Garden of Love
27 Can I Be Your Real Son?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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27 Can I Be Your Real Son?

Knock! Knock!

Chase knocking on Violet's apartment door.

"Who is it?" she shout from inside the house.

"It's me. Your neighbor." Chase said.

A moment after, Violet open the door and look at him with a question look.

"Yes?" she ask him.

"May I use your balcony? My keys inside the house, and I was locked from outside." he look at her eyes and down to her collarbone.

She was just finish her shower, her hair was still dripping wet, her bare face look beautiful, even without make up on it, she still look so innocent.

"Er..Yeah..come in." she open her door and step aside to let him get inside.

Chase scan her apartment with a glance. It was simple and cozy. Fit for her who live alone.

He then went to her balcony and look at the side. His balcony three feet from her, it's mean he need to jump a little to his balcony.

He stand on the steel railing and try to balance his body.

"Woa Chase! don't jump. I can call the locksmith for you." she offer. Her heart beat faster when seeing Chase ready to jump.

"It's okay. It's not that far." he said and jump to his balcony making Violet scream a bit.

"Ahh!" she cover her ears with both of her hands.

"See..I'm safe." he chuckles when seeing Violet turns reddish.

Maybe she was shy or maybe she was angry? He couldn't read her face expression.

"Hey Vi, wanna come in and watch a movie at my place?" he ask her from the balcony.

"What?" she said in disbelief tone.

"Come over, I'm sorry that I scared you. I won't do anything to you too. Come on." he state and Violet nod after a long silence.

"I'll change my attire first."

"No need. Your pajamas not sexy at all." he replied to her making her face turn even more red.

She went inside and wear her cardigan before she go to his apartment. Since tomorrow is Sunday, so it'll be okay for her to stay up a bit late.

A few second after she knock, Chase open the door and invite her in.

She was a bit surprised by the look inside his apartment. It's look…organize.

Well, knowing how Chase who love to read and spend his day doing nothing but reading, she could guess that he is someone who is like everything to be organized and perfect.

She then sit at his leather couch. Chase went to his room and bring her some wool blanket.

"Here." he handing her the blanket.


He then walk to the kitchen counter and bring a bowl of popcorn and two bottle of coke.

Turn on the flat screen hanging on the wall, he choose an action movie.

"Do you watch this genre?" he asked.

Violet nod and said "Yeah, I'm not a choosy."

"Alright! Saving private Ryan it is."

They watched the movie together.

Until the middle of it, Violet suddenly ask him.

"Chase, what did you do for living? I mean, you look like you're someone rich." her eyes still focus on the screen.

"I'm saving lives." he replied casually.

Upon hear 'saving lives', the first thought that she have is a cop and the second is the soldier. Is it because she is now watching this movie that effecting her thought?

"Hmm..why do I always see you in the cafe? I mean you always there like…everyday.." she continue again.

"That's because my line of work does not require me to stay inside."

The first word that she had in her mind is 'Detective?' she squint her eyes a bit and tilt her head a little.

'Well, doesn't matter. As long as he is not someone dangerous.' she thought and divert her eyes to the screen again.


After the movie ended, Violet already fall asleep on his shoulder. Chase try to call her name, but she was totally in deep sleep.

Finally, he carry her in his arm and lay her down to his bed. He move her strands hairs which is cover her face.

Looking at her flawless skin without any freckles on it made his heart beat faster. Her breath was steady and smell nice to him. His eyes shift to her lips. Her rosy and velvet lips look somewhat delicious to him.

Just having a thought of her naked body make him blush, he suddenly shake his head and remain cool. He inhale and exhale before he cover her body with the comforter and leave the room immediately.

He lay on the couch outside. 'Jeez Chase. You really fall for her.'

Thunder rumble on the night sky making Aslan run to Alan's room. He knock on his door for a few times until Alan open it.

"Papa! Papa! Let me in! Let me in!" he almost cry at the door.

Alan was just finished taking his shower, he wear his pants and walk to the door.

"Sorry sorry. I was just finish taking bath." he said and invite Aslan inside his room.

"I'm scared. Can I sleep with you tonight?" he make a puppy eyes to him.

He want to say no, but he couldn't. He like this kid. He's too adorable. It will hurt him if he say no to him. So at last, he nod his head.

"Come here." he extended his hand toward him and led him to his bed.

Placing him at the right sides, he patted on his waist try to help him sleep faster.

"Papa, do you really mean it when you say you loved me?" he blink his eyes.

Alan stop his pace and divert his eyes like thinking something, but then he look at him again and said. "Of course I do."

"Can I be your real son?"

"Hmmm..that is a tough topic. But, how do I put it…" he rub his chin and continue again. "I can't never be your biological dad, but I can be your adopt father. No one can replaced his place. You got it? All I can do is to try my best to let you experience the feeling to have a dad."

"Emm..did you understand what I'm trying to say here?" he ask him when Aslan still silent.

"I don't." he shake his head.

Smiling, he said again. "That's okay. When you grow up, you will understand it."

"Will you stay with me until I grow up?"

Alan turn silent. He doesn't have the answer for that question.

He would love to, but.. what if he actually have a kids before he lost his memory? What if he is someone else husband? What if he is actually a bad guy? Somehow, the thought of it make him scared.

But, what is he scared of? Scared to losing Aslan? Or perhaps he scared to loose Hazel? He like the way they are. He like the state he is in right now. Playing with Aslan, making Hazel lunch and dinner and even being her carrier every night. Having surrounding by the good peoples by his sides like Chase, Joe, Nigel, Akiko and Lola, he feels like it's really his home.

"Papa…" he caress his cheek making him back to the reality.

Looking into Aslan's green eyes, Aslan said to him. "Don't leave me.."

He pull him into his embrace.. "Mmm." the only answer he gave him for this moment.


In the middle of the night, Hazel walk to Aslan room to check on him but all she can see is the empty bed.

She immediately search him around the house. She knew Aslan was afraid of thunder. She then stop her pace when she couldn't find him anywhere. Except!

'Of course!' she shake her head and went to his room using the divider door which is attached to her room.

He walk inside the room and find Aslan already sleeping soundly beside Alan.


A huge and loud thunder and lightning sound making all the electricity turn dark immediately around the house.

Because of the shocked and afraid of the dark, Hazel jumped on the bed and sat on Alan.

Alan also shocked from his sleep when suddenly there is someone jump on top of him.


Another strikes making her hide her face into his collarbone.



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