Garden of Love
23 Samuel Smith
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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23 Samuel Smith

After put Aslan to sleep Alan knock on her door for a few times.

"Hazel.." he calling her name in a gentle tone.

" the door please."

"Go away Alan." she replied to him with a hoarse voice.

"Hey you want to build a snowman?~" he start to sing.

"It doesn't have to be a snowman~"

"Go away."

"Okay, bye.~" he want to go but he stop his pace and knock again.

"Hey, I'm kidding. Let me in, please.."

Grunting, she walk to the door and open it a little.

"What do you want?" her raspy voice make Alan cup her face.

"Did you cry?" he ask.

"Why would you care?" she release his hand from her face.

"Tell me about it, I'll listen to you." he try to console her.

"Urgh!! don't be so kind to me. I hate it." she bristled.

Alan pull her into his embrace and hug her.

"Your scar wont heal if you keep bottle up your feeling by yourself, Hazel."

Hazel push his body hard and punch him a few times, he only endure it and later, he carry her to the couch. He sat her on the couch, he take a sit on the floor looking at her puffy eyes.

"Tell me please."

Hazel divert her eyes to somewhere else as she start to tremble and cry again.



She was a new junior student at Durmstrang University majoring in Physician course. She was only 18 years old that time and Chase is her boyfriend since they in high school.

It begins when she want to submit her report to the lecturer and bumped into a young man which is her third year senior. Samuel Smith.

He had a jet black hair and a green eyes. His face was so handsome and had an almost 'perfect' score for his body. He is famous around the girl. Well, of course he is.. this University just only have 10% of female student.

And the beauty one will always became the 'princess' around the campus and all boys will try to seduce the girl. They even bet on the who is the best at flirting and get laid with the girl.

That is why she disguised herself into a messy girl. She wear a short hair wigs and make over her face with a full of freckles and wear a big glasses too.

She doesn't like to be the center of attraction, especially around the boys. The only one who knows her real face is Chase. Well, of course he know. They knew since they were child.

Chase father and her father were a friend when they in the University. That is why Chase is more like her brother than her boyfriend.

He is a good boyfriend, but their relationship is not base on 'love'. it just a name only. To protect each others wall. They both bad at communicate with other people and only live in their own world.


All her report fell on the floor and she hurriedly pick up the paper one by one on the floor.

"Here." he handed her a few report sheet to her which he help to pick up earlier.

"Uh thanks." she take the sheets and run to the Lecture's room.

After handed her report, she went out from the room want to go back to her dorm.

Suddenly her eyes caught a figure of a man waiting for someone at the hall. She try to think positive and walk passing by him.

"Hey..uh..I am Sam. Samuel Smith." he approach her when she just walk passing him and not to look at him.

"I'm sorry. I'm in hurry." she said and walk faster.

"Uhm..what is your name?" he ask her again ignoring her word before.

"Nobody." she said without looking at him.

"Uh..Ms. Nobody, what year are you now?"

Not replying to him she run to the girls dorm. Sam stop his pace. Girls dorm is prohibited by any male student.

So he just smile and brush his hair.

'I got you, beauty.' he said and went back to his dorm.


She lay on her bed. She had no roommate since her father request to the University counselor to let her have her own room.

Well, rich people can request to anything these day. She took out her phone and dialing Chase number.

He was taking a nap when she call him.

"Hey.." he said with a raspy voice.

"Chase, there is a man who follow me to my dorm earlier." she try to report to him.

"Who ?"

"I don't know.. Sam something he said his name is.."

"Hazel, there is hundred of student with this name."

"Mm. What should I do?"

"Ignore him. You're ugly. There is no one noticed your face."

"But, somehow, I feel like he able to see through my make up face."

"He must be blind."


"Okay okay. I'll check on it later."

"Hey, did you already handing Mr. Wilson's report?"

"Yup..since last week."

"What? Why didn't you tell me?"

"What for? You're genius. You're figure it out by yourself."

"Damn you!"

Chase laugh.

"Hey, let me sleep okay. I'm tired."

"Urgh!!" she ended the call after grunting.


Chase just smiling looking at his phone.

Not long after, his roommate walk inside the room.

"Hey man." he said to him and put his bag at his desk.

"Hey." Chase turn his body around and look at his roommate with a question look.

It's rare to look Sam with his defeated face. Like he was just rejected by girl.

" you by any chance know someone with a name 'Nobody' from your year?" he asked making Chase frowned.

He then replied him with a "No."

"I thought so too."

'Hmm. But, I'll definitely will find your true identity, girl.'


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