Garden of Love
13 Aslan New Butler.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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13 Aslan New Butler.

Chase take his cup and sit at the table around the corner of the cafe. He put his bag and take out his book.

Violet secretly peeking at him when she had a chance. Her action was caught by Poppy, her manager.

"Handsome isn't he?" she look at the way as her eyes does.

"Huh?" Violet immediately turned her eyes to her manager back.

"He's a regular customer. But, it's been a month since last he visited here. I thought he may be moving out to other city." she smile and touch her shoulder signaling there is a customer at the counter.

Not asking anymore, she continue her work.




After the whole day he has been practice and doing some exercise to built back his figure, Alan walk into the bathroom to take his shower.

Standing under the shower, he closed his eyes. He keep remembering the dream that he keep dreaming every night. Not only that, after he wake up because of the dream, Hazel will come to his room and cry every night too until she fall asleep back.

Her wailing sound make his heart ached each time seeing she cry for almost every night. He had no heart to lock the divider door that attached to her room since he also just a 'temporary guest.' So, routinely he would wake up from his nightmare and watch until Hazel fall asleep, then he will carry her to her room for almost two months now.

If only he still sick, he would have die because of the load every night that he had to carry.

He already decide to find a job tomorrow, so today he will sleep a little early and prepare to stroll around the city. Nigel has left his motorbike keys to him for him to use. He will stay at his girlfriend's apartment for about a week.

While Lola was out of the country, she had a case that need her to go to other city together with Akiko and Joe.

The only left was him, Chase and Hazel. Chase lately is quite busy. Busy with drinking and staying at the cafe for a long hours. It make him wonder, what is so good at the cafe he always go. He can cook, he definitely can brew his coffee too. Why did he need to go out?

While Hazel.. she's been busy with the task from the higher up that require her to analyze a few special case.

Wrap his body with a towel, he walk out from the shower. His eyes fix on the closet that Hazel banned him from open it.

His curiosity beat his mind as he slowly open the closet. Upon seeing what inside the closet, he sigh. His finger linger at the clothes inside it. His eyes suddenly caught a small box on the cupboard.

He took the box and open it slowly. It was a diamond ring inside it. 'So, he want to propose to her?' he thought.

"Did you ever heard, Curiosity kill the cat?" Hazel voice sounded from his behind.

He almost throw the box back because of the shock.

He turned his body around and facing her. She look at the box and lifting her eyebrow.

"Why silent? Did cat got your tongue?" she asked again. Her eyes was cold as she walk over to him and yank the box from his hand.

"Don't touch someone's property. Didn't your mom teach you to not touch other people's belonging?" she put back the box on the cupboard and closed the closet.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.."

"Save your sorry. I don't want to hear it." she storm out from the room.

Feeling a bit guilty, he wear his outfit and follow her step after she walk out.


He stop his pace when seeing two old man standing at the hall. One of them, he knew his face since he was the one who introduce himself as Hazel's butler. In his arm is Aslan which he hug the butler's neck.

"Papa? What do you want? I told you that I would not going to that stupid thing again." Hazel walk to her father and crossing her arm in her chest.

"Oh, I'm not asking you to do it again. I came here to inform you that starting from today, Mr. Brandon here will take a long leave from his post. He will follow me to go to China for a few months. Therefore, Aslan will be in your fully care." Her father, Mr. Jokovic said with a smile on his face.

"Mr. Alan, I see you already recover from your injury." Mr. Brandon smile to him make Mr. Jokovic also turn to the man at the middle of the glass stairs.

Upon hearing Alan's name, Aslan hurriedly turn his head around to look at him.

"Uncle!" he said happily and jump from Mr. Brandon's arm and fled to the man.

"Hey champ!" he smile to the kid and carry him to his arm.

"Wah, you get taller than before." He ruffles his hair and turn his look at the two old man who look at them with a weird look.

"Huh? Who is he?" Mr. Jokovic ask.


"Nobody." Hazel immediately cut his word.

"Oh? What he do? I mean his job?" he ask again.


"He's jobless." Again, Hazel cut his word without even look at him.

"Oh! That's even better!" Mr. Jokovic smile and walk to Alan.

Hazel's eyes follow her father figure.

Stretch his hand out, he look at the man's face.

Alan was a bit hesitate, but he still take his hand.

"Congratulations! Now, you are new butler for my daughter and her son, Aslan. Send me your account bank number." He shake his hand.

Dumbfounded, Hazel almost drop his jaw.

"Papa!" she cried out loud.

"Ouch Hazel, I'll be deaf if you yelled like that." He cover his ear.

Alan also dumbfound with his statement. He immediately said "Mister, I don't think this job suit me. I am just merely a poor people here." He state the matter of fact.

"Eh, it's okay. You don't need to be somebody to do this job. After all, Aslan looks like he likes you. Right, Aslan?" he turned his eyes to Aslan.

Aslan nodded his head.

"Yeah. I like uncle Alan even he's smell weird last time." He giggle.

"See? Don't worry. Just tell me how much you need? I'll pay you." He turned his eyes to the man again.

"Er…" Alan look at Hazel, hesitate.

"He owed me 1.5 million. Will you pay for him that much?" Hazel noticed his hesitate face, so she immediately divert his eye to his father again.

"Oh dear.. that just a small amount. No worries, I even pay you triple if you can get my daughter a perfect fit for her future husband."

"Papa!" Hazel yelled again.

"What? You rejected all my candidates. Hazel, settled down will you? I give one year, if you still have no name. I will arrange one for you whether you like it or not." His voices sound firm.

"And for you, I will ask Mr. Brandon to prepare you a cheque. The rest will be pay after we returned back." He lift up his one finger to Alan and signal Mr. Brandon to write a cheque for him.

After give Alan his cheque, Mr. Jokovic and Brandon walk out from the Sun House. Leaving Hazel and Alan dumbfounded.


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