Garden of Love
8 Treatment Bill.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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8 Treatment Bill.

"What?" Alan look at everyone with scrunching his eyebrow.

"Man! Don't tell me, you're a waiter before?" Joe break the silence.

"Uhh..I don't think so, mate." he shake his head.

"Then, what are you?" Nigel ask making Akiko raise her hand.

"I know I know. He must be a superhero. He had a nice body when we found him, and not only that, he can cook and his movement is smooth and fast."

".…." Alan just chuckled and continue to eat his dinner.

"Oh hurt me. Am I not man enough to you?" he replied with a hint of sulking.

Chase take his vegetable and put it on Joe's plate making him more irritated.

"Damn you Chase!"

'What?' he did not say anything, but his face does.

"You're telling me I'm skinny?" Joe narrowed his eyes to Chase.

"Dude, stop fighting. Just eat your portion and gain more weight. And Akiko..don't leave him just because he's skinny. Have a mercy on him please." Nigel said to her making Akiko nod and giggles.

Joe grunt and continue eating his portion. While all the girls just ignoring them.




Next morning,

Hazel walk into his room doing daily routine checking.

"Hey, can I talk to you?" Andy asked.

"Hm? Yeah. About what?" she take a sit beside him.

"I think, I am already okay. I want to discharge and I want to start to find my identity back. Could you let me discharge tomorrow?"

"Sure. I'll prepare your bill statement, okay?"


She walk out from the room. After a few minutes, he suddenly remember something.

'Wait! I don't even know my name, how am I supposed to know my account number? My wallet? I don't even have a shirt! Shit! How am I gonna pay?'

Not long after, Hazel walk back to him and pass him his treatment bill.

Flipping the file, he feel like his eyes want to pop out from it's socket.

"T..Thi..This is the amount?" he stammered a little.


"'s too much."

"Really?'s my standard price. You stay at my little hospital around fourteen months now. Of course the bill will be high." she replied casually.

"This is 5 million dollar we talk, honey. Even with one million dollar I will surely can't afford to pay you."

"Hmm.. too bad, I can't negotiate about the price either. We are not normal doctors. Our price and service is the highest in this country. Oh, don't honey me. I'm not your honey."

'Oh damn!'

Squinting his eyes, he said again.

"Hmm, is that so?"


"But, hey.. who asked you to save my life?"

Hazel look at his face with a confuse looks.

"Who volunteer to help me back then? Err, if I'm not wrong you said you found me on Japan sea right? But as far as I know, here is totally not Japan. Meaning, you can be charged as kidnapping me. Treat me without my acknowledgement and and hey, where did you get me a passport?"

"Wait, I treat you here. Giving my best medicine to you use and now you want to blame it on me?" Hazel already start burning inside.

"Ms. Hazel.. don't get me wrong. I will pay you. But I want you to list down every medicine and every minute I use your equipment. I will pay according to it, and for your time taking care of me and give me food, that is what you have to pay for breaking the law."


"You heard me Ms. Hazel."

"You..son of bitch!" she roar and stomp away from the room.

'Fuhhh…now, how am I gonna find her money?'



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