Garden of Love
3 Who Am I?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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3 Who Am I?

"Going back home?" Hazel ask.

He nod. Joe and Akiko shrugged as they don't know what to say either.

"He's not waking up yet. Are we gonna leave him here?"

Chase shake his head.

"We will bring him too??" Joe's eye lit up a bit.

Chase nod and that's made Hazel's eye turn wider.

"Ho no no no..Why are we bring him with us? We don't know who he is, where he live, he don't even have a passport! How he's gonna come with us?"

Joe took out his phone and calling for Nigel and Lola to get back to the beach house right now.

After 30 minutes waiting, Nigel and Lola walk inside the room. Both of them panting like they just running.

"Where did you two go?" Hazel ask.

"Town!" both of them said simultaneously.

Hazel lost her word.

She inhale and look at all of them.

"Chase suggest that we should bring Mister Unknown here to our home and give him treatment there. Any voice about this?"

Joe and Akiko shake their head.

Nigel shrugged his shoulder and waved his hand in the air making signal he does not have any objection.

Lola just making a blur expression. While Chase, he just look at her with a zero expression and avert his eyes into his book again.

"If you all agree, then help me to find a solution on 'how are we going to find a passport for him?' any friends of yours or your contact that we can use?"

Akiko, Lola and Hazel turned their eyes to Nigel.

"What??" he asked.

Hazel lift up her brow waiting for his reply.

"Hey, even if I look like a bad boy here, that doesn't mean I have that contact okay? You girls hurt my feeling." he said with a serious look on his face.

Chase curled up his lips.

"No Chase! Don't you dare to laugh at me. I can see your smile from here."

He lift his hand in the air and making a face 'What? I don't do anything?'

"Hey guys, I have one contact that can make us his passport and all his document that he need." Joe said making all of them shift their eyes to him.

"What??" He ask in confusion.

"How.. how did you have a contact with a person like that?" Akiko ask him.

"Oh dear, I had his contact doesn't mean I am a bad guy okay? I just happen to know him….he owed me his life.."

Hazel and two other woman sigh in relief.

"Okay, give him a call and ask him to make his passport and all his document he need. About transportation…" Hazel rub her chin.

"I can manage to borrow a private jet from my dad." Chase replied to her making all of them nod.

"Okay..that's settle then."




One year pass in the blink of eyes.

He feels a bit pain in his head as he tried to open his eyes. It was bright and it hurt his eyes so much.

He could hear a beep noise beside of him and a trace of human speaking to each other.

"Hey..are you awake?" a female voice coming through to his hearing.

He groans a bit before he could fully open his eyes.

He looked at a beautiful brown color of her eyes. No, It more like a honey color. It's such a sweet and soft color match with her soft hair and her soft face.

He swallow his saliva and his throat feel like burning inside.

"Ehm..wh..where am I?" he ask.

Hazel who notice he had a difficulty to talk immediately bring him a glass of water before answering his question.

"You in my house. You have been in coma for twelve months." she said and pass him a medium size mirror after that.

He frowned a moment when looked at what she had pass to him, but he still take it and he look himself on the mirror.

He gasp.

His hair is so long, his hand and body looks so skinny and pale. But what more important is..

"Who am I?" he asked making Hazel scrunch her eyebrow.

She immediately search her torchlight and doing some check up on him.

She then check on his wound at his head, no any sign of lump. She tap on his chin for a few seconds before she stop.

'Oh shit! Must be when he had a seizure back then.'

Turned around, she sit back at the chair and facing him.

"Congratulations! You have an amnesia. I will check later if that is permanent or temporary."

"Huh? But, how come I had injured myself? What did I do until I got myself injured? By the way, is this a hospital? I don't see any nurse here." he asked again.

Hazel did not know what to reply.

She walk outside of the room and call all her teammates.

A few minutes later, five people walking to the room making him scrunch his brow.

"Who are you people?"

"Er..we are your doctor who treat you." Joe said try to calm him down.

"For temporary, we will check on you and assist on your health state." he said again.

"Where is my family? Is there anyone that I know? Where am I? Who I am? Who the hell are you people again?"


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