Garden of Love
14 Following Her.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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14 Following Her.

Chase look at his wrist watch after almost whole day he spend his time at the cafe. It's already 9.45 PM.

'it's late' he thought. He then shove his book inside his bag and leave the cafe.

When he want to cross the road, he suddenly remember something. He then take a sit at the bench near the cafe and crossing his hand around his chest. He wait.


"Violet, don't forget to close the door once you finish cleaning." Poppy said as she walk out from the cafe.

Violet nodded and continue her work. After she's done, she take off her apron and wear her long cardigan and put her beanie hat on her head.

Retrieve her bag, she closed the cafe and start to walk at the sidewalk. After 5 minutes walking, she turned her head around when she feel like someone was following her for behind.

She squinted her eyes when she saw it was a man that had a beautiful blue eyes behind her.

'Hm?..probably his house in the same direction with me?' she wander. Ignoring her thought, she continue to walk to the subway station. Since it was already late at night, it's better if she take the train.

Her eyes peek again at the figure which is following her from behind. 'Hm..he doesn't look at me at all. So maybe I was wrong. But, why I never noticed him before if this is his route to his house?' she tilt her head a little.

She then turned her body around and facing him when they waited at the station.

"Hey mister, are you..perhaps following me?" she asked him.

Surprised by the sudden question, Chase shake his head and put his earphone ignoring her after that.

'What was that?? he ignored me?' Violet bristled inwardly.

She shrugged her shoulder, she wait a bit further from him and slip inside the sardine train.

This is the last train for today, so people who just got back from work like her will surely catch the last train. Therefore, there is a lot of people.

After 5 minutes ride, she step out from the coach at the Seventh Avenue. She immediately walk out from the subway and continue to walk to her apartment.

Yet, she noticed that the man from before still following her, she intentionally pass her home and walk to the other side.

She stop at one alleyway and play with a stray cat before she continue again to walk and returned back to her home.

'Oh my god! He really following me.' she closed her eyes and stop her pace immediately.

Turned around, she facing him again.

"Hey, I know you following me."

"No, I'm not." Chase reply to her.

"Do you noticed that we pass this road twice?" she asked him.

"Oh? Really? It's nighttime, I see all the road is no different." he look around him like he was just noticed it.

"Oh yeah? Where do you live exactly?"

"Somewhere around here." he said with a plain voice.

"Secretive huh? You know what, I'll just pretend that I believed you. Now, thank you for accompany me to walk me home, Mister. I'll head in now. Good night." she said and walk to her apartment entrance door leaving Chase at the sidewalk of the road.

Chuckle, he smile as he ruffles his hair.

'What are you doing Chase?' he asked himself.

He took out his phone and dialing Nigel phone number.

After a few ring, his call was pick up by him.

"Man, what's up? It's night, bro."

"Pick me up."

"Huh? Where is your sport car?" Nigel frowned when Chase ask him to pick him up.

"I left it at the mall. Now I am in Kingston town."

"What? That's a quite far from the mall. How did you get there?" he look at his side, looking his girlfriend sleeping soundly.

"PICK ME UP." Chase hang up the call.

Nigel sighing. He change his attire and inform his girlfriend that he will send Chase to the Sun House and returned back as soon as possible.

After 15 minutes driving, he slow down his car at the side of the road upon seeing Chase figure.

Chase step inside the car and immediately Nigel drove away from Kingston area.

"Would you mind telling me what are you doing here?" Nigel ask him.


"Ha. Ha. Like I believe your word, Chase." he mocking him.

Chase just shrugged his shoulder and ignoring him.

"I'll definitely will found out later~" he snickering to him.




After finish making sure that Aslan eat his dinner, Alan bring him to the bathroom. Cleaning him and help him to wear his pajama.

"Now, you look handsome and smell good too." Alan said after he done button in his pajama shirt.

"Really? Did I as handsome as you?" Aslan asked as his eyes sparkle.

"Like me?'re too handsome buddy. I am nothing compare to you." he smile and put him into the bed.

"Now you need to sleep. Tomorrow we will do some fun activity. What would you like to do?" he asked him gently.

"Can we do some painting and coloring?"

Rub his chin, he think a moment.

"Well, I don't know if your mommy has any painting equipment or not. But maybe we can go and buy some tools for you?"


"Now, sleep ..okay? I need to clean up myself too." Alan stand up and walk out from the room.

After taking bath, he walk out from his room to check on Aslan. Luckily he already asleep when Alan check on him.

When he want to return to his room, he saw a glimpse of Nigel and Chase who just open the door.

He walk downstairs.

"Hey man..where did you both going? I can't barely see any man left In this house." he complain.

"Yo Alan.." Nigel greet him.

"Ah..I just pick up this prince here from a far city. " he snickering.

"Oh? Doing what?" Alan lifting his eyebrow a bit.

"Nothing." Chase reply and went to his room.

Alan look at Nigel. After seeing Alan's questioning face, he smile and made a love sign to him.

Alan chuckles and went back to his room.


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