Garden of Love
31 I Need Someone By My Side
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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31 I Need Someone By My Side

"Ma'am can I help you calming him down?" he ask politely. His forehead already sweating.

At first, she's a bit hesitate. But the baby keep crying without any hint to stop. She then pass the baby to him.

Holding the baby, he smile and cooing the baby.

"Hey there.. don't cry don't cry.. where did you feel uneasy? On your stomach?"

He rub the baby's stomach gently as he sway his body a bit.

"Or on your chest?" he move his hand to the chest. The baby start to slow his voice a bit.

Support his head gently, he facing the baby to his chest and rub his back gently.

Not long after, the baby burp with a quite loud and he stop crying after that and fall asleep.

Within just 5 minutes, he manage to make the baby sleep.

He handed over the baby to his mother back.

"Maybe you can put some essential oil on his stomach or try infant massage after he drink. It will at least help you when facing baby's colic." he said politely to the mother as the mother nod to him.

The four of them almost drop their jaw seeing how Alan can easily calm the baby.

Aslan pouted even more. He was jealous obviously.

"Seriously, man! You really should get the medal." Joe almost shouted.

"Damn good, dude, you really nail it!" Nigel said as he patted his shoulder.

"Even with us as a doctor, sometimes take more than 5 minutes to calm a baby who had a colic symptom." Joe said again.

Chase lifting up his eyebrow.

"I can see how bright Hazel future is.." he said and smiled meaningfully.

"Almost everything you can do it. What things that you can't do Alan? It's so hard to figure it out, what are you before you lost your memory. It's look like you perfect on everything." Nigel said. They walk to the bench and sit together at the park in front the mall.

"I feel like deep down inside me telling me that there is only one that I can't do and I can't get even if I pull it harder. But, I don't know what is that thing is."

"Love?" Chase said and suddenly his heart feel a bit uneasy.

"Maybe yes.. maybe no.."

"Hmm.. I bet you're good at flirting. Oh wait, you don't even have to do that. They come to you without you flirt to them first." Nigel snap his finger.

"Wanna test my theory?"

"Yeah yeah yeah.." Joe immediately agree following with Chase.

"Come on..give me a break." he groans.

"There." Nigel pointed at the group of girls who enjoying their picnic time at the park.

"Aslan, you act like a lost child, and then Uncle Alan will come to get you. And we'll see if my theory is work or not. I bet, even if he become a father, woman still will flirting to him."

"Hey, don't use him." Alan want to reject his idea but Aslan already run to the ladies and then stumble on the small rock.

He fell down and the ladies turn their eyes toward him. They all surrounding Aslan with a sympathy expression.

"Aww.. are you okay dear?" one of the ladies ask him.

He start to form a tears in his eyes.

"Awww, please don't cry.."

Not having a choice, Alan walk to them and clearing his throat a little making all the ladies turn their eyes to him.

"As..come on buddy, don't disturb these ladies here." he extended his hand to him.

"Is he your child?" one of the them asked.


"Papa.. my ankle hurt.." Aslan said with a sad voice.

Ignoring the question, he bend his body to him and look at his ankle.

'There is nothing there.' he shift his eyes to Aslan and he blink his eyes.

"Is he okay? Need us to help him?"

"Ah- I'm used to be a nurse before, let me take a look at him." one lady try to shove her breast close to his arm.

Alan immediately retrieve his hand before it touch her bouncy breast.

"Uhm.. if you want to ask our help, here is my contact. I can assist you."

"Must be hard to be a single father, right? Here is my card."

All of them start to handed him their name card and even touch his arm.

"As..come on buddy, your mother must be looking for you right now. I don't want to make her worry too." he make a face 'help me here buddy!'

Aslan nod as he open his arms asking Alan to carry him.


Looking at the ladies, he smile and said.

"Thank you." before he walk out and went to the bench again.

When he walk closer, Joe and Nigel already laugh out loud. Chase still fixed on his handycam recorded everything.

"Cut it out you guys." he said.

"See? I told you didn't I?"

"Fuck off." he smirk.

"Come on.. lets return back or Hazel will call the cops saying you kidnap Aslan." Chase said.

All of them reach at the house around six. Alan hurriedly help Aslan to go changes his clothes and he also do the same.

When he went downstairs, he see the dining table already full with all other occupants.

His eyes met with Hazel, somehow, he could see that she blush a bit before she divert her eyes to the others as they talk and laugh.

They had their lively dinner together. And then the boys brought up about how their spend their activity today in the mall and Chase pass the video to the girls making Akiko and Lola burst into a laugh except Hazel.

She keep quiet seeing the video and continue her dinner silently. Her face expression is hard to understand as she not showing any reaction.

After dinner, she went back to her lab. She want to finalize the report and send the result.


After midnight, she walk back to her room. She heard a loud panting from Alan's room.

'Is he…' suddenly she remember what Lola said this morning.

She open the door and thought that he was with Lola, but he was actually…sleeping.

His forehead sweating heavily and his hand and legs move like he was trying to grab on something.

He also start to mumble. She sit at the edge of the bed and lean her head toward him want to try to listen into his word.

"No..please…don't leave me.."

He grab her neck and kiss her lips out of the blue.

'Wait! This is not like the way he should kiss me. This is more like….supplying air to me?' she thought and release his soft lips.

"Fuwahhh." she look at him as he still sleeping.

"What kind of dream that you just encounter, Alan?" she asked slowly while wiping his sweat on his forehead.

She pat his cheek slowly waking him up.

"Alan..Alan..wake up." no answer from him. He silent and just when she want to walk back to her room, Alan wrap his hand around her waist and bring her gently to his side on the bed.

Wrapping his hand around her waist, he lowered his head to her top of head. Sniffing her fragrance hair which is smell so good to him.

He whisper to her, "I'm sorry. Just this once, please..I need someone by my side."

At first Hazel was struggling from his hand and his embrace, but after she heard his sad voice whispering to her, he stop from struggling.

She close her eyes and turn to the side, "Just this once." before she fell asleep beside him in his embrace.


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