Garden of Love
22 Dr. Aslyn
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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22 Dr. Aslyn

"Violet, there is a man waiting for you outside the campus." one of the third year senior walk to her.

Her face looked blushing and her eyes look sparkly. Violet frowned looking at her senior expression.

"Huh?" Violet replied.

"Oh god Violet! Why don't you tell me you have a hot brother? He's so handsome. Introduce me to him, please.." she hold her hand and wriggles it.

Feeling a bit annoyed, she just nod her head. Her senior then follow her from behind and led her to the place that she mentioned before.

Violet thought it is Luke, her brother, but she was totally dumbfounded when she saw Chase figure leaning against the car door and crossing his arm looking down at the ground.

"Chase?" she asked in a surprised tone.

Look up, he smile upon seeing Violet in front of him.

"Vi." he replied.

"Ehem..Violet." her senior nudge her arm making her turned her eyes to her senior beside her.

A bit awkward, she still introduce her to Chase.

"Chase, this is my senior. Julie. Julie, this is Chase. Urm, my neighbor." she said looking at both of them.

Julie extended her hand want to greet him, but he just bow his head a little before smiling.

"Shall we go, Vi?" he turned his eyes to Violet.

Julie retract back her hand. Violet feel more awkward with this situation right now. She don't know how to react.

"Come on, you'll be late for your shift." he hold her waist and bring her closer to him before he open the passenger door.

Get inside the car, Violet still silent until 5 minutes after he drive off from the campus.

"Why didn't you greet her properly?" she asked after a long silence.

"I smile and bow my head a little." he said casually.

"I saw that, but she want to handshake with you."

"But, I don't want to."


"No buts..i just don't like to touch other person if there is no need to do so." he cut her word. His voice was plain like always.

"Are you perhaps.. germophobe?" Violet ask while scrunching her eyebrow.

"To certain people only."

"Oh wow! Uh- I need to change my attire first before I go to the cafe." she change the subject and since she know his new secret, she thought it's better to stay clean beside him. Even though he never said anything about her hygiene or anything, she still want to take the precaution.

Chase take a quick glance to her and nod his head.

6 months pass within a blink of eyes.

Within this seven months Hazel attitude toward Alan and Aslan has improved as they usually spend their time together more often then other occupant.

Akiko, Joe , Nigel and Lola are currently busy with case that they handle in a far country. Hazel let the case under the care of the four of them since she still need to monitor Aslan until Mr. Brandon return back from his long vacation after Christmas.


For dinner, Alan decide to make some herb rice and meat stew. He prepared the ingredient along with Aslan as his kitchen helper today.

Hazel approach them at the kitchen and sit on the stool silently. She used his right hand to support her chin and stare at both of them.

Alan wear a white long chef hat and apron while Aslan copy his attire. They keep talking until they didn't realize that Hazel were behind them.

"Ok Done!" he said happily looking at Aslan. Aslan put both of his hand on the air.

"I'm done too!" he giggles.

"Let's eat. Otherwise, princess Elsa upstairs will freeze us both." he turned his body around and found Hazel already staring at him.

"Oh god! Jeez Hazel! You're scared me." he yelled a bit.

"Mhm? Who is this Princess Elsa, if I may know?" she lift up her eyebrow making Alan stuttered.

"Err…it' one..yeah, no one.. just imagination that i play along with Aslan. Right, buddy?" he shift his eyes to Aslan.

Aslan nod in a yes hurriedly when seeing his Uncle Papa in trouble.

"O-kay..I'm hungry..let's eat!" Hazel said and Alan start to prepare the cutlery and glassware for her.

After sipping his soup that he made, Hazel look up at him.

"Alan, your dish flavor always make me surprised. Did you ever thought that maybe you are a chef before?"

Stare into her eyes, he shake his head. "I don't think so."

"And why is that?"

"I just feel like I'm not into this type of work. It's more like my skills, but not my passion." he said nonchalantly.

'Well, that's true.. even I work with my passion toward my own field.'

Not asking him again, she shift her eyes toward Aslan.

" month is your birthday. What do you want as your birthday gift?" she asked.

Aslan's eyes sparkle when he thought of what he wanted for so long.

"Eh, your birthday is next month? How old are you?" Alan just notice that he never ask him about his age.

"He turn 4 this year." Hazel replied on behalf Aslan.

"What? You just 3 now? Wow! Impressive! I thought you already 5 or 6." he said in surprised.

It's true, he has a tall figure and he is so talkative person. He can solve a math equation without any wrong. This boy is a genius one.

Aslan nod in a shy.

"So what do you want?" Hazel ask again.

"Erm..can I have a dog?" he said with the puppy eyes.

Hazel turned silent. Her face look unpleasant with his request.

"No!" she said making Aslan look down at his plate.

"Hazel…" Alan try to hold her hand but immediately she retract her hand.

"Don't.." she glared at him.

"He just.."

"I said no!" she stood up and walk back to her lab making him dumbfound in the dining table.

He look at Aslan who is already turn sullen.

"It's okay, buddy. I'll talk with your mother later okay?" he ruffles his hair.

Aslan just smile faintly.

Hazel curled up his body and sit at the couch in the corner of the room. She sobs and her mind rewind back what happen in the past 6 years ago.

"Hazel…look, I buy you this puppy. I named her 'Snowball.' she's cute right?" Sam show her a little puppy with a white fur. She's so small and cute.

Hazel smile happily and take the puppy from his hands.

"Aww…she's cute. Where did you get her?" she asked.

Scratch his hair, he said "I adopt her from the vet."

"Really? So thoughtful of you." she smile and kiss his lips lightly.

3 months later,

She went to the vet to get the vaccine injection fro snowball. When she walk inside the veterinary, a female doctor greet her.

She was a beautiful lady, had a long and curl hair like Shakira the singer. Her blonde hair match with her blue eyes.

"Hi, I am Dr. Aslyn."

"Hi, I'm Dr. Hazel." Hazel reply politely.

"Let's lay her down first." she said and show the steel table not far from them.

Hazel do as she ask and after she done, suddenly Dr. Aslyn ask her a weird question.

"Did a man adopt this dog from my clinic before?"

Nod, she replied to her.

"Oh? How is he? I'm not seeing him in the past few weeks before." she ask casually.

At first Hazel feel weird about this question, but because she trust him she reply her "He's out of the town for a few weeks because of the case. He should be back next week I supposed."


And guess what? On the accident day, the woman who lay on the stretcher is her!


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