Garden of Love
11 She Cry Again?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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11 She Cry Again?

After having dinner, four of them return back to the Sun House.

Joe join Akiko and Lola watching some series drama on the television while Nigel return back to his room.

Alan back to his isolation room and resting. Chase took a bath and change his attire before he walk to Hazel's wing and knock on her door.

After a few moment, Hazel open the door.

"What's the matter Chase?" she ask.

"Can we talk?"

"Sure. Come in." she pull the door to widely open it.

Walk inside her room, he take a sit on the single chair facing her.

"We agree to let Alan stay at this house."


"He needs a room."


"And there is only one room left."

"No, he can't."

"'s been years.. let it go..will you?"

Hazel shake her head making Chase to stand up and look at her face.

"Move on Hazel.. you said you hate him, but you never let him go. Forget it okay." he caress her cheek gently.

His voices sound a bit sad.

"It'll be okay." he bring her to his embrace.


After Chase return back to his own room, Hazel go to Alan's isolation room in the first floor.

She knock on door. After a few second, Alan open his door. Without waiting for his invitation, She walk inside the room.

"Here is the revised bill for you." Hazel pass him a file.

Take the file, he look at the content.

'it is accurate. All the details was recorded in this data.' his eyes suddenly fix on 'Lee Pharma' word. Somehow, he feel familiar with the word.

Ignoring the word, he divert his eyes to Hazel.

"I still don't have any money to pay you. But I will start finding a job and pay you back every month. Is that okay?" he search her honey color eyes.

"Didn't you said you want to find your identity?"

"Yeah, but travelling without money is troublesome."

"So, you want to stay here?"

"Well, I didn't plan to. But all the boys insist me on staying here."

"Pay me your rent. Find a job and pay me your rent and medical fees. Is it possible for you?"

"Well, yeah. Thank you so much."

"Don't thank me yet. You need to clean up and make us dinner too."

"Excuse me?" he frowned. Clearing her throat, she said again

"I said you need to clean up our house and make us dinner."


"Because I said so."




"Deal. Move out your belonging. I show you to your room." she take the file from his hand and flip it on the last page.

"Oh, sign here. Your payment planning." she point on the edge of the sheet.

Take the pen, he sign it without much thinking.

She then led him to the right wing. It's a bit hidden then all others room.

She stand in front of door. Taking a deep breaths, she open the door.

"This is your room from now. This room is actually attached to my room. But, I will locked the divider door."

"Okay." she ready to go.

"Uh, one more thing. Don't touch all the things inside the closet. I'll arrange another closet for you." she turned around and look at him.


"Hmm. That's all. Here is your house key and room key." she rummage her pocket and give the keys to him.

"Thank you."




In the middle of night.

Alan was having a nightmare. He dream about someone. Someone was shouting his name but there is no voice behind it. He was at the dark place, sunk down to the darkness under him.

He could feel a hand try to pull him up. A small hand try to save him, but later, the hand loose and there he thought he heard her voice. Only the buzzing sound which made his head hurt.

He open his eyes and found him sweating heavily on the bed. He sit up and walk to the bathroom. Washing his face.

When he walk back to the room, he see Hazel figure walk inside his room and lay on his bed. He frowned a moment.

When he want to call her name, she suddenly curled up his body and cry. She clench the comforter tightly as her body start to trembles because of the cry.

Feeling a bit sad to look and hear her cry, he walk out from the room. When he reach at the hallway, he could see Chase and Joe was sitting on the couch in the living room reading his book while Joe watch the TV.

He then walk downstairs and sit near them.

"She cry again?" Chase ask making Alan dumbfound

"How do you know?"

"I know her." his eyes still fixed on the book.

"Hm. Yeah, she look so sad." Alan narrowed his eyes to the floor. His heart ached a bit seeing the vulnerable her.

Chase put down his book and turned his head to Alan.

"Anyone who'd be put on her position will feel sad too.." Joe said to him.

"What happen to her?" he asked curiously making Chase and Joe sigh.


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