Garden of Love
28 You Like Her?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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28 You Like Her?

"Urgh..Hazel?" he asked when he feel a soft strands touch on his face.

He could feel she was shivering, but this position they encounter is driving him crazy.

'Come on! Stay sleep. don't wake up!' he bristled inwardly.

"Hazel?..hey..are you okay?" he try to control his inner desire and patted her back slowly.

"I'm…I'm..I'm..scared..I I hated dark.." she stammering.

"It's okay. I'm here. Where is the backup fuse? I'll turn it on. You wait here okay?" he want to sat up but Hazel push him down back.

"No no no no..I don't want to be alone." she said and try to look at his eyes.

"Aslan is here. You wait with him okay?"

"No no! Please. He afraid of thunder, and I'm afraid of dark. We can't stay together." her eyes start to form the tears.

Not daring to let her cry, he sigh and nod. "Okay.."

"But.. Hazel..our position right now, might lead something to awake. So, If you mind.."

"Oh, I'm so sorry." she slide to his right and lay down beside him.

"It's cramped." she said.

"Mhm…" he replied and turned his body to the sides, try to give her space.

"Come here." he stretch his hand to her making her frowned, and of course, because it was dark, Alan didn't see her face clearly.


"Come here." he stretch his hand to her making her frowned, and of course, because it was dark, Alan can't see her face clearly.

"I won't do anything to you. I promise you."

Hazel closed her eyes try to sleep. Somehow, his scent, his warmth are very close to someone she missed a lot.

It's feel like home. Yeah, she feel safe and comfortable with his embrace that make her fast asleep.


The next morning, Violet open her eyes slowly and found herself not in her own room, she gasp when remembering that she fall asleep last night.

She look down and see her clothes still on her body, which means he didn't do anything to her. She exhale in a relief.


The bathroom door was opened by Chase. He dry his hair using the towel and look at her.

"Don't stare too much. You'll have a nosebleed later." he said and smile.

Violet immediately turns her eyes away from his hot body.

'Oh my god!! he really has a hot bod. Like, Fuck! I can't even imagine it.' she yelled inside her heart.

"Uh- don't you want to take your leave now?" Chase ask her again when he already wear his shirt.

Violet suddenly realize it. Why did she still on his bed? Why she did not go back to her apartment? Why? Why did she turn stupid suddenly?

'Oh! This is embarrassing' she shake her head. But suddenly she nod it.

"Err..Which one is it?" Chase look at her with a question look.

"I'll go now, I'm sorry for causing so much trouble for you." she get off from the bed and run to the door. Before she leave, she said again.

"Thank you."

Chase smiling toward the door. He then take out his phone and look at the time. It was 8 AM.

He should go to the Sun House now.

Hazel snuggling into his embrace when he try to move.

He can't resist her, her legs already wrap around his waist and her hand hugged him tightly.

"Uhm..Hazel?" he try to call her name. It's not because he hate it, but because Aslan already staring at him and her with a question look.

To be sleeping like this in front of the kid is so embarrassing. Especially, he didn't wear any shirt on last night when he go to sleep.

"Uhnn.." she moans in a sexy voice making Alan blush even more.

'Oh great! Her kid now staring at me, and just now she moan like this? Where do I need to put my face today?'

"Hey..Aslan..he looking at us right now.." he try to soften his voice.

"Ermmm…" she still closed her eyes.

Sighing, he said to Aslan instead.

"As..could you…walk back to your room first? I need to wake your mom now. I'll make your breakfast after this, okay?"

"Hm? What my mom doing with you?" he asked.

"Uh…your mom.. she.. she's sick today, so she need my help a little. Please As..back to your room first, okay?" he try to reason with him.

"O-kay." he went to his room after that.

Looking at her face, he focus on her lips. He swallowed his saliva and clearing his throat a little.

"Hazel..Wake up.. or I tickle you." he warned her.

Krik! Krik!

No answer from her.

He turn her over and tickled on her armpit and then down to her stomach.

Being tickled with a sudden making her laugh and immediately open her eyes wide.

"No no no!" she laugh when Alan tickles her stomach, suddenly she move her legs and made Alan fall on her body.

"Ouch!" Hazel yelp a little.

"Sorry." he look inside her eyes. Their eyes met and he smile to her.

"Morning Hazel." he tilt his head a little and stare at her lips after that.

"Uhmm..Morning." she replied with a smile.


"Alan, did you see.." Joe who opened the door suddenly were dumbfounded when seeing half naked Alan on top of Hazel??

Both of them look at the door direction.

"Oh! I'm sorry! Please continue." he hurriedly closed the door back and run downstairs.

"Ah- Damn!" she slap her forehead with her palm.

"Hey, no cursing." he sat up and help Hazel to sat up too.

"Clean yourself. I'll make breakfast."

", I'll just have a lunch. I had to settle my work this morning." she walk to her room.

'Really? You always hide from me whenever you feel embarrass, Hazel..'

Brush his hair, he went to the bathroom and clean himself before he walk downstairs.

"Wow, I don't know you and Hazel were doing that?" Joe ask him as they walk together to the kitchen. Not only him, almost all the man already returned to the house. Nigel and Chase following them from behind

Smiling he turned his head to him.

"No. It's no like that. I was just help her wake up."

"Such a weird way to wake her up."

"Hmm..yup. Weird." Chase said.

"You like her?" Nigel also asked him.

"I don't know, man. She is hard to get."

"Well, I can help you if you want. Not only me. Chase and Nigel will always at service too." Joe place his hand on his shoulder

"Heh-- thanks man."

"Whatever for bros, bro."


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