Garden of Love
21 Why Do I Feel I Know You?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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21 Why Do I Feel I Know You?

The next morning, when she wake up, she hurriedly when to her bathroom and took a shower.

She get dressed for her morning lecture. Today she had a quiz and presentation. So she need to wear formal attire.

She wear a pencil skirt and light pink silk blouse with a small ribbon at the collar. She tied her hair with two side braids and half of it, she let it loose. She brush her bang and put some light make up on her face. Grab her file and her backpack, she hurriedly walk out from her apartment.

"Morning." someone greet her. Without looking at the source of the voice, she replied with "Morning Rick."

But after that there is no answer from him, she look up and found it was not Ricky. It was…him?

She frowned a little and tilt her head. Shake her head she mumble.

"Seriously? It's too early for me to hallucinating." she then ignore him and walk faster after the elevator door was open.

Chase turns silent when she greet her back with another man's name.

'Who is this Rick?' he ask himself.

He then walk to his Ford Fiesta the only decent car he had that is not too showy and open the door. He drive his car and stop at the side of the bus stand near the apartment.

Roll down the glass window, he look at her and said.

"Hop in. I'll send you."

Violet eyes turns wider when she see who is the man inside the car.

"Uh- no thanks." she replied.

"Come on. I need to talk to you." he said and smile brightly at her making her hesitate to rejecting him.

She then walk to the car and get inside it.

"Where to?" he asked.

"Beauxbatons University." she said under one breath.

"Wow, a prestigious academy for the ladies." he said again.

"Hm? Is that so? What about you? Where did you graduated from?" she asked.

"Durmstrang University." he replied casually.

"Mhm.. 90% of the student is a man. Only 10% of them are woman, and to be selected into the university need at least a 'Genius' sign on the head isn't it?" she state.

He nod and then he shake his head.

"Uh, not really actually. You just need a good score." he correct her word.

"Mhm.. not really different with mine I supposed. You're from a boy university too and more prestigious than mine."

Not replying to her, he asked her.

"By the way, why did you call me Rick this morning?" he asked.

"What?" she turned her head toward him.

"I said.."

"You were actually real? You staying at the same floor as me?" she cut his word and asked him instead.

"Well, I did greet you last night didn't I?" he said again.

"So it was real?"

"I can't do any shadow clone jutsu trick."

"But, why are you move in to that apartment?"

Smiling he said, "I had something to do."


"Erm.. then, would you mind telling me your name? We never introducing each other in a proper way." she said again.

"I am Chase. Chase Chivalry."

"Hi Chase, I am Violet. Violet Green." she replied making Chase hold his laugh.

Clearing his throat, he ask again "Is there any in your family named, Scarlet? Or maybe Olive, Gray or Rose perhaps?"

"Yeah.. we have all sort of color name." she replied sarcastically.

"Hi Violet. You have a great name." he smile and focus back to the road.

"Mm.. you know, I thought you were the type who talk less.." she state as she remember how rare for him to talk to her before. Normally he just silent and didn't say a word to her.

"Well, I just talk to the person I like only." his word make Violet blushed that made she had to turns her face to the window and not say anything else.


He park his car at the faculty of Engineering. When Violet want to open the door, he immediately hold her hand.

"What time did you finish your class?" he asked her.

Without thinking much she said "2 o'clock."

"I will pick you up." he give her a small paper bag.

"Use this, I'll contact you through this." he said again making Violet dumbfounded.

"What is this?" she asked. She's in hurry.

"Just take it, go now, or you will be late." he said.

Nodded, she step out from the car and thank him before she fled to her faculty.


Meanwhile in the Sun House, Alan was busy doing some gardening with Aslan at the backyard.

"Papa, look look!" he pointed at the space that he do his gardening.

"Mm? What is it?" he asked and look at the direction.

His eyes fell on the ground which has a cabbage and some kind of flower plant beside it.

He smile and said to him.

" can't plant the flower next to the vegetables. Made another one, okay?"

"But why?" he tilt his head.

"'s not tidy. The structure will be spoil. It will grow uneven." he caress his cheek and noticed there is a mud on his face because of the soil on his hand.

Chuckles, he use his hand and touch his face again and again leaving the mud mark on his face.

"Papa! No! It's gross! Eeeuuww." he cried out loud and laugh when Alan touch him again.

From the second floor at the balcony, Hazel look at the two.

'How do you even know how to do everything? Who are you Alan? Why do you treat Aslan like your own child? Why do I feel I know you? Did I really have met you before?' she lost in her trains of thought.


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