Garden of Love
4 I Found You On The Sea
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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4 I Found You On The Sea

He start to take off all of his wire and tube from his body. It makes Hazel surprised and a bit angry.

She walk closer to him and slap him on his face.


All of them gasp seeing Hazel's action toward the patient. Except for Chase. He look calm.

"Calm down!" she roar.

The man slumped back to his bed. He blink his eyes for a few times before he start to touch his cheek which is start throbbing a bit, effect from her slap.

Hazel turned her body to all of them. "Go now, let me handle him."

All of them hurriedly walk out from the room leaving both of them.

"Look, I know you're in panic right now. But you need to listen to me. You need to calm yourself down." Her voice turn normal.

She go to the cupboard and bring one file after that. She handed him the file.

He took the file and flip open it.

"I found you on the sea. Almost died back then. So we saved you, a few hours after the operation, you had a severe seizure. It may has causing you lost your memory. The wound on your head is quite big and deep. Having seizure on your critical time might led you to resulting dead. Fortunately, Dr. Chase put you into a coma so that you will heal your wound and wake up accordingly following the right time." She explained.

She bend her body and retrieved a basket from under the bed.

"Here is your belonging when I found you." She pass him the medium size basket.

He put down the file and look at the content of the basket.

"We don't find any ID card or anything that led to your identity."

He touch a small device look like a Bluetooth earplug.

"It's broken." She said when see he looking at the device.

Then his hand touch another small pendant. It's look like a butterfly and had a blue stone on it. He furrowed his eyebrow.

"Uh..that's doesn't help us to find your identity either. It just a normal pendant."

He put back the pendant and take out his black body suit on the basket. The suit look like a special custom one.

It's elastic and the material is a high quality.

"Where did you find me?" he asked and look at her eyes.

'Ah..that 'honey' eyes..'

"Uh.. my beach house is in japan, so basically you were carried away by the wave to the where I was that time." She tried to remember.

"Ah! Yeah.. one more thing, before I found you, there is a huge explosion on the sea. It's very far from my eyes sight. I think you might came from the explosion. But on the next day, there is no single news about it. I try to search it too, but no luck. It's a dead end."

"Is there any report for missing person?" he asked.

Hazel pinch her temples harder.

"Uhm….actually, we left Japan after you having a seizure. You need a better equipment to treat your condition. So, yeah..i didn't check on the list of missing people."

"Okay, thanks for helping. I will find who is me myself." He stand up.

But before he could walk, his body slumped on the floor making Hazel yelled Chase name.


He quickly cover his ear.

"Woa! Easy girl. I'm not die yet. My feet just feel numb."

Chase and the other hurriedly dashing to the room.

"What happen? Did he hurt you?" Nigel hold her shoulder in panic.

"Where? Where is he?" Joe come bring a broom stick in his right hand looking around the room.

While Akiko and Lola tingle their hand together.

Chase walk to the side of the bed and bend his body.

He look at him with a warm smile.

"It's hurt is it?" he ask.

The man nod and touch his leg.

All of them turned their head to Hazel with an annoyed expression.

"Really Hazel?" Nigel said follow by Joe who already lowered his broom stick.

Hazel chuckle and shrugged his shoulder.

Chase help him to stand up and bring him to the bed back.

"Tomorrow, you will attend to my course. We need to built up your body back. It's such a shame. You had a very good body twelve months ago. I really enjoy looking at it." Joe said and smile to him afterward.

"Don't talk weird stuff, Joe. He might think it in a wrong way." Akiko said as she stretch his hand to him.

"I am Akiko. I am your Anesthetic doctor." She smile.

"Uh..i don't know what is my name. " he hesitate, but he still shake her hand softly.

"I am Joe. Your doctor and soon your cardio coach." Joe also shake his hand.

"The one with a handsome face just like you is Dr. Chase. He's a neurosurgeon. He is the one who fix your wound together with Dr. Hazel." Joe introduced the shy Chase and the hot temper Hazel to him.

He nod.

"Hi, I am Nigel." Nigel shake his hand.

He is quite tall. His skin is tanned and his body is well built too. But, his hair is colored with a white blonde and his right eyebrow also had a cuts in the corner of it. He look like nothing as the doctor should look like.

"I am Lola." Lola walk to him and shake his hand after Nigel release their hand.

Lola has a nice figure and her clothes showing more skin then Akiko and Hazel. Her face also looks like she's not from Asian, except for Akiko and...Hazel.

"I am Brazilian." She smile when seeing his confuse face.

He then point his finger to Hazel.

"Dr. Hazel?" she nod.

"Chase?" he pointed at Dr. Chase.

"Uh. He's an American." Joe said making Chase nod.


"Yes.. I am from Poland." He chuckled.


"And she's my girlfriend. You may think she from Japan, but she was born and raised in Canada, so don't waste your time to ask her about any anime or manga to her." Joe said again making Akiko pinch him on the waist.

"No no.. I know about it, don't listen to him."

He chuckles and look at Nigel and Lola.

"You're Nigel and Lola, right?" he asked.

"Yup." Both of them reply.

"Since you still not know your name yet, how about we give you one?" Joe ask.

All of them just nod and wait for his reply.




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