Garden of Love
1 The Beginning.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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1 The Beginning.

"Uhm Lady Hazel, what are we doing here again?" Mr. Brandon turned his head to the girl beside him.

Sighing, she said with a deep voice.

"Mr. Brandon, tell me, what are you holding right now?"

"Fishing Rod." he immediately replied.

"Can you tell me where are we right now?" she asked again.


"Can you guess what are we doing right now?"

"Err..Fishing?" he asked.

"That's right. Now. Shut up. Or the fish will run away." she focused on the fishing rod.

It's been a few hours since both of them sit on the small fishing boat.

"But, Lady Hazel.. why are we stay in the dark? I mean, why aren't we light up the lantern? It's cold and dark here."

"Mr. Brandon…. if we light up the lantern, all the fish will swim away..they won't come near us." she said.

"Who told you this theory Lady Hazel?" he want to laugh, but he cover his mouth.

"Me. I told myself. Now, shush! Don't say anything."


A cold wind suddenly touch her face as she suddenly look up to the front.

"Woah..there is a big explosion there. What is that about, I wonder." Mr. Brandon said.

Hazel just keep silence. She lowered her eyes again.

"There must be a lot of body there." Mr. Brandon said again.

"That's good. All the fish will swim over here I guess. We can catch a lot of fish today." she replied happily.


After 30 minutes, suddenly Mr. Brandon said again.

"Lady Hazel..look.. There is a body there." he show at the object floating on the surface.

"Let it be Mr. Brandon. I've seen a dead body for a thousand times." she said carefree.

"But, I think this one is barely dead." he then use his rower to lead the body close to the boat.

"Heh.. he will die later. Let him go to the afterlife, don't bother his journey now." she wave her hand.

"But..aren't you a doctor? You can even bring dead people to alive." Mr. Brandon stretch his hand out and pull the man facing him.

"Only if the dead man is handsome enough. I will treat him." she humming and still focus on fishing.

"Oh? Really?" he asked.


"Then, Lady Hazel, you really need to treat him."

"Huh?" she turned her head and look at her butler.

Mr. Brandon eyes narrowed to the body.

"Isn't he look handsome to you?" he asked again.

She look at the man who is facing the sky as his body still floating on the water.

"Hmm. Not bad."

"So? Your word Lady Hazel?"

"Call my team now." Hazel said to her butler Mr. Brandon.

"'s three in the morning Lady Hazel. I believed all of them already sleep in the beach house right now." Mr. Brandon replied and he used his energy to pull up a stranger man in the ocean into the boat.

"Okay." she sit back at her position. Took a quick glance, she said, "Put him back into the ocean. Let him continue his journey to the afterlife."

Mr. Brandon sigh. He then row the boat to the shore and carry the man inside the house followed by Hazel behind him.

The stranger man is heavily injured around his head and lot of blood flowing down from behind his skull to his neck and shoulder. Mr. Brandon also drench with his blood because of supporting his body to the room earlier.

He placed him on the operating table and look at Hazel's face.

"I call others." he said and strolled over to the second floor.

Knocking everyone's room, he wait at the middle of the walkway.

"Huh?? Something happen Mr. Brandon?" A cute voice ask and behind her is a tall man leaning at the door frame, yawning.

"Hazel has emergency case. In operating room now." he said while looking at the girl who wearing a shorts and strip printed shirt. While the young man just wearing a white t-shirt with a black pants.

Another door opened by a sexy woman who cover her mouth in sleepy mode.

"What's going on?" she ask with a raspy voice before she rub her eyes for a few times.

"Operating room, now." he said again. Making three of them walk downstairs and freshen up their sleepy mind.

After a few second they going down, another two door was opened by two young man.

Leaning on the door frame was a Nigel. He looked at his wrist watch, it's almost 3:15 AM.

"Emergency case. Operating room now." he said again for the third time.

"Oh? Someone sick?" Nigel asked in a shocked tone.

"Hmm. More like dying?" Mr. Brandon rub his chin and lift up his eyebrow.

Another man is Chase, he is a very quiet person. He didn't say anything and just walk passing both of them to the operating room.

"Oh..that is very rare for Hazel to rescue someone out of pity." he said and follow behind Chase.

"That's because I made her to do so." Mr. Brandon voice almost above whispering.




In the operating room.

"He lost a lot of blood. Our blood stock might not enough for him." Nigel said when he check on his blood transfusion bag.

"What type of blood is he?" Joe asked.

"B type."

"Oh, I am O. Take mine." he replied and pull out his gloves.

"Are you sure?" Hazel asked. She still focus on stitching his wound on his head.

"Yeah. I'm very useful here. Come on come on. He need us." he made way to the outside of the room followed by Nigel.

Hazel just sigh and look at Chase.

"Let's wrap this faster. I am tired."

Chase look at her and nod without saying anything.

Akiko monitor his vital on the screen while Lola assist Hazel and Chase.

After a few hours,

They walk out from the operating room with an exhausted expression on their face.

"Clean him up. I want to take a bath and sleep. Don't bother me while I'm sleeping." Hazel said with a firm tone as she walk upstairs.

While others nod their head. They move him to the room on the first floor.

All of his clothes and belonging they put in a basket and place it on the room.

"He's handsome." Joe said while checking his body.

Nigel nod agreeing.

"Yup. Look at his body man, can't even compare with all of us." he said nonchalantly.

"Hey hey, you guys are men. Saying something like this may lead other people to misunderstand.." Lola cut their conversation.

She pull the blanket over his body and tug his hand inside it.

"It's true though. No wonder, our princess Elsa agree to saving him." Joe walk out from the room follow by two of them.

"Yeah..maybe he's rich?" Lola said.

"Hmm. Maybe. Look at his face and body. Match with our billionaire son over there." Nigel narrowed his eye to Chase who is silently slurping his milk at the kitchen counter.

Akiko smiling to Joe and tug her hand to his shirt.

"Let's go and sleep back."

"Yeah. Let's go." he replied and turned his head to the three of them.

"Good night guys."

"Night." Lola wave her hand to Akiko and Joe.

Chase nod and continued to slumped on the couch. His hand take one book and he start reading it ignoring another two person in the living area.

"What about you?" Lola asked Nigel.

"Me? I'm gonna take shower and go for a morning run. Wanna join me?" he asked.

Lola rub her chin a few second before she nod.

"Well, why not? Meet another 15 minutes." she said and start to return to her room.


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