Garden of Love
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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19 7 Months Off.

The next morning, when Hazel wake up she found herself was covered with the comforter and she touch her belly.

"Ah--- It's so embarrassing." she then cover her face with her palm. Get up from the bed, she took a shower and get dressed.

When she walk downstairs, she found that Aslan and Alan were doing some exercise at the hall. They basically dancing? She frowned and clearing her throat.

Upon hearing Hazel clearing her throat, Alan stop his dance.

"What are you doing? Jumping and do some weird movement." she asked.

"Uh.. I was doing some shark dance with him." he state.

"Huh? Shark dance?" she confuse.

"Well, it like this.." he show her and start to sing it too.

"Baby shark do do do do do.."

"Okay okay..I get it. Stop it will you?" Hazel laugh seeing Alan do the dance.

He's a bit pleased to see her laugh. She look very beautiful with a smile on her face. At least not the stoic face she usually made.

'Eh..did something just fly around inside my belly?' he tilt his head a little.

"Uh…hey, about yesterday night.." she stop laughing and said with a serious tone.

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. I have no memory about last night." he immediately cut her word.

He know, it must be uncomfortable for her to talk about it. So it's better to not talk about it. Just treat it as a dream will be better.

'Oh..that's good. So I won't bother by it.' she thought.

"O-kay.. so, can you make me a breakfast and lunch? I actually had no time to prepare it by myself." she demand.

"Sure. What menu did you want me to prepare it for you?"

"Erm.. whatever menu is okay. I don't mind. But, make it simple. Because I'm really busy."

Alan nod, salute and said "Yes, Ma'am."

Hazel just nod her head and went to her lab. While, Aslan giggles from behind.

"Uncle! Uncle! Let's do some dance again!" he tug on his pants.

Looking down at his small face, Alan ruffles his hair.

"Later buddy, I need to make your mommy's breakfast. She really hungry right now." he make a face to him.

" after that?"

"Right, after that." he replied to him.


It's has been four days since she said something harsh to him. And he didn't come to the cafe either.

'Did I exaggerating? I scold him badly last time. Is it my fault?' she keep wondering when suddenly Maria pat on her shoulder.

"Earth to.. Vi!" she said and look at her blank expression.

"Huh?" Violet immediately divert her eyes to Maria.

"Okay, now I'm really curious. What happen to you? Did you and that man had a quarrel?" she asked.

"Wait, what? There is no quarrel. There is nothing between me and him to begin with." she denied and put her apron on.

"Oh? Too bad. I thought he is a very hot and handsome man and he will be a perfect match to you." she make a sad face.

"Cut it off Maria. He's too good to be with me. A person like me is nothing to his eyes."

"Oooh.. so you do have a tiny hope that maybe he will look at you eh?" she smile teasingly.

"Nonsense." she said and walk out from the locker room.


After finishing her late lunch, Chase suddenly pop up from her glass door.

"Hazel, have a moment?" he asked.

"Oh go! Chase! Don't just pop up like a ghost." she almost choked on her drink.

"Come in." she said again after wipe her lips with the napkin.

Chase walk inside the room and lean against the table facing her who is sit at her swivel chair.

"I need seven months off." he said making Hazel eyes almost pop out from its socket.

"What? Why? Did something happen?" she ask in a worried tone.

Chase scratch his head a little before he reply to her.

"I need a little space. You know the reason." he said again.

This time, Hazel cover her mouth with her palm.

"Chase! I'm really sorry for my stupidity. Let me clear things up with her okay?" she said and make a gesture like she really sorry.

"Hold on. It's not entirely your fault to begin with." he smile to her.

"So, about this seven months, where are you going?"

"Mm. I'm gonna fix it." he said.

"So, don't be so mean to him when I was gone. I know you're a good girl inside. Just..try to open up your heart okay?" he ruffled her hair and smile to her.

Hazel pouted.


"No Hazel. Don't complaint to me. You owed me. So at least do this for me." he waved his hand and walk out from her room.

Alan glare at Hazel beside him with a bit curiosity in his mind.

"Hey, didn't you the one who said, I can't drive since I had no license?" he asked her.

"Shut up and drive Alan." she said casually.

It happen 15 minutes ago, when she suddenly walk to him and Aslan who was doing some calculating activity at the hall.

Without any explanation, she drag him and Aslan to the car garage and instructed him to drive her to the cafe that Chase used to go before.

He turned silent when Hazel didn't say anything anymore.

After he arrives at the cafe, Hazel immediately open the door and said "Go and park this car first. Meet me inside in 5 minutes."

Sighing, he just do whatever she asked.

"Hey Miss. Can I have your time?" Hazel ask the girl at the counter with a smile on her face.

Violet squint her eyes a little try to remember her. The woman in front of her look familiar.

"It's about the man who always bought your coffee here." she said again when there is no respond from her.

"Emm, Ma'am there is a lot of people who buy my coffee here." she replied to her.

Sighing, she take out her phone and show her a picture of Chase.

Violet gasp when seeing the photo.


Poppy who just come to the counter suddenly lit up her eyes a bit.

"Are any chances is Doctor Hazel Jokovic?" she ask with an excited tone.

Hazel divert her eyes to the woman beside the Violet. She nod in a yes.

"Oh my god! It's really you! It's such an honor to meet you personally." she said making a few other customer look at them.

Violet nudge her a little.

"Oh, She is a great doctor back then at my country. She is the legend genius doctor." she explained to her.

'Great! A legend genius doctor? I really had no chance on winning.'

'Wait! Winning on what?' she brush off the thought and look at the woman in front of her.

"Erm.. you want to talk about what exactly?" she ask politely.

"Ah..should we talk at somewhere else?" Hazel look at behind her. There is few people lined up waiting to take their order.

"Oh!" she then look at Poppy. Poppy nod as she handle the counter and Violet walk to the corner of the shop. This is a quiet place around the cafe.

"Well, if it is about him, I actually not engaged with him in any relationship. He just a regular customer here." she state the matter of fact.

"Listen, I know you thought that I was his girlfriend, right?" Hazel asked and Violet nod.

"Well, actually I am not. He's…just my ex from my past. We currently live together. But…as a housemate. And it's not just him. We have another 5 people living together." she explained.

'Wow! Seven people in one house? Is she the only girl living with all the rest? I met with two men from before..' she blink her eyes try to digest her word.

"Uh..don't get it wrong..I I I already had a boyfriend." she stuttered a little before she look at Alan's figure carrying Aslan in his arm.


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