Garden of Love
25 Hazel..I Love You
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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25 Hazel..I Love You

"Sam!!!!" she screamed as her tears start to flowing down from her cheek.

Chase turned his body around and found Hazel already flump on the floor, while all the other staff and bystanders looking at her with a pitiful expression.

He immediately shouted Lola's name.

"Lola! Bring her out from here!" he instructed her.

Lola run to her and hold her shoulder.

"Hazel, come on. Let Chase handle it." she said with a gentle voice.

"No! I don't wanna go. Let me do his surgery. Prepared the room! Now!" she wipe her tears and stand up again.

Chase cupped her face and look at her eyes.

"No! You can't! You know the rules. Let me do it!" Chase assured her.

"No Chase, he need me! He need me Chase! Please….I'm begging you." she tug her hand on Chase coat.

He hug her and stretch his hand from behind her back to Lola.

He whisper to her "I'm sorry Hazel. This is for your own good." he inject her with a sedative dose making she immediately unconscious. One of the doctor saw him use the sedative dose and he yelled at him.

"Dr. Chase! We are not allowed to use any dose to our own doctor without her conscience."

Ignoring the doctor who went angry at him, he instructed other staff to prepared the room.

Lola help him by put Hazel inside the monitor glass room above the surgical room. She sat her down on the chair to make sure she won't go rampage and lock the door from outside.

All of her teammates standby at the surgical room.

Sam was still half alive when they bring him to the operating table. He was badly injured. His rib fracture all broke to pieces.

Chase shook his head. His turns eyes bloodshot to see his condition.To be honest, there is no way he could survived. He lost his blood too much. Time taken to get him here takes too long. All the small shards already spread to his heart and blocking his major blood veins.

Hazel wake up just after Lola lock the door. She stand up and tried to open the door, but it was locked. She then banging on the glass window and look at Sam on the operating table surrounded with her group. Her tears couldn't stop to rolling down.

"There…is…a child…" he said with a hoarse and slow voice to Chase. His eye form a tears as he tried to endure the pain.

"I don't see any child yet." Chase lean close to him try to hear his word.

"Please….save…him…" he stop his word and swallowed his saliva that tastes like blood as he try to endure it a little bit before his final moment.

He divert his eyes toward Hazel on the glass room which is she already slumped on the floor and stare at him with a face smeared with tears.

"Hazel..I love you.." he lift his hand like he was caressing her face before his hand fell down and his breath also stop.

"No!!!!! Sam!!! please…don't leave me!! Sam…" she shouted making Joe and Akiko hug each other crying on the corner of the room, Nigel punch his fist to the glass door. Lola..she was crying from the start she saw Hazel at the emergency room.

Chase take off his glove and mask. He sit on floor and instruct Nigel to open the lock.

After Nigel open the lock, Hazel run to the surgical room.

She cried on his body. "Sam..Open your eyes..I'm here.. please..don't leave me.."

Chase wipe his corner of his eyes and try to hold Hazel's shoulder.

"Don't Chase! Please don't!" she whimpering. Her face and white coat already smear with the blood from Sam's body.

"Sam…you said you had a surprise for me. I'm still waiting here. Come on. Open your eyes, Sam. promise me you won't leave me." she start having a difficult to talk.

"Hazel, let him go.." Chase whisper to her, but everyone could hear him.

"I can't Chase! He's my life! He's everything to me!"

"Sam…. don't do this to me..I'm begging you…" her whimpering make all of them leave her with him in the operation room. they couldn't bear to look at her state at this time.

They waited outside of the room.

Not long after, a staff from the emergency room approaching them.

"Dr. Chase. There is one baby boy who just admitted here. They say that the child is with Dr. Sam and another one woman when the accident happen."

Chase sigh and look at the staff. "Where is the baby and the woman?"

"The woman died an hour ago, while the child now is being treat at the emergency unit." she stop and said again.

"From the report, they say, they found Dr. Sam and the woman, we believed that is the baby's mother was covering the baby and the impact went to them instead the baby."

When the staff finish her word, her eyes shift to the door frame and she gasp after that.

Chase and the other also look at the direction and found Hazel was standing there.

"Hazel.." Chase walk to her.

"Show me the body and the baby, please." she said and wipe her tears. Her white coat was stained with the blood and so her face too. Her hair was beyond the messy.

All the staff look at her with a really pitiful expression. Some of them cry when they remember how romantic Dr. Hazel and Dr. Sam were back then.

They arrived at NICU unit, she check on the baby and luckily the baby just have a scratch on his arm and legs. Other than that look normal to her.

She then follow the staff to the morgue with Chase. While others were instructed to attend to other patients.

"The mother name is Aslyn." the staff told her and open the white cloth that cover her body.

Hazel frowned when she saw the woman. She knew her. She was a vet Doctor that Sam contacted to adopt a dog for her.

And… also the same woman who she saw at the airport when she went to send him off at the airport.

Wait! Not only that. This is the same woman who always jogged around their neighbor in the morning for the past one and a half year. And yes..Sam also do his morning run at the same track as her.

Closed the cover back, she said to Chase. "I need to be alone. I'll going home first."

"Let me drive you." Chase offer her.

" stay here. These people need you. I'll take taxi. Don't worry about me." she said and patted his shoulder.

Retrieve her handbag in the office, she went home.

When she went home, she found that her dog is also dead. It's look like it was beaten up by someone.

She cried again and dig a hole to buried the dog.

"Now, your master die, you also want to leave me huh?" she wipe her tears.

"Oh! I'm not your master. You must be happy to be together again with both of them right?"

She shut herself from outside world for about a year. She resign from the hospital and just stay at home.

She was totally mental breakdown. The baby goes to her care, since Sam and Aslyn already make a will before they die that if anything happen to both of them, the baby will goes to her.

She don't really favor to take care of that child, thus, she let her family to take care of the baby.

It just only two years before, that she finally decide to do her job at home and only attend a special case. The price will be really high, and thus, only a rich people will go find her.

The group also left the hospital and stick with her. Even though, they earn money with their own way.


Alan hold her from behind as she buried her face on his chest. They still on couch inside her room.

She had some hiccups and not long after, she fell asleep on his chest while they still in sitting position.

Alan sighing and he lean his back on the couch. He didn't want to wake her up, so he let her sleep in this position. Where he hug her as she sleep on his chest on the small couch.


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