Garden of Love
5 Heroes Type.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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5 Heroes Type.

"I know I know.. Let's call him Ben." Akiko raise her hand.

"Why Ben?" Nigel ask.

"It's cute. Like Ben Ten."

"No, How about we call him James?" Lola said.

"And why is that?" Nigel crossing his arm around his chest looking at Lola.

"Hazel found him with a weird suit. He looks like an agent. James bond?"

"What? No…That's too old. I choose Allen. Barry Allen." Hazel eyes lit up a bit.

"The hell? Why is the name is all the heroes type?" Joe bristled.

"Ah come on. It's cool." Akiko said.

"So you telling me my name is not cool enough?" Joe look at Akiko's eye.

Blush, she nod. "You're different case."

"So, pick one. Which one of it you like it?" Hazel ask him.

He rub his back of his head and said "Alan. But not Allen. And no Barry too. Just Alan."

"Oh.." Hazel look disappointed, but she immediately chase the feeling away from her heart.

Akiko and Lola also look disappointed. But only a moment before they smile.

"Okay. it's decided then." Joe clap her hand.

"So, Alan. Once again. Nice to meet you."

Alan nod his head. "Yeah. Nice to meet you all too."



Next day.

Joe help Alan to sit on the wheelchair. He then push the wheelchair out from his room.

He then look at the interior of the house. It was super beautiful.

In the middle of the hall area there is a big round place that have a tree and a lot of flowers. The roof was see through, we can see the sky clearly. The interior color is mostly yellow and white. Bright color.

There is a big window glass from the ceiling straight to the ground. Outside the glass window is a various type of roses flower.

"Joe, where are we exactly?" he ask feeling a bit curious. This is look like house, but they had a complete facilities as the hospital too.

"We call it as 'Sun House'. This is where we work, live and play together." He replied making Alan frowned even more.

Joe then bring him to one of the room. The room is in-house gym. They has a lot of equipment and complete set of therapy equipment too.

"Okay, we're here. Come on, man. I'll help you stand up." He support him with his shoulder and sit him at the chair and there is a desk in front of him.

Joe attached his finger with a steel string and instructed him to pull the string using his finger force.

Alan follow his instruction.

"Aren't you supposed to work at the hospital? Why you work in the house instead of hospital?"

"Hmm? Oh.." he record his scale and replied to him again.

"That's because we aren't hired by any hospital. We are free-lance doctor."

"What??" he was shocked.

"Is it even legal? I mean you just treat patient without any proper acknowledge form the hospital?"

"Huh? No. it's the hospital who came to us."

"I don't get it."

"Well, did you ever see a drama series called 'House'?" after he done, Joe led him to the treadmill.

"I don't remember."

"Hmm. How do I put, we are a group of Physician that is only known to the certain people. We treat a special person and special case only." He smile and set the treadmill to a slow run.

"Alright. Now, focus on your training." He pat his arm.

Knowing his cue which is he doesn't want to be ask again, he just nod and use his energy to walk on the treadmill slowly.

After an hour he exercised, suddenly there is a small head pop up from the wooden door frame.

"Uhm..Uncle Joe." He said. His voice is so slow and cute.

Alan turned his head to see the small figure on the door.

"Oh….My baby Aslan. Come here come here.." Joe open both of his hand as the boy run slowly to him and hug his legs instead.

Bend his body, he carry the boy into his arms.

"When did you come? Uncle didn't see you earlier." Joe making a face to the boy as the boy laugh happily.

"Just now, Mr. Brandon bring me here. I would like to see mommy. But she's busy." He puff his cheek.

"Don't be sad. You still has a lot of Uncles and Aunties here. We would love to play with you." Joe try to console the boy.

"Uh-huh?" he avert his eyes to Alan's figure.

"Who is he?" he asked in a cute voice.

"Oh..That is your mom's patient." He replied and bring the boy to him.

"Come on. Say hi to Uncle Alan here."


"Hi." Alan looked at the boy. His eyes were green and his hair is jet black and wavy. He looks cute with a smile on his face.

"Aslan?" Hazel voice surprise the three of them.

"What are you doing here? Go back to your room." She said with a bit of angry.

Alan frowned his eyebrow. While Joe turn silent. He put Aslan on the floor and whisper to his ear.

"Go now, we don't want to make your mom turned into a hulk aren't we?"

He nod and wave his small hand at both of them before he fled to his room.


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