Garden of Love
20 Bad At Flirting.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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20 Bad At Flirting.

"Uh-" Violet open her mouth want to say something, but immediately Hazel walk to the other side and drag a man with a child in front of her.

"Uh..this is my boyfriend. boyfriend." she said.

Alan was totally dumbfounded. He narrowed his eyes to her and she smile meaningfully to him. Alan then divert his eyes and met with the girl green eyes.

"Yes, I am her boyfriend. Alan. Nice to meet you. I think I've met with you last time, right?" he smile to her.

'Oh god! Another damn good looking man? Does their house full with ikemen?' she said inwardly.

Smiling, she nod politely.

"Yeah, we've met before. Nice to meet you again." she divert her eyes to the child on his arm.

"Oh my! This kid is so damn adorable! Wait, so they had a child? Well, I guess she telling me the truth. Look at them. Such a perfect family!'

"So, Ms…" Hazel lift up her eyebrow. 'Hm yeah, I forgot to ask her name.'

"Violet." she state.

"Oh? I am Hazel. Weird isn't it? We both has a name of color." she smile to her.

Violet also chuckled and nod.

"Yeah. My other name is purple and you is brown."

Hazel laugh lightly and said "Nice to meet you Violet. Hope to see you often after this."

She smile and going back to her car spot followed by Alan and Aslan from behind.

"Okay, that's done. Let's go home." she said and extended her hand to him.

"What?" Alan ask her with a question look.

"My car remote key please." she said.

"Didn't you ask me to drive before?"

"Well, not anymore. Hurry. I had so many things to do." she said and look at her palm.

Rummage his pocket, he handed her the remote key and open the passenger seat door to strap Aslan's seat belt on the toddler car seat.

After Hazel drive out, Aslan look at her and then look at the outside of the window.

"Are we going home?" he asked.

"Yeah buddy." Alan replied and smile to him.

"Can I go to the playground?" he demand making Hazel turned her eyes to him at the back seat.

"I had many things to do. Just play inside the house."

"Hazel…" Alan said with a soft voice.

"What?" she look at him with a bit angry written on her face.

"He just a kid. Don't too harsh on him." he try to persuade her.

"I told you. I had things to do." her voices was a bit loud making Aslan look down and his tears start to form in his eyes.

"Just drop off us at the playground. We're going back by grab or taxi later." he said when he see Aslan is a bit sullen.

"Urgh!!" she groans and stop the car at the nearby playground not too far from their villa.

After both of them step out from the car, she drove off.

"Come on buddy." he stretched his hand toward Aslan and walk to the slides.

There is so many kids from the neighborhood playing together at the playground.

Aslan look happy when he can interact with other kids around his age. He smiling and laughing around the new friend he just made.

"Uncle! Uncle! Come here!" he shouted at him.

Smiling to him, Alan walk closer to him. He then squatted down in front of him and said with gentle tone.

"Hey champ, I think the word of 'Uncle' is a bit….too old for me. How about you call me with other name?" he asked him.

Aslan tilt his head and rub his chin "Hm?"

"How about father?" he suggesting.

"Can I call you papa?" he said with a sparkled in his eyes.

"Sure. It's sound lovely." he smile and stand up again.

He then bring him to the swing and help him to sit. Slowly he push the swing.


Hazel arrive at home 5 minutes after she drop off them at the park. She went to the lab and start her work.

After 30 minutes doing her work, she suddenly feel lonely. There is no sound of cartoon that Aslan always watch at this time. No laughing sound from Alan and Aslan who is enjoying their time playing together at the hall.

She look at the clock. It's already 5:30 PM.

Groaning, she take the remote key and drive to the park back.

"Why…Why did you have to be his son, Aslan?" she mumble while driving.


After arriving at the park, she lean against the car door and looked at Alan who is happily playing with him.

'Why you come to my life?' she said inwardly. Without her noticed, her face turned soft while looking at the two of them from afar.

It was like she was looking at the father and son who enjoyed their bonding time.

Not long after, Alan turn his eyes to the road and saw her figure from afar. He smile.

'I knew you still have some soft spot inside.' he said inside his heart.

Looking at Aslan, he said. "As..let's go.. we come again next time okay?" he stretched his hand and hold his small hand.

Walking together, he ask again. "Did you enjoy your time?"

"Uhn!" he nod and smile widely.

"Glad you're happy." he smile and divert his eyes to Hazel.

"You coming back." he said.

"I was worried. After all, I don't know if you're a bad guy or not." she said casually.

"Hm? I'm happy Ms. Hazel here didn't forget about her son." he smile.

"Whatever! Get in." she open her car door and step inside it.

It was late at night when she arrived at her apartment. Tired, she walk inside and took a shower. Just when she want to go to sleep, suddenly there is a knock on her door.

Lazily, she walk to the door and open it. She was totally dumbfounded when she look at the man standing in front of her apartment in night time.

"Hi, I am your new neighbor." he said and handed her a box of gift.

"What are you doing here?" she ask and look around him.

"I just said that I am your new neighbor." he said again.

'Well, maybe I was mistaken him for someone else?' she thought and reply to him.

"Okay. Nice to meet you neighbor." she smile and closed back the door.

She then put the gift box at the kitchen counter top and she went back to her room.

Chase who was standing outside her door smiling to see her reaction.

'Jeez Chase.. you really bad at flirting!' he shake his head and went back to his new apartment that he rent for the whole year.


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