Garden of Love
7 Are You A Chef?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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7 Are You A Chef?

Around 3 AM.

Mr.Brandon knocking his door. Because it's difficult for him to move around, He just shout from the bed.

"Come in."

Mr. Brandon walk inside and his eyes fixed on the small figure on the bed.

"Ah..I'm sorry. He must be tired for him to sleep in here." He hurriedly carry Aslan on his arm, while Andy just smile.

"No. He might be afraid of thunder." Alan said politely.

"I see. Ah.. how are you? Did your wound already recover?" Mr. Brandon look at him with a worried expression.

Shake his head, Alan reply. "No. My wound are getting better. But, Mr…"

"Brandon. I am Hazel personal butler." he said.

Upon hearing the word 'butler', his head feel a bit dizzy. He try to not show his painful face in front of him as he just nod.

"Em.. Thank you for your concern Mr. Brandon." Alan smile and lay back to his bed.

Nod his head, Mr. Brandon walk out from the room with Aslan on his arm.




Two month has passed,

He never met Hazel again after the last time he was in gym.

He also didn't find any figure of Chase and Nigel.

There is only Lola, Joe and Akiko who attending him for the pass months.

All their therapy, he follow and eat accordingly too. He already can walk and use his hand like normal. It just his figure still skinny and his hair still growing long until reach his shoulder.

"Akiko, it's been two month I didn't see another 3 doctor. Are they okay?" he tried to fish out Akiko.

"Huh? Oh..they had case in neighbouring country. So they will travel there. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes just a few weeks. Depending on the patient condition." she replied casually while opening his bandage.

"Hm..looks like your head are fully recover today. Don't worry about the scar. Our new drugs now has something that can make the scar disappear within a month. So, hooray! You can go and cut your hair now and wash up your hair too. But, don't scrub it too rough." she remind him making him nod.

"Need my assistance to cut your hair?" Akiko asked.

He shake his head. "No. But I need hair clipper. Can you borrow from Joe? If he have."

"Sure. I'll ask him." she said and walk out from his room.

After a few minutes, she bring a clothe and trouser for him. On top of it, there is a hair clipper and razor blade.

"Here. Joe give this to you. Well, we not sure about your size. But I hope you can fit in his shirt." she put the clothes on the bed and walk out again.

Alan then take the clothes and all the belonging into the bathroom.

He stands on the ceramic floor and look at his face in the mirror.

"Who are you? Where are you from? What kind of life did you have before?" he asked in a slow tone.

He sigh and take the hair clipper.




After 30 minutes in the bathrooms, he walk out and strolled to the living hall.

He already remember every corner of this house except for the left building. Which is led to Hazel room.

He slouched at the sofa and turn on the flat screen tv.

A few minutes pass. He then heard someone open the door lock. He furrowed his eyebrow.

'Who that might be? Lola was out, Akiko and Joe in their room around this time.'


"Urghh..I'm exhausted.." Hazel groans. She look up at the ceiling before she look back at the front.

Seeing the man in front of her, she blink his eyes a few times.

"Who..Who are you?" she asked and look at her right and then her left.

"I am..Alan.." Alan said while looking at her with a confuse face.

'Why is she acting like that?'

"Whoa man! You've change your style?" Nigel who was walk inside the room asked him with a happy tone.

Chase also nod and follow behind Nigel. They drag their luggage with them.

Slumped on the couch beside him, they both look at Hazel who is still standing at the entrance of the door.

"Yo, boss. What's up? Something happen?" Nigel asked making Hazel back to reality.

Shake her head, she said "Nah..I'm tired. I'm start to having a delusion right now."

"Are you sure you just tired? Not because you was struck by his style just now?" Nigel ask teasingly.

"Fuck off Nigel. I want to sleep. Don't disturb me. Chase, take over, will you?" she dragged her luggage to the elevator.

Chase, like always. He just nod and focus his eyes on the tv along with Alan.

"What movie did you watch?" Nigel asked both of them.

"Avengers." Alan replied without seeing Nigel face.

Nigel focus on the television. But only for a minute.

"Chase, what will we have for dinner?"

Chase glare at him with a murderous look.

'Don't disturb my movie time!'

"Ok ok.." he make a surrender sign.

"Hey, is it okay for me to cook? I want to eat something that I cook." Alan said making both of them turned their eyes to him.

"You know how to cook?" Nigel ask.

"Yup. I think so."

"Great! Please make something delicious."


Chase just silent and focus back on the movie.




In the evening,

All the occupant of Sun House walk down to the kitchen. They all sit at the kitchen counter and look at how Alan serving the dinner.

"Wow, you really skilful. Is it possible that you are a chef before?" Lola asked. She was excited to see his smooth movement.

"Hmm.. I don't think so, my hand was so good and no cutting scar on it." Alan said while put the plate to all of them one by one.

"Man, that was awesome. Could you teach me how to do it?" Nigel ask.


"Akiko said, you cut your own hair, is it true?" Joe bit his apple after he asked him.

"Yeah. Why?"

"That's amazing man, how do you know how to cut your own hair?"

"Err.. I don't know. My hand moving by it's own." he already take off his apron and he sit down at the table facing Hazel.

"Or maybe you're a hairstyler before?" Joe take turn to guessing his pas job.

"Hmm..not likely either." he take the pepper and pass to Hazel when he see Hazel eyes fixed on the pepper bottle.

"Thanks." Hazel said softly and take the bottle.

She then sipping her juices, but Lola accidentally push her elbow a bit making the juice slipping from her mouth.

Alan immediately take the napkin and dap on her lips and the place where the juices had spilled. He take the glass form her hand and refill it again before he pass to her.

All of the eyes fix on him.

"What?" he asked.


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