Garden of Love
18 Magic Hand.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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18 Magic Hand.

Chase and Hazel look at him.

"Er..Nothing.." she said.

Well, of course she hesitate to reveal everything to him. For her, he still an outsider whose the background is still unclear.

Shrugged his shoulder, Alan divert his eyes to the flat screen back.

Hazel turned her eyes on Chase's face.

Chase just give her a cold glance and went upstairs. He doesn't feel comfortable to hide a secret from Alan, but who is he, want to tell him about the past.

He sit on his swivel chair and turn on his computer. He start searching something on the internet and not long after he smile.

Took out his phone, he dial a number from the website.

The next three days, Alan do some painting together with Aslan. They used Hazel studio to do their activity.

While Chase was busy with something. He go out since morning saying that he had an appointment with somebody.

Hazel also busy with her work at the lab.

She look at the clock hanging on the wall and find it's already in the evening. Her stomach grumble because she didn't eat anything since this morning.

She take off her glasses and walk to the kitchen. When she pass the studio, she noticed a huge painting canvas were covered with a white cloth and beside it there is a small one.

She walk inside the studio and open the cover.

Upon seeing the painting, her jaw almost drop in a surprised. The painting was so beautiful.

It was a portrait of a woman. Her face was so beautiful, even though it's only half of her face that Alan paint. She had a long and wavy hair. The background was…. a waterfall surrounded with various flower and the beauty landscape.

However, the landscape still not a match to the woman in the portrait.

'Is he a painter?' hazel thought. Her eyes could not move from the picture.

After a long time, she avert his eyes and look at Aslan's work. She smile after seeing it.

It was…not so impressive like Alan's work. But for him who will turn 5 years old in Christmas Eve this year, it was something that very cute he painted.

He painted an animal like lion and beside it, there is was a woman. Somehow, the woman inside the picture seem familiar to her. But she just ignore it and cover the painting back with the cloth.

When she want to went out, she bumped with Alan at the door.

"Oh! You scared me." she yelled.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to…" he then frowned before he continue again. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Uh… I just take a peek at your work." she said.

"Uh-huh? Did I ever give you the permission to look at it?" he cross his arms around his chest.

Hazel frowned. "Hello? this is my house. This is my room. Of course I don't need to ask your permission to do so!" she bristled.

"Hm? Did your mother never taught you, it's not polite to touch other people belonging?" he tell her the same exact word she threw at him a few days ago. He walk closer to her and put his both arm at the door frame, caging her with his arm.

"What?" Hazel push him a little. "Don't do something stupid. And..don't talk about my mother. I don't have one." she stormed outside and went to the kitchen.

Alan were left dumbfound. 'Hm. Didn't she have one? I heard from Joe that she's from a very rich family. Her father and mother really love her. That is why her parents accept Aslan with an open arm.'

He then follow her to the kitchen. Seeing she finding something on the fridge, he sit on the stool at kitchen counter.

"Are you hungry? I can make your dinner." he offered.

Ignoring him, she just take the milk and pour it into a glass.

"Hey, about before..I'm sorry."

"Save your sorry. I don't need it." she glare at him and walk back to her lab.

Alan look at the milk on the counter and he sigh. 'Okay..I'm a little overboard just now..'

He already ate with Aslan before. Now, he and Aslan are doing some study in Aslan's room.

He walk to the fridge and take out the ingredient. He start making her dinner.

It was a simple sandwich. After he done, he put on the tray and bring it over to her room.

He knock on the glass door. But Hazel are totally ignoring him. He then open the door and place her dinner near her study desk before he left.


When she was done, it's already 12 AM. She stretch her hand and walk to her desk. Organizing her file before she went to sleep.

She look at the sandwich he made. There is a note beside it. She take the note and read it.

'I'm sorry.'

She chuckles and take a bite of his sandwich. It's taste good. But her stomach already empty since the morning. When she suddenly eat something, her stomach start to feel pain.

'Ah damn! I got bloated because of late eating.' she hold her stomach and groans in a pain.

She open the cupboard try to find some pill for it. After she take the pill, she immediately returned to her room.

The pains still lingering on her stomach. She tried to endure it and wait for it to dissipate as she curled up her body on the bed.


Alan wake up around 12:30 AM. Like always, he wash his face and wait for hazel to come into his room and cry.

After 15 minutes waiting, he frowned when there is no figure of her.

'Is she sleeping at her lab?' he walk out from his room and went to the lab.

After confirming that she was not in the lab, he want to returned to his room but suddenly his eyes caught a glimpse of painkiller bottle near the tray.

The sandwich also only had a bite on it. From the looks, it's still new. Which means she just ate her sandwich that he made.

He immediately went to her room and knocking on the door.

"Hazel! Are you alright?" he ask.

There is no answer, but he still could hear a whining sound from the inside.

He then returned back to his room and open the divider room.

Her room was dim with the bedside lamp turn on and he found her curling up on the bed try to endure the pain.

He then walk beside the bed and turning her around to facing him.

"Where did you feel sick?" he asked when seeing Hazel forehead was full with sweat and her face also look pale.

"Urghh..I'm okay.." she suppressed all the pain and tried to talk with a normal voice.

"Did you already take the medicine?" he asked again.

Hazel nod and turn curled up again to the side.

He sit on the edge of the bed and stare at her. "Let me rub it with a hot ointment. Maybe it will feel a bit better." he suggest.

Hazel didn't reply but she point at the side table drawer. Looked at the way she pointed, he open the drawer and find a tube of ointment.

He open the tube cap and pinch it a little to his palm before he gently rub her belly with his bare hand.

He divert his eyes to the other way, while Hazel also turn her body to the other side not seeing his face nor his reaction.

They turned silent for a long time until he heard a slow snoring sound from her.

He retract back his hand from her belly and tug her sweater back to the right position before he cover her body with the comforter.

"Well, I guess my hand does has a miracle." he chuckle and whisper to her. "Good night Hazel." before he left to his room.


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