 this year. A month after he was born, Sam and his mother got into the accident.

A few rumor said that they were chased by a black car behind them before they hit the bus with a passenger inside it and the bus then collide with a few other car.

Some said that he just back from fetching his 'wife and his son'. Due to slippery road at that night because of the heavy rain, he lost his control and hit the bus. It all over the news, and his parents also did not deny the news about his wife and son.

They know her, they know that Sam is engaged with her and even living with her too. Both of their family knew their relationship since they still in the uni.

But somehow, when this accident happen, she don't know why his parent shift their attitude toward her. They shut her out from them as she also shut herself from outside world. The only left intact with her is her teammate and her parent.

Her dad was so sad. He even demand an explanation to his parent. But all the answer he get is 'I'm sorry. It was his decision.'

Sam family is also from an elite background. They own a few grand hotel in few county. So her dad did nothing to them. He told her to accept the fate and move on.

To be precisely, she was his dad biological daughter, but her mother was actually a stranger to her right now. She was IVF baby, her father bet with a few friend of him when he was young.

Since he lost the bet, they required him to do a sperm donor and make sure his sperm was healthy enough to pass the examined test.

The receiver is her mother, she was Asian and in needs to have a child. She in the brink of divorce with her husband. In order to hold her husband back, she get the IVF test for a baby.

Then after Hazel was born, her husband never stayed with her. He left her and married the woman he loved. She was so heartbroken and decide to abandon her.

Fortunately, her biological father track her back then, and raise her with his own capability. Until she was a teenager, his father decide to marry with a fine woman.

Laura. She was so beautiful. She is actually is her kindergarten teacher back then.

They had no children after so many years of marriages. But they never mind it since they already have Hazel and yes..Laura's child too, Natasha and Vladimir. Even though she is not Laura's biological daughter, but she loved her just like a real mother do.

" many years you wanna takes for you to hang the star?" ask Lola making she jolt a bit.

"Sorry, I was in a daze." she said as she put the star on top the tree and step down from the stairs.

After that, she hang the bells around the tree. Just when she move to the other side, her hands touch with Alan's.

She quickly retracted and want to move to other direction. Before she go, Alan hold her hand and say to her.

"Lets talk." he then dragging her to the upstairs.

Alan walk into the balcony and close the door. The space is limited and there is no way she can escape from him.

"What is this about Alan?" she ask as she lean on the wooden railing behind her.

"Why are you avoiding me?" he search her eyes.

"What? No, I am not avoiding you." she drift her eyes away, not looking into him.

"Yes, you are."

Hazel silent.

"Hazel listen, for the whole year I've been staying here with you and with the rest. I am slowly falling for you. I like you, thus, let me help to cure your scar Hazel. Let me heal it." he hold her shoulder using both of his hand.

"I don't know what are you talking about. I don't have any scar and you don't need to heal me." she still resist.

"Uh-huh? Crying in the middle of night for almost everyday is not what you call a scar? Your wound is too deep, Hazel. No one knows how miserable you like every night when you crying on my bed.."

Hazel eyes turns wider, she turn her eyes to him with a shocked expression.

" it?" she stammered a little.

"I've known it since the first day I move in to his room."

"But..but..I wake up in my room every morning since you moving in, there is no way I had my sleepwalking again."

"That's because I carry you back into your room every night. Every night Hazel. I hear your crying and whimpering for every night. Can you tell me how long has it been since i get a full night sleep?"

"Err..but, why you need to heal my scar? Is it because you feel sympathy toward me?" she stop before she continue again.

"Believe me, I don't need your sympathy. I don't need any men's love for me. I'll be fine with my own." she shove his hand from her shoulder.

Alan cupped her face and look into her eyes.

"Yeah, you don't need any men's love, except me. I will make you fall for me. You don't want me to heal your scar, but the more you resist me, the more closer I will come to you. Hazel, by the time I got my memory back, I will make you mine. I swear."

"Don't be so full of yourself, Alan. What if you have the one you love back then?"

"Hmph..will know later." he smirk.

"You…" she wrap her body with her hand around his chest. Seeing she protect herself make Alan giggles.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I love you, how can I do something bad to the person I love." he lift up her chin and make her facing him. " I'll save it for later, of course."

Open the balcony door, he walk back inside the house leaving her behind.

After a minute he left, her tear rolls down from her eyes.

'Why you said something so similar to him? Your behaviour, your scent, your warmth, your eyes toward me, Why? Why? Why must he resemble you so much?? how long are 'you' plan to ruin my life?'


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