Garden of Love
9 Green & Blue Eyes
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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9 Green & Blue Eyes

He walk out from the isolation room and strolled over to living hall where is Chase and Joe were enjoying playing a video game.

Alan slouched on the couch and watch both of them. Chase notice his gaze and he handed his game console to him.

"Wanna play?" he ask.

Looking down to the game console, he nod. "Yeah, let me try this stage."

Lifting up his eyebrow, he shift his sit from the floor to the couch and Alan change from couch to the floor.

Joe look at two of them.

"Ready Alan?" he snickering.


"I'll be gentle on you. Since this might your first time playing this game." He said arrogantly.

"Ehm. Don't be. Use all you got." Alan also smirking looking at his face.

"Alright.." he push the start button.


A few minutes later,

Joe leaning his head back at the couch cushion with a defeat expression.

"Damn! I lost." He grunt.

"Told ya!" Alan patted his shoulder. While Chase pass him a box of tissue.

"Ha Ha. You really funny Chase." He bristled after seeing a box of tissue in front of him.

Chase just smile as he find his book around the couch and read it.

"Hey, can I ask you guys a favor?" Alan said. His tone is a bit shy.

"Yeah. Sure. What is it?" Joe turned his head to Alan.

"Err.. I actually, don't remember at all where I put my wallet. So I am currently broke and unknown to this planet. So…"

Before he finish his sentence, Chase shove him a credit card making him frowned.

"What is this?" he ask.

"Use this. Buy whatever you need. This card has no limit." Chase said, but his eyes still fix on his book.


"Come on..take it mate. We already live for almost fourteen months. We understand your problem here. No biggie. Let's go buy you something to wear." Joe stand up and tap on Chase shoulder signaling him to follow them too.

With a heavy step he stand up and follow Joe and Chase from behind.

This is the first time he walk out after almost fourteen month he lock up in the house. Chase take out his car key and led Joe and Alan to his Aston Martin.

Sit in the car, he drove out from the villa.

Alan divert his eyes on the outside view. It such a beautiful place. Now is already spring season. Lot of flower and leaves on the tree start to change into greenness and colorful.

Really stunning.

"Nice, right?" Chase ask him.

"Hey Chase, bring us to your dad's mall. We will surely got a great discount."

Chase nod.

They arrived at the huge building mall after 30 minutes drive. When the three of them walk inside the boutique, all of the promoter walk to them to offer an assistant.

Alan just give a formal smile, while Joe and Chase just nod their head a little. They choose a bunch of outfit for Alan and pay with Chase's credit card.

"Chase.. I'll pay you back later." Alan said as he look at a bunch of his paper bag on the hand of them three.

"That's okay. It was my father who give me this card. But I never use it." he put all the bag into the trunk.

"Hey, I'm hungry. How about we grab a dinner in that new café?" Joe point his finger at the café beside the road of the building.

"Am I allowed to eat outside? I mean, I need to follow Chase's menu." Alan ask.

"Just for this day." Chase reply as they walk to the café.

"Welcome!" a soft voice greet them three.

Chase look at the girl who stand behind the glass door where he open it earlier.

Their eyes met. A big round green eyes fix on his eyes which is blue color like a clear sky.

They stare at each other for a few second before Joe clearing his throat making Chase immediately turned his head to Joe and Alan.

"Hey! Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful angel~ Love your imperfections every angle." Joe start singing and Chase shove his face using his hand.

"Found your soul mate huh Chase?" He smiling teasing Chase.

Ignoring his word, Chase walk to the one of the table inside the café.

Alan peek at the girl who already fled to the counter and grab a menu book. He follow Joe after that to the table sitting with Chase.

"Here is the menu, would you like to order now?" the girl from before pass them a menu book and stand at the side of the table.

"We call again later. Thanks." Joe reply on behalf of them.

"Oh..Okay.." she nod and walk back to the counter.

She look at the clock on the wall and sigh.

Take off the apron, she walk to the locker behind the counter.

"Your shift has ended, Vi?" a plump woman figure asked her.

Nod her head, she said "Yes, Maria. See you again later.." she take out her bag from the locker and walk to the back of the kitchen.

'Ah.. he's so handsome.' She's a bit sullen.


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