Garden of Love
6 Smell Like Hospital.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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6 Smell Like Hospital.

After seeing the boy fled to his room, she stared at both of them for a few second before she walk from the gym walkway.

"Fuhh.." Joe exhale.

"What's wrong?" Alan asked in a curious expression.

"Ah well, it's not my place to tell you about this, but what I can say so like that kid." He then push his wheelchair and wait at the elevator inside the house.

After going to the first floor, which is where the living room and kitchen located there, Joe bring him to the kitchen hall.

In the kitchen, there is Chase who is currently making some lunch for him.

He looked at Joe and immediately Joe reply to him.

"Hey, it's not I'm lazy okay. He's doing great with his exercise. I told you, he's a tough guy." Joe narrowed his eyes to the lunch dish that he had prepared.

"Oh. Where is mine?"

Chase turn his look at the freezer.

"Seriously Chase?" he groans and walk to the freezer and take out the spices and ingredients.

Chase take off his apron and wear a mitten. He carefully bring a bowl of vegetables soup to the table and place it in front of Andy.

"Eat it. it's good for your body." He said and he take off his mitten after placing the bowl.

Alan nod and said "Thanks."

He take the spoon and scoop the soup. He frowned a bit after tasted the soup.

'It's delicious. I feel like I had tasted this before. Hmm.' Shake his head he continue again to eat his portion.

Chase take out a sheet of paper and place it in front of Alan.

"Here is your meals schedule. You need to consume this so that your wound will be more faster to recover."

Look up, he take the sheet and read it.

"Oh..this is all delicious food. I will surely eat it. Thank you." He thought it will be a boring and plain meals. Who have a thought that he actually made him a list which is a good meals.

After Joe done making his meal, he sat in front of Alan. He look at the plate beside him.

"Hey Chase.. Tomorrow I want to eat pasta too." He pouted and look at his sandwich

Chase shove his plate to him. Inside still have a half of his meal.

"Tch! I want more." Even he said that, he still take the plate.

Knock his head a little he said

"Be grateful."

Alan smile looking at these two people.

'They sure are a good people, I bet.'




At the night.

Outside is currently raining heavily. He could hear a loud thunder from inside his room and suddenly Alan heard a creaking sound from his door. He peek at door and found Aslan was at the door frame.

He seem like he was looking for something.

"Hey buddy, what did you try to find?" he asked making him jolt a bit.

"" he shake his head.

"Come here." He said. At first the boy is a bit hesitate but then he strolled over to his bed.

Climbing the chair beside the bed, he looked at Alan's face.

"Did you sick?" he ask.

"Yeah. I bumped my head on something. And then, pop! I lost my memory. Poor me, right?"

"Aw..that's too bad. Are you a bad people?" he tilt his head.

Imitating him, he also do the same.

"Huh? Do you think I am a bad people?" he rub his chin.

He shake his head.

"My mother said that my dad is a bad people." His tone is above whisper.

Alan looked at him with a question look.

"Where is your dad?" that's right. He never saw anyone beside those six people. Well, actually he's stay at the isolated room, so he only see those six people who frequently come by to his room to check on him.

"He's in the heaven now. Or maybe in hell. I don't know."

'Whoa! You're too young to be told about hell.' Alan said inwardly.

A loud thunder sound from outside make Aslan shivering a bit.

He clear his throat and patted his bedside.

"It's late now, I can't send you to your room either. So, how about you sleep here?" he offer him.

"Can I?" his eyes glistening.

"Of course."

He immediately sneaking into his blanket and look at him who is already lay on the side of the single bed. Using his right hand to support his head.

"You smell like Hospital." He said making Alan laugh.

"Of course I am. Look, I am the patient here." He patted Aslan's shoulder gently.

"Now, sleep."



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