Garden of Love
30 Calm That Baby
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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30 Calm That Baby

"Ahhhh…Hazel…we miss you…" Akiko scream when she see Hazel walk into her lab.

"Babe.. I miss you too." She hug Akiko and then shift to Lola.

Both of them just finish their job in neighbor country. Today, she also want to submit her task, which means she almost done her part.

"How are you? You look…glowing.." Akiko smile to her.

"Yeah..i just noticed it. you look more delightful. Is something happen when we're not around?" Lola ask while staring at Hazel face.

"Oh, babe..please..nothing happen. I was busy with my work." she said casually and sit on the couch.

"Hmm? If you say so.. So, tell me. How is he? I haven't seen him yet, but I bet he already handsome enough by now." Lola squint her eyes.

"Who?" hazel asked in a question look.

"Oh come on.. who else?"

Akiko also frowned, but not long after, she made a gesture like 'A-haa'

"You mean Alan?" Akiko eyes sparkle and Lola nod her head in a yes.

"Wait, did you like him, Lola?" Hazel ask.

", he's hot and handsome back then. I bet he is more handsome right now, even his sick face look so hot to me. So, why not I try him.." she said nonchalantly.

"Urghh..come can find someone far more handsome than him." she groans.

"Hm? Are you perhaps… likes him?"

"What? No way.."

"So? What's the problem?"

"Aren't you already full at your hand right now?"

"Well, I still can manage to make some spot for him."

"What if, he's a bad person? We never know his background."

"Hazel….you likes him, do you?" Lola crossing her leg and lean on the couch looking at Hazel beside her.

"No..I'm not."

"Then, let me have a taste of him."

"Wha…you sound so lewd."

"Woah girls..enough.." Akiko stop them from having a quarrel.

"Lola, stay away from him. He is our patient. Wait until he fully recover. Hazel..just..don't be so denial." she look at the both of them.

"Fine." Lola sigh.

"What? I'm not denial."

"Yes, you are. Now, can we focus on our job here? We still need to make money." she said and Hazel also stop arguing with them.

Joe and Alan playing some video games at the living hall, while chase like always spend his time reading his book and Nigel, he busy doing some report on his laptop.

He still had a few report that he need to provide before the customer or rather is his patient, pay him a lump sum of money.

"Bro, I feel humiliate right now." Joe said while glancing at him.

"Why is that?" he didn't look at him, as he focus on the screen.

"You use Aslan's hand to control the console and fight with me? I feel like I am degraded by a kid."

Alan laugh. Not long after, Nigel also laugh. While Chase smiling toward them.

"I am practically teaching him how to reflex or dodge the attack by using a game. It's a good skill he can learn from. Well, except for the violent act."

Fortunately this game has not many violent act. If they encounter with the violent act, Alan will cover his eyes using his hand so that he will not see it.

"I think you can win a medal for the best father ever, Alan.. your skill with the kids were superb." Nigel said while taking a quick glance to him who sit on the floor and Aslan sit on between his legs.

Alan just smile not replying to his statement.

"Did you ever think that maybe you had a kid back then?" Joe said making Chase turn his head toward him.

He lowered his eyes and look at Aslan who is leaning on his body.

"I don't know. But I don't think so."

" about we do some test on you?" Joe rub his chin.

"What test?"

"Fatherhood test." Chase close his book, and sit up while Nigel also close his laptop focus on Joe's word.

"How?" Alan shift his eyes toward him.


An hour later, the five of them arrived at the mall.

"Okay, first task is.." Joe look at them. Chase already stand by with his handycam recording the test.

"Get me all the kid's meal ingredients. I'll let you know if you are level with a mommy's choice or not."

Alan nod.

He then bring the basket and went to the meat section. He take a few meats, eggs, sausage, peas and few other item. Then he stop at the cereal section, he choose a good quality of cereal for Aslan and then he went to milk section.

All of his choice is exactly the same as the mother's choice. They waited until there is a man with his kid buy his stuff too.

All that he pick is the instant noodles, canned food and ready-to-eat food. Their eyes followed that man's figure until they pay for the food he buy.

"See?? that is one point you should get a prize and that shows how you know to feed the child." Joe said while two others nod in agree.

"Okay, next task is…" he look around.

"Ah..see that mommy over there?" he pointed his finger to a woman who is carrying a baby and the baby was crying out loud.

"Go, and calm that baby." he instructed him.

"What? No way.. the mother will think I'm taking advantage on her. After all, not all people will allow outsider to hold her baby. "

"Poor the baby.. come on come us your skills." he shove him like 'shoo! shoo!'

Not having a choice, he walk to the woman with a baby on her arm.

"Ma'am can I help you calming him down?" he ask politely. His forehead already sweating


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