Garden of Love
12 Her Trauma.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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12 Her Trauma.

"Do you remember Aslan?" Chase asked him.

He nod. "Yeah."

"He is… his fiance child." Said Joe.

"Oh, their child." Alan nod again.

"No. It's his bastard child. He had another girlfriend beside her." Joe correcting him.

"What?" Alan dumbfound a moment.

"Yeah..we actually didn't buy it, so we run the DNA test on that child, it is 99% match with his."

"Wow..that's too much."

"People might talk bad about him. But I believe there must be a reason for him to do so. He's not the person who will hurt her. He love her so much." Chase look at the floor blankly.

"What happen to him? I mean, they still can reconcile and be together right?"

"How do you plan to reconcile with a dead people?" Chase ask him back.

"He's dead?"



"Car accident. Aslan mother was already die when they send to the hospital, while he.. he was heavily injured. He begging us to save Aslan. And his last will is to put Aslan under Hazel's care as her child. Aslan was just one month old that time." Joe start to tell him the story.


"Sad, isn't it?"

Alan nod slowly.

"That's what make her heart break. In just one night, he lost her lover, lost the trust she give him, lost her hope to live forever with him. All other things in the world, he decide to left her with his bastard child with another woman."

"..." Alan totally lost his word. He feel sorry toward her.

"She having a trauma since then, she will unconsciously sleep walking and cry every night or every time she was asleep. That is why we never disturb her whenever she was sleeping." Joe continue.

"But, it can be treat right? Her illness." Alan ask.

Chase smile to him. "If it was her physical, we will surely treat her. But the wound is too deep and it's her mental which is hurt not her physical. She refuse to get a proper treatment. After all, only time can heal her. Or, maybe someone can heal her.

Alan and Joe silent.

"Love does kill people. Killing inside of them slowly." Chase said as he stand up and look at Alan.

"Well, I hope you will get used to it. After all, she is basically your roommates."

"I need a bigger lock." he said making Chase chuck a little.

"Night Alan."

"Night Chase."

He stayed at the living hall for some quite time with Joe before he walk back to the room.

Open the door, he found she already in deep sleep with a tear stain on her face.

Bent down to the bed, he scoop her body and bring her back to her room.

He lay her down slowly on her bed, make sure she's not awake.

When he want to stand up from the bed after laying her down, he saw a photo of her and one man behind her.

It was a handsome man hugging her from behind and smile happily to the camera.

"His face does look like Aslan." he whisper as he tug the thick comforter over her body.

'Now I know why she treat Aslan like her enemy.'

He return back to his room after that. Locking the door, he lay on his bed facing the ceiling.

"Who are you?" he ask when he remember his dream before.




"Who are you?" Violet ask. Her voice is above whisper.

She closed her eyes when all she can see is his blue eyes. It's such a beautiful blue color.

She put his hand on her face and not long after, she fell asleep.

In the next month, she had a class until 5 PM. This is the first day she start to work back after taking a month leave due to her final exam.

She take a part time at the cafe around the city as a waitress. She tied up his hair into a ponytail wore a white shirt and black pants. She pull her sleeves until her elbow.

"Good Evening, what would you like to order, sir?" she focused on the screen while her hand was tapping on the screen process the order.

Upon sensing the customer in front of her still silent, she look up to the man in front of her.

"Uh.." 'It's you again!' she smile.

"Anything that interest you?" she lift up her eyebrow seeing his blue eyes was fix on her face.

"One Cappuccino, medium size please." Chase said and divert his eyes to his wrist watch.

"Okay. Anything else?" she ask and narrow back her eyes on the screen.

"No. That's all."

Violet nod and proceed his order. He take a plastic cup and brew his Cappuccino. She draw a smiley face on the cup and take a tissue before she hand over the cup to him.

"Enjoy your drink." Smile and look at the next person behind Chase.



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