Garden of Love
2 Returning “Home“
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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2 Returning “Home“

"Ready to go?" Nigel tied up his shoelace after glance a little at Lola who wear a black tank top and knee length tight.

She bend her body to wear her sport shoes and said with an energetic voice.

"Yup. Let's go. 5 KM?"

"Let's make it 10 KM today." Nigel stood up and set his watches.

Lola put her sport earphone and turn on her iPod. She run and leave Nigel behind.

Nigel smile and follow to run behind her.


Chase put a neck pillow on his neck and lay on the couch while reading his book.

He take a peek at the room which where the stranger man lay on the bed inside the room.

'Who is he? I think I see him somewhere. But, I couldn't remember at all..' he thought for a while before he continue to read his book again.

After past 12 at noon, he stand up and walk to the kitchen counter. He want to make some lunch for all of them.

When he was busy at the kitchen, Nigel and Lola went inside the beach house after finishing their so called 'morning run'.

"Chase, making some lunch?" Nigel ask. He walk to the fridge and gulp a bottle of mineral water.

Chase nod his head.

Lola fanning her face which is looked like a burning shrimp.

"Pass me a bottle of mineral water." she said to Nigel and sit at the stool facing Chase.

Nigel took another one and handed it to her.

"Is he wake up yet?" Lola ask.

Chase shake her head.

Nigel pat his shoulder want to go upstairs.

Akiko and Joe also just wake up from sleep. They walk to the kitchen and sit in front of Chase. Waiting for him to make lunch.

Akiko turned her head to the room and ask Chase.

"Did you already take his record?"

Chase stop from slicing a sashimi. He look at Akiko and shake his head.

"I forgot." he said.

Joe and Lola turned their head to the voice.

"Aww…please speak more Chase. You have a beautiful voice." Lola make a face.

"Yeah's very rare for us to hear you speak, except for the emergency which is very rare to happen.." Joe also encouraging him.

Chase just shrugged his shoulder and ignore them after that. He continue to make lunch.

Akiko on the other hand take a file from the compartment on the wall, she walk inside the room to take the record for the patient.

Just when she want to go outside of the room, suddenly the monitor beeping rapidly.

She turned her head to the patient and found him start having a seizure. His body shaking strongly and he start to ventilate.

"Chase! Code one!" Akiko shouted to him and immediately wear her glove.

Chase who in the middle of making lunch immediately put down his knife and dash to the room followed by Joe and Lola.

"Call Hazel now!" Lola instruct Joe.

But immediately Chase hold her hand and shake his head.

"She's sleeping."

"So, as second in command, what is your instruction?" Joe ask him. All of them already put a mask and gloves.

"Use this. 1.5 ml." he pass the small bottle to Lola and walk to the patient. Opening his eyelids, he examined his eyes using a torch.

"That's too much. He will go to a vegetative state." Lola said while rummaging inside the cabinet try to find the syringe.

"It's temporary. His condition now is not allowing him to have any convulsions or else, he die."

"Now, Lola!" Joe stretch his hand asking for the syringe.

Immediately Lola pass him the syringe and he injected it into his neck.

After a few second, he stop moving and his body start to relax a bit.

Akiko release a sigh of relief. She had to use her energy to hold him down together with Joe.

Chase open his bandage on his head to check on his wound.

'It's too dangerous. He could have die. The wound start to bleed a little.'

"Is it start to opening? The stitches?" Joe asked when he saw Chase frowned a bit.

"The wound is severe. If he had another attack, he would not survive again."

"What should we do?" Lola ask.

"Wait until Hazel wake up." he wrap up back the bandage and take off his gloves.

The three of them also follow behind him.

He continue to make his lunch and eat it while reading his book again.




Hazel wake up in the evening, she look at the clock beside the table. It's 5 PM.

She get up from the bed and took a shower before she went downstairs.

She look at Chase who is laying on the couch and read his book, she shifted her eyes toward Joe and Akiko which is now sitting on the floor and watch a movie on the flat screen.

She did not see any figure of Nigel nor Lola.

"Where is Lola and Nigel?" she ask making all three of them turned their look on her.

"Nigel, he go to the town buying his girlfriend a souvenir. Lola…hmm, I think she had a date with one of the man around the town maybe?"

Joe help to answer it since he knew there is no way Chase will open his mouth.

"Oh." she scratch her head and look at the bedroom where the stranger man lay inside.

"How is he? Did he wake up yet?" Hazel ask again.

Chase closed his book and sit. He look at Hazel eyes and said "We need to talk."

Hazel frowned but she still follow Chase from behind. Joe and Akiko also do the same.

They walk into a glass room window. Inside there is a set of table and whiteboard.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"We need to move him out." Chase replied.

"What? Why?"

"He's having a convulsions earlier. I gave him 1.5 ml, he should be in coma right now."

"What?? You put him into a coma?" Hazel jerk out.

"Wait! You gave him 1.5 ml? He's condition is too weak to take that dose." Hazel look at him and shift her eyes to both of Joe and Akiko.

"His vital is stable right now. But he need to get a better treatment. We don't have a complete equipment here, Hazel."

Hazel sighing heavily. She knew, Chase is a good Doctor besides her. He will do anything to make sure every patient has a chance to live. So, every decision he make is actually is a good moves.

She rub her temples.

"Your suggestion?"

"We need to go back home." Chase replied.


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