Garden of Love
26 Aslan, The King Of Narnia
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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26 Aslan, The King Of Narnia

The next day, she feel a bit dizzy because she cry a lot yesterday.

Slowly she open her eyes and found herself lay on Alan's chest who is lay on the couch.

Her movement made Alan to open his eyes too. She blushed as she stare at his eyes.

"Morning." he said looking at her face, he slip a few strands of her hair to behind her ear. Divert her eyes, she said "I'm sorry. I was not myself last night."

"Mm. It's okay." he reply. Seeing no reaction from her, he said again.

"…press on my chest. It's hurt." he said after he could not endure the pain anymore.

Her elbow is quite sharp and she pressing on his chest without her noticing.

"Oh! I'm sorry." she immediately sat up and run to her bathroom after that. Leaving Alan on the couch.


Aslan look unhappy today. It must be affected him so much when what he wanted, he can't get it.

Alan already know what happen in Hazel past. He feel sorry for her, but he also feel sorry to this little cub.

At last, he decide that he will be the one who will give him the dog that he wanted. But he keep it secret from him first.

After making some breakfast they sit at the table and eat their breakfast. Hazel like always, hide in her lab. Maybe she still shy for what happen last night. She let her guard down in front of him.

She let him see the vulnerable version of her. Fortunately, Alan was not someone who will take advantage on her desperate moments.

"Papa..can we go to the zoo today?" Aslan asked broke the silence.

"Well, I need to ask your mom's permission for that."

"Hmmm…can we just go without her following us?" he play with his food.

He smile and look at him "You sulking with your mom huh?"

"Hmm." he pouted.

"I'll talk to her. Now eat first." he ruffles his hair.

Stand up, he went to Hazel's lab.

Knocking at the glass door, he lean at the door frame.


Turn her eyes toward him, she replied "Hi."

"Busy today?"

"Hm? Not really I think." she divert her eyes to the glass tube and continue to do her work.

"I want to bring Aslan to the zoo. Can I?" he asked.


"Thanks." he went to his room and change his attire. Later, he walk downstairs and change Aslan attire. He pack his belonging into a backpack and ready to go.

Just when they want to open the door, Hazel call him from the upstairs.

"Wait! I want to go too." she hurriedly go to her room and retrieve her bag, while Aslan already crossing his arm around his chest and stomp his feet.

"Hey..come on buddy. Don't be like that." he tried to console him.

"But, she doesn't like me."

Squatted down in front of him, Alan look at his eyes.

"That's not true. She loved you. In her own way. Okay?"

Aslan nod. Then he asked him.

"How about you? Did you also love me?"

"Of course I love you.." he replied casually and Aslan giggles.

"Then, marry my mom, so that we can be a real family!" Aslan suggesting.

Hazel who is stand behind them stop her pace immediately.

"Heh…not so fast buddy. Your mom is 'hard-to-get' type." he said without noticing Hazel was behind him.

"What is that?" he tilt his head a little not understanding what he mean by that.

"Well, it's.."

"Ehem.. Let's go." Hazel clearing her throat and walk to the door without looking at the two of them.

"Whoops." he smile and hold Aslan hand to the car garage.


When they arrived at the Zoo, there is a lot of people. Well, of course there is lot of people, today was Saturday. Many parents bring their child to the zoo, including them.

Hazel wear her casual attire. The weather is good today, it's not too hot nor too cold.

Walking around the crowd made Hazel bumping into people a lot of time. Alan saw her and then, he extended his hand toward her making her make a question look to him.

"Or you'll get lost, later. Come on." he said and without waiting anymore, he holding her hand and continue to walk.

On his right hand was Aslan while the left hand is Hazel. Aslan is the happiest among them. He really enjoy his trip this time. Well, maybe it's because this is the first time he felt like he was going out with his real family.

Alan take a rest on the bench at the center of the zoo. He take out his mineral bottle and drink.

Suddenly his ear caught a familiar voices.

"Adrian, don't run.." a female voice.

He turned his eyes around and try to find the figure of the person who said that but he couldn't found it.

He divert his eyes again and saw Hazel and Aslan approaching him at the bench.

"Papa! Papa! The lion was so handsome. He goes for Roar! Roar!" he try to mimic the lion.

Alan laugh looking at him. "Handsome?? that is not the right word for the animal. The lion who is handsome is here." he pointed at Aslan.

Aslan tilt his head and rub his little chin.

"Huh? I'm not a lion."

"Really? Do you know what is Aslan means?" he smile to him.

He shake his head as in no.

"Aslan is the name of lion. Who is very manly, thoughtful, genius, and caring. Just like you. Right Hazel?" he divert his eyes toward her.

Shrugged, she replied "Maybe."

"Really?" Aslan ask with an excited voice.

"Yeah buddy. You'll be like Aslan the king of Narnia kingdom. And you'll produce Simba when you're grown up.."


"Ouch!" Alan yelp a bit after being hit by Hazel.

"Don't teach him nonsense."

"What? He will find out eventually."

"Cut it out! Let's go. It's look like tonight will be stormy night." she look up at the dark clouds.

Alan also look up and saw the cloud start to darken a little. He divert his eyes toward Aslan and said to him.

"Okay buddy, say bye-bye to your little friends here. We're going home." he ruffles his hair.

"Okay papa." he then run to the few cage and shout "Bye bear! Bye lion! Bye elephant..Bye all."

Almost everyone standing near the cage smiling seeing his cute action. Run back to Alan, he carry him in his arm and hold Hazel hand.

"Let's go." he said and stare at Hazel's eyes making her suddenly blush.

'Oh god! Why would I start blushing?'


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