Garden of Love
29 Papa Sleep With Mommy!
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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29 Papa Sleep With Mommy!

Aslan walk to the dining table after taking his shower. He pouting at Alan and went to sit beside Joe.

"Hey Champ!" Joe greet him.

"Hi Uncles." he replied short.

"Hm? What's wrong with you today?" Nigel ask him.

"Papa sleep with mommy!" he said in angry tone.

Chase almost choked his coffee while Alan who making some pancake almost burn his hand with the hot fry pan.

Joe and Nigel open their mouth like a shape of 'O'.

"Wow…That's…" Joe shook his head and turned to Alan.

"Man, don't tell me you do it in front of him?" Chase's face already turn dark like a protective father.

"What? I won't do that in front of him man. guys.." Alan divert his eyes to his pancake.

'Well, luckily my bro behave well yesterday night.'

Turned his body facing Aslan, Joe cupped his face.

"Aslan.. sleeping together is a good sign. Don't you want Uncle Alan here to be your papa?"

Aslan nod. "I want him to be my papa."

"Then let papa sleep with your mom more often okay? We should not disturbing them." he said again, Chase and Nigel nod in agree with the idea.

"Then, that way, he can be my papa?" he asked them.

The three of them nod in a "Yes!"

"Woah's too early for that. I don't even know if she likes me or not." Alan place the pancake on the table.

Joe took a piece and place it in his plate.

"So, you're admitting that you like her?" he said casually and chewing his pancake.

"You like her, do you.." Nigel squint his eyes toward him.


"Yup. You like her." Chase cut his word and take other piece of the pancake and place it to his plate.

"Just tell her, you like her." Joe want to take the pancake too, but immediately Alan slap his hand using his spatula and put the pancake into Aslan's plate.

"Ouch man.."

"I make this for Aslan." he state.

"Aww..You'd be such an adorable father .. I like to be your son too.." Joe blink his eyes a few times.

"You're too old to be my son."

"Hey, we'll help you, okay.. but, we need to know her feeling toward you first." Nigel bring back the topic.

"Ah guys..come on.."

"Alan, did you ever thought that you might be the only one who can recover her from her nightmare every night? Her wound that never seem to be faded? I know, you're the only one she can be open with." Chase said with a serious tone making another two men turned silent.

"Uh- no.."

"Did you ever heard, 'the only way to erased the scarier things that we afraid of is to face them?' she's afraid to have a relationship again. She closed her heart so that no one can't entered it. But not with you. She showed her vulnerable state to you, am I right?"

"How do you know?" Alan ask him.

"I know her since we were child. You can ask Joe or Nigel. She never showed them the way she showed it to you. Her eyes on you is different to us. It's…the same way when she look at him."

"Hm..but I'm not him. Maybe she just confuse."

"Then, how about you?"

"Did you fall for her?" Joe ask.

"I..I don't know. I am afraid too. What if, I had someone I love before this? What if I can't stay by her side forever?"

The three of them look down to the table.

"Mmm…that is one thing.." Nigel said slowly.

"But, how about if we find your identity first?" Joe suggesting and Chase nod in a yes.

"Where do we want to start? I have this little cub here to take care of." he said.

"We start from where we found you. And…." Joe take the calendar at the corner of the table.

His eyes shifted to one by one months shown on the calendar until it stop at the second month of the next year.

"Here. We start from February or March. We all will be finished our job in December, so we will have time to do the preparation. About your ID and everything, I will asked my friend to make it one. So, what do you guys think?" Joe turn his eyes to each of them.

"What about the girls?" Nigel ask.

"Well, don't worry. I got it covered." Joe smile.

"I don't mind. But, can we add another one person?" Chase look at Joe.

"Ooh.. don't tell me you're gonna bring that little angel with us?" Joe make a face.

"Seriously? Which one? Why didn't I know about it?" Nigel ask in a confused face.

"Well, that's because you were so busy with your girlfriend, dude.." Joe make a face like 'duh'.

"Alright! Alright! You two. Cut it out. So, Joe, can I or can't I?" Chase interjected them both.

"Yes, you can Chase."

"Is it official yet?" Joe ask again.

"Not yet. But soon."

"Wow..I'm happy for you man." Nigel pat his back and smile.

"See…You should follow his example man." Joe look at Alan who is looking at Aslan right now.

"Yeah yeah.. I get it." he divert his eyes toward them.

"But, first let me find my memory back." he said.


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