Garden of Love
10 New Bro.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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10 New Bro.

She slip her hair behind her ear when the wind brush her face. She look at the fall leaves near her as she stand at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come over.

She put the earphone on her ear and play her playlist on her Ipod. Listening to the song, she remember the blue eyes she had met before at the cafe.

He was tall with a great shape of body. Not a bulge one, but it was the one that will imprint to each woman's eyes once they saw.

His blonde hair and perfect jaw was so cunning. His blue like sapphire and he give an aristocratic vibe around him.

Honking sound made her jolt her body a bit. She look at the bus and step inside it.

After 15 minutes ride, she step out from the bus and walk to her apartment.

"Hi Vi, just got back from your work?" a man ask her in the entrance door.

"Hm?" look up at the man, she said again. "Yeah..going to work, Rick?"

That man nod. "Yup. Oh, your landlord was just here looking for you."

"Really? Thank you for telling me. Have a nice day Rick." she smile and open her door lock.

Closed the door, she strolled to her room and lay on the bed try to take a nap for a bit.

Only after a moment she closed her eyes, her phone ring. Looked at the caller ID, she groans a bit before she pick up.

"What do you want?" she asked lazily.

"I need a hundred bucks. Can you transfer it to me?" an old man voice sounded from the end of the line.

"Gambling again?"

"No no. This is for investment. A good one."

"Dad…don't waste money on some scheming investment."

"Violet, just give me the fucking money!" he started to yelled.

Shut her eyes tightly she sigh and say "I'll wired it tomorrow."

She put down her phone and take off her outfit. She take her towel and walk inside the bathroom.

Standing under the shower, she whisper.

"Why did you leave me with him mom? Why?"




"May I take your order sir?" a plump woman figure approach their table.

Look up at the lady, Chase divert his eyes to the menu again.

"I'll have salmon steak and a glass of lemonade please." he close his menu and pass back to the lady.

"I would like to order this prawn pasta and oranges juice." Joe also pass the menu back after ordering.

"I would like to order this one and a glass of mineral water." Alan point his finger on the menu before he pass the menu back.

"It that all?" the lady ask.

"Err..Wait, I have a question." Joe said while keep looking at the counter.

"Yes sir?" she ask.

"Where is the girl with a long and wavy hair? The one with a big eyes and green color?" he look at her face.

Frowned a moment, she then smile. " mean Violet? She just finish her shift for today."

"I see.." Joe smile as the lady start to walk back to the counter.

"Violet huh?" he mumble.

Chase already carried away with his own world while Alan look at him with a question look.

"Oh, don't worry. I just happen to find something interesting to tease Chase." he explain to Alan. He knew Chase was already in reading mode. He will automatically turned deaf.

While waiting for their dinner to be serve, Joe take out his phone and call Nigel.

"Yo bro! Where the hell are you man? You went missing the whole day."

"Erm..where else I would be." his raspy voice make Joe snickering.

"Dude, did you just get laid?"

"Fuck off!"

"Hey, we're in the Moon cafe, wanna join us?"

"Is the girls also there?"

"Nah…just the bros."

"Okay..order for me first." he said before he ended the call.


"Baby, I need to go now." Nigel sit up from the bed and cover his girlfriend's body with a soft blanket.

"Mm..Lock the door." she said and continue her sleep.

Kiss her forehead, he wear his outfit and walk out from the apartment.

After 15 minutes, Nigel park his motorbike at the side parking.

He take off his helmet and placed it on the bike tank before he walk in to the cafe.

Searching around the corner, he saw three figure man were enjoying their dinner. He then walk to the table.

"Hey, where's my dinner?" he ask and sit beside Chase.

Just after he sit, a plump lady bring him his dinner.

"Thank you." he said politely to the lady before he start to dig in.

"What are you doing earlier? It's not like you to go out from the Sun House. Well, we all are too lazy to go out I supposed." his eyes were fix on his plate.

"We just buying stuff for our new bro here. He broke. Remember? He homeless too."

"Hey, i'm here man." Alan glance at him.

"Ah….I forgot.. so, did you become our bro now?"

"I'll leave once I am able to pay Hazel's money."

"If you talk about Hazel's fees then I could only wish you a good luck. You will never able to pay her, man, unless you are rich." Nigel said with a serious tone.

"I can lend you my money." Chase speak after a long silence.

"Oh man, no thanks. I owed you too much." Alan reject his idea.

"So, how about place? Do you already plan where do you want to live?"

"Hmm… I had no idea."

"Live with us!" Nigel and Joe said simultaneously.

"No way I would live in the isolation room again."

"Then, don't." Chase look at Alan's face.

All the eyes fix on Chase.

"I'll talk to her."


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