Garden of Love
24 Make Her Fall For You
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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24 Make Her Fall For You

The next months, she bumped into him again. This time he will not let her go easily.

He grab her arm and bring her to the small alley. She was out to the town finding the material for her assignment.

Chase was at the library and she went to the bookstore around the corner a block from the library. That is when she bumped into him again.

"Let go of me." she said and shove his hand from her.

"Tell me your name first." he demanded.

"Why do you want to know my name?" she yelled a bit.

"I wont do anything. I just want to know."

"Let me go."

"Your name first."

Sighing, she say "Hazel. Hazel Jokovic."

"Russian?" he frowned while his eyes lingered on her face.

"Do I look like Russian to you?" she asked and lift up her eyebrow.

"No. You're look like…"

"Good then, so let me go now!" she demand.

Release her arm, he look at her face and said "Mind a cup of coffee with me?"

She smile annoyingly at him and said "Hell no. Thanks." she brush him off and walk back to the main street.

'Stupid asshole!'

He still following her to the library. Before she went inside she turned her body around and said to him

"Stop following me!"

"Who following you? This is a free space. I can go wherever I want." he replied to her making her jaw drop with unbelievable face.

She stormed inside and find Chase who still busy with the book. Sit beside him, she said in a whisper tone "Let's go back to dorm."

"You go first, I still need to finish this report." he said without looking at her.

"Chase….he found me again." she whimper.


"The one who I mentioned before."

"Maybe it just a coincidence." he think positive.

"No! I want to go back now! With you!" she raise a bit his voice making a few people turn their head toward her.

Sighing, Chase nod in a yes.

"Fine. Let's go." he close his book and his laptop.

When they reach at the library entrance, Sam call Chase's name.


Both of them turned around and look at him.

Hazel was the one who is shocked by the event.

"You you you know him?" she asked Chase, stuttered.

"He's my roommate." Chase state.

"Yo man, who is this girl beside you?" Sam asked when his eyes met with Hazel.

He knows her name, but he never know that his roommate, Chase also know her.

"Oh, she's my girlfriend. Hazel." Chase introduce.

Hazel put a smirk on her face saying. 'Yeah, I'm his girlfriend. Serve you right!'

Sam face turned a bit sullen. But he immediately cover it with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Hazel."

Hazel just smile and nod.

"Darling, shall we go?" she tug her hand on Chase's arm.

Chase frowned and then he look at Sam.

"See you later, man."

In the dorm after Chase return back to the dorm, Sam immediately sat up on his bed.

"Dude, is she really your girlfriend?" he ask curiously.

"Yeah." Chase take off his coat and and put his bag on his desk and turn on the study lamp at the desk.

"But…you don't look like a person who had a girlfriend."

"It's a long story."

"Shoot. I want to hear it. I don't believe you guys really dating."

Sighing, he open his laptop and continue to do his assignment while explaining to Sam.

15 minutes later, Sam stare at the floor blankly.

"Why would you care to know about her, anyway?" Chase asked.

"What?" he divert his eyes to Chase before he said again.

"I think I fall for her."

Chase laugh lightly. "Then, make her fall for you. That way, we can end up our relationship."

"Seriously dude? You don't even love her? You know her from grade 1 man.."

"I love her. But, it's not the real 'love'. I just protective over her. But, man..I tell you. You hurt her, I swear I gonna buried you into the ground." Chase warn him.

"No man. I won't dare." he smile.

A year pass.

After a hundred time rejecting him, finally Hazel give up. She finally gave Sam a chance to date her as she finally break up with Chase.

Chase like always, there is no expression on his face when they break up. But, never once he ignoring her. He still treat her the same as usual like nothing changes.

Sam graduate first before she and Chase follow his step in the next two year. They started to work at the same hospital in the capital city.

That is where she met with Joe, Lola and Nigel. They all work under Sam as the head of the department and head of their special case group.

To make their job more flexible and smooth, they decide to live together. They build the Sun House using the money they got and not long after, Akiko joining them.

Hazel was at the peak of her happiest moment in her lif, when a few months before the accident Sam look distracted.

A year before, he had to go to attend some case outside the country. She and the team were left behind because they need to attend on a special case which is urgent too.

After he went back, his behaviour changes a bit. He sometimes will stare blankly at some point and always in dazing state.

When she asked him, he always said that there is nothing happen. He asked her to trust him, so she did.

All her life she already decide to dedicate to this man. They were very busy and only had a little time to be together, yet she still manage to cherish up the little time they had.

A month before the accident, he tell her that he need to go somewhere and will be back after a month.

He said he has a surprise for her. So, she waited and somehow, she could guess the surprise that he mentioned must be the wedding ring.

She try to hide her excitement, and work as usual.

It was such a heavy rains that day. The emergency unit is in chaos when the news about a traffic accident happen at the east city. Their hospital is the nearest from the spot.

So all the injured were send to their hospital. Almost all the doctor were required to attend the victims in emergency unit.

When she was busy checking on the patients, suddenly her eyes caught Sam's figure lay on the stretcher.

Her torch fell down to the floor as her body tremble and she start to scream and her tears couldn't not stop from rolling down.



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