Garden of Love
15 Use My Car.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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15 Use My Car.

In the middle of the night, like always, Alan wake up because of his dream. He try to close his eyes again. Today he was so tired and had no mood to get up from the bed.

After a few minutes, Hazel walk inside his room.

"Oh no no.. I'm tired today. Go back to your room." He said while looking toward her.

'Damn! This girl is seriously mental ill.' He grunt inside his heart.

Without any reply, she lay down to the bed and start to cry. She clench on the comforter and grit her teeth like she was holding her tears.

His face turn soft and a weird feeling emerge in his heart. He turned his body around and facing her.

He then bring her body closer to him and patted his back softly.

"There there. Don't cry." He try to calm her down, but she unconsciously snug into his embrace. Using his arm as her pillow, she clench her hand on his shirt.

Not long after she fell asleep. He wipe her tear from her face.

"It must be hard for you to forget him, right?" he asked her. It's more like he actually talk to himself.

He place his hand on her waist as he also start to fall asleep back.

Hazel don't know why she had been sleep comfortably last night. She feel a warm presence just like when she was with Sam last time. The same feeling and the same scent.

She could feel the energy flow through to her body. The sensation that has long gone now are returned back. She wonder, what made her this warm.

She slowly open her eyes. In the dim light, she saw Alan's figure sleeping next to her. Their sleep position also make her shocked. It was her who snugging him and her legs were wrap around him too.

She release her legs and her hand from him slowly. Since Alan was still sleeping, she hurriedly run to her bedroom again.

'OMG! I didn't do anything did i? or I did? But attire look like nothing had happen. Urgh!! I hope he didn't realize I sleep with him.' She rub her face with her palm and sit at the bed.

After some time, she take a hot bath and wear her casual cloths before she go to her lab.

Alan wake up after Hazel run back to her room. He know that she was awake and he pretend to be sleep. He get up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

After he was done, he make some scramble eggs and ham sandwich for Aslan and him. He wake Aslan and help him to clean up before they went to eat breakfast at the dining hall.

"Are we going to do some painting today?" Aslan blink his eyes to Alan.

"Mm.. we will, if you promise me that you will behave today. We need to buy some brush and color." He forked his scramble eggs and eat it after that.

"Ok ok. I will behave. I promise." Aslan lift up his hand looking like he was promise with his whole heart.

"Good. Now, eat your breakfast. I will ask your uncle Chase to borrow his car."

"You don't have a car?" Aslan ask and tilt his head a little.

"Yes. I don't have anything. Not even my memory."

"Aww..too bad. My mommy can treat you. She's a doctor." He patted on Alan's arm.

Alan just smile to him and ruffles his hair.

When they want to go out, Hazel stop them both.

"Where are you going?" she asked him.

"We're going out. Buying some painting tools." Alan replied. He hold Aslan's hand and bring a backpack at his back.

"Uh..wait, I need to buy something too. Can I go with you?" she ask when she remember that her toiletries and some of her make up almost used up.

"Err yeah." Alan frowned a little.

Hazel hurriedly go to her room and change her attire. She wear a black turtleneck dress and knee length boots. Her hair she braid loosely and put a light make up except for her lips. She use a red velvet lipstick making her lips look full and beautiful.

When she bring her handbag and look at Alan who is in a awe looking at her, she ask.

"What's wrong? You turned into stone already?" she ask and turned her eyes to Aslan.

Aslan also in an awe looking at his mother. He never saw his mother wore something like this. Well, actually he never going out with his mother. The only person who spend a lot of time with him is his grandparent and Mr. Brandon. He will only visit his mother when Mr. Brandon bring him over here.

"Oh come on..I know I'm beautiful here. Don't look at me like I was an alien." she grunt.

"Hurry hurry. I need to finish my work after this." she hurriedly walk to the door and open it.

Alan and Aslan return back to the earth and walk behind her.

Alan take out the car remote and push the unlock button, suddenly a red Lexus LC 500 beeped making hazel turned his eyes to Alan.

"Chase give you his car?"

"Em..more like borrowing." Alan replied.

"No! Totally no. Use my car." Hazel stated with a serious expression.

"What? Why?"

"Look at the car! It's two seater! "

"You can seat with Aslan." he replied with no expression.

"Hell no! It's not safe. USE.MY.CAR!" she bristled and walk to the garage.

Take out her car remote, she push start button. It was a red Mazda CX 5.

Alan just sigh and carry Aslan on his arm.

"Put him on the toddler car seat at the passenger seat behind." Hazel instructed him.

He open the passenger door and put Aslan on the toddler car seat inside it.

When he want to go to the driver seat, suddenly Hazel look at him with a weird expression.

"Do you know how to drive?"

He returned his look on her face.

"Dr. Hazel, I only lost my memory. I didn't lose my ability too."

"Hm..but, do you have any driving license?" she cross her hand around her chest.

"Err..that…" he lost his word.

'Such a witch!'

"No? Then, seat at the passenger seat." she step inside her car and close the door.

Alan just shake his head and walk to the passenger seat.

After he buckled up, Hazel drive the car.


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